Five Favorite Films with Rose McGowan

The Conan the Barbarian star also talks about the new film and growing up watching old movies in Italy.

Over the course of her 19-year career, Rose McGowan has established quite an eclectic resume, working with notable directors across several genres and moving effortlessly between film and television. She landed her first movie role in the Pauly Shore comedy Encino Man and later garnered praise for her portrayal of a troubled teen fugitive in The Doom Generation. For the next decade, McGowan split her time mostly between smaller, independent movies and a career-defining role on the fantasy drama Charmed until her involvement in the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez project Grindhouse brought her front and center again.

This week, she continues her string of strong but flawed female characters as the evil sorceress Marique in Marcus Nispel's Conan the Barbarian, and we were happy to chat with her about the film. When asked about her Five Favorite Films, McGowan said, "I'll probably do five of my favorite films, because they're always different. I always have to go by genre, too, my tops in each genre. There are many more. Doris Day films, Preston Sturges films; I'm a total geek." She not only gave us her Five Favorite Films, but also talked about what it was like growing up and watching movies overseas, and how she influenced a rather taboo relationship in Conan. Read on for the full interview!

Night of the Hunter (1955, 98% Tomatometer)

I'd say Night of the Hunter. It's an amazing film. That's where the original "love" and "hate" tattoos on the hand came from. A lot of people don't know that. You know, the good Christianity, the true Christianity, versus the false prophet thing that plays out in there, and the imagery. It's an intense and beautiful film. And I love Robert Mitchum. I wish he'd come back to life.

Out of the Past (1947, 96% Tomatometer)

I also love -- another Robert Mitchum movie -- Out of the Past, which I think is kind of neck and neck with another fantastic film noir, Double Indemnity. Double Indemnity is amazing; Out of the Past is another one, but I think it ranks up there.

So you're a big Robert Mitchum fan in general.

I love Robert Mitchum, apparently. [laughs] But I just happen to like these two movies. I like old films. I co-host a show on TCM {Turner Classic Movies) called The Essentials.

The Godfather/The Godfather Part II (1972, 100% Tomatometer/1974, 98% Tomatometer)

I love the Godfathers, one and two, but I feel like that should count as one film.

Scarface/Scarface (1932, 100% Tomatometer/1983, 88% Tomatometer)

For a kind of over-the-top-ness, I love the original Scarface, and then I like the [Al] Pacino Scarface. Both of them are fantastic.

Some Like It Hot (1959, 98% Tomatometer)

I think probably Some Like It Hot might be the most perfect comedy ever done.

Next, McGowan talks about growing up watching movies in Italian and how she made her Conan character slightly taboo.



CJ Lowery

I've only seen three of these but the descriptions are pretty short.

Aug 16 - 05:15 PM

King Crunk

King Crunk

Nice choices, had no idea she was a fan of old school cinema.

Aug 16 - 05:22 PM

Jeffrey C.

Jeffrey Cooperhouse

I'm surprised as well, it makes me like her even more. Got to love Night of the Hunter!

Aug 17 - 05:03 AM

Gordon Franklin Terry Sr

Gordon Terry

Of course she (Rosie McGowan) likes old movies was on Turner Classic Movies with Robert Osborne for the longest time.// All of us here Like movies, don't we all watch TCM when nothing else is on (in other words constantly)?

Aug 17 - 12:46 PM

John Matrix

John Matrix

Gotta love Robert Mitchum. Night of the Hunter and Out of the Past are fantastic. Also gotta love both Scarface's. The original is great, and the remake is one of the few to top the original.

Aug 16 - 05:35 PM


Mark Metamorphstasis

Yes, those Mitchum films are great. The girl's got taste.

Aug 16 - 06:36 PM


Brandon Williamson

I still haven't seen either Scarface or The Godfather Part II (Crazy, right?) but I've seen the rest, and loved them all, especially The Night of the Hunter.

Aug 16 - 05:37 PM


steve moyle

yes that is absolutely insane, seriously wtf? lol

Aug 17 - 02:08 AM


Markus Arbutina

She is freaking hot. That scene with the popsicle from Jawbreaker....oh yes.

Aug 16 - 06:13 PM

ap sirius

karl anderson

any popsicle scene is hot in my books!!!

Aug 17 - 01:58 PM


Mark Metamorphstasis

Yes, those Mitchum films are great. The girl's got taste.

Aug 16 - 06:36 PM


Aaron Dicken

amd9012 - 2, the watcher - 0

Aug 16 - 06:52 PM


Matheus Cassiano

Robert Mitchum is a legend. But I didn't like The Night of the Hunter...

Aug 16 - 07:29 PM

Patrick C.

Patrick Carter

She has some great taste. ;D

Aug 16 - 08:39 PM

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