Digital Multiplex: Man of Steel, Turbo, and More

The newest and best movies available for streaming and download.

by RT Staff | Monday, Nov. 11 2013

This week in streaming video, we've got a big action blockbuster, an animated underdog story, some martial arts, some indie comedy, and a shocking documentary, in addition to some notable new films on subscription services. Read on to find out what's available to watch right now.

Man of Steel 56%

A child from the planet Krypton is sent to Earth, where he's raised by the Kent family. He learns to utilize his incredible abilities for good, and becomes Superman in the process, but eventually, the nefarious General Zod goes looking for him.

Available on: Amazon, Vudu, iTunes

Turbo 67%

Theo (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) is a garden snail who calls himself Turbo and wants nothing more than to be a world class racer. When a freak accident imbues Theo with super speed, he sees an opportunity to fulfill his dream and attempts to enter the Indy 500.

Available now on: Amazon, iTunes, Vudu

Frances Ha 93%

This Certified Fresh dramedy from director Noah Baumbach stars Greta Gerwig as an aspiring dancer in the midst of various personal tribulations.

Available now on: Amazon, iTunes

Ip Man: The Final Fight 65%

Ip Man: The Final Fight is an action drama about the legendary martial arts master in the twilight of his life.

Available now on: Amazon, iTunes, Vudu

Blackfish 98%

This Certified Fresh documentary is an aggressive, impassioned documentary that explores the conditions under which perfomring killer whales live.

Available now on: Amazon, iTunes, Vudu

I Declare War 68%

I Declare War is an action comedy about a group of 13-year-olds that participate in a militaristic daily game of capture the flag.

Available now on: iTunes, Vudu

Footloose 71%

Kenny Wormald stars as the new kid in a town that has banned loud music and dancing. Can our hero melt the cold hard of Rev. Moore -- and woo his daughter (Julianne Hough) in the process?

Available now on: Amazon Prime

This Is Spinal Tap 95%

Rob Reiner's hilarious faux-chronicle of the decline of a clueless metal band was so spot on in its details that many failed to realize it wasn't actually a documentary.

Available now on: Amazon Prime

Paranormal Activity 3 68%

This time out, we discover the origins of Katie's mysterious bedeviling, revealed through some serendipitously recorded VHS tapes.

Available now on: Amazon Prime