12 Facts About 2012


Did the Mayans really predict, all those centuries ago, that Earth would be visited by planetary apocalypse three years from now? It's open to interpretation -- Roland Emmerich has a gargantuan disaster movie to sell and even he admits the whole 2012 theory is just, "a nice hook for the audience." John Cusack, Thandie Newton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Woody Harrelson and Danny Glover are a few of the stars swept up in Emmerich's latest cataclysmic shocker. Rotten Tomatoes meets the cast and director in Cancun, Mexico - close to the once-throbbing heart of Mayan civilisation -- for a 2012 fact-finding mission. Back to Article



william thresher

I, for one, welcome our new Mayan overlords.

Nov 2 - 03:13 PM

Big Mizzle

Michael Towle

I want to see this. I also want to say that I like all kinds of movies and I wont pass any judgement until i actually watch this movie. Roland has made some decent movies like Stargate and some really bad ones like 10,000 BC.

Nov 2 - 03:19 PM


Big Brother

Yeah, pretty much anywhere that was once part of the British Empire uses it. So like half the world. I'm betting South Africa though. or maybe Australio-Kiwi...(I just invented that term btw so hands off while patent pending)

Nov 2 - 03:30 PM


Paul Barrett

Personally I can't wait to see this. Is it going to be trashy eye-candy with not much plot? Probably, but sometimes that's just what you need.

And there have always been crap movies right up there with the good stuff. Even the early to mid 70's, the golden era of heavy-duty cinema, had its share of crap (Car Wash, anyone?) Movies are a business, and many of them are going to pander to the lowest common denominator. So what? Enjoy it or don't, but don't belittle others who enjoy it more than you do. That just makes you arrogant and a snob, and the world could do with a lot less of such people.

Nov 2 - 03:35 PM

Jacob G.

Jacob Goldstein

Honestly, as much as everyone thinks it will suck. I'm sure it will be one of the most entertaining of movies of the year. It won't be oscar worthy or anything, but it will probably not be as bad as you think it is. Just give it a chance.

Nov 2 - 03:43 PM


Doug Ray

you'd backhand me, eh? oh and then you'd kick the crap out of me too? all over some silly disagreement over a movie? for shame, little man, for shame.

i truly feel sorry for you, you ignorant slag. you assume i'm from one of those countries, all because i use the term 'bloody'.

you're an idiot, and judging from your name and avatar, you're either a retarded teenage twat who will be lining up opening night to see this movie or you're a closet homosexual living in his mother's basement.

Nov 2 - 03:47 PM


Doug Ray

I'm a tool? Really? Hm, this is interesting coming from the man who has 'dethburger' for a name and a pic from Death Proof as an avatar. Is one safe to assume you're a Tarantino fangirl who gets his panties wet every time you see something about Tarantino online? I bet you are!!!

And I'm dying to know how I'm reluctant to say which country I'm from. Please, tell me!

Nov 2 - 03:50 PM


KateBeckinsaleLover Clarke

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha that was so epic man, lol.

Nov 2 - 04:32 PM



Well 10000 BC made over or approx. $300 milion worldwide and that was nowhere near as extensively marketed as 2012 has, so some of the posters who said this could get up to or greater than $500 million at the B.O could be right on the money.

I will throw out some more support for 2012 and say that with the cast and the action scenes it has (hopefully not insanely overblown), I am really hoping that it is a reasonably good film or at the very least quite entertaining.

Nov 2 - 04:34 PM



Well 10000 BC made over or approx. $300 milion worldwide and that was nowhere near as extensively marketed as 2012 has been*, so some of the posters who said this could get up to or greater than $500 million at the B.O could be right on the money.

I will throw out some more support for 2012 and say that with the cast and the action scenes it has (hopefully not insanely overblown), I am really hoping that it is a reasonably good film or at the very least quite entertaining.

Nov 2 - 04:35 PM

Helge B.

Helge Beck

looooool, thanks & good night.

Nov 2 - 04:37 PM

King Kubrick

Travis Earl

It's time for a credibility-killing confessional. I hate the dumb spectacle, plotless tripe this film represents and the deletorious effect it has on the art of cinema.

That being said, I just moved from a rural town to the largest city in my province. I got to sit down in a legitimate theatre and saw the 2012 trailer on a massive screen. The wanton death of thousands looks pretty damn awesome and I think I can live with myself because I know those people are pixelated images generated by a computer (we'll ignore the sociological, ethical implicatons of being entertained by a representation of human suffering).

So I'm probably going to see this piece of ****, accompanied by my good friend mary-jane and I'm going have me a damn good time watching nonsensical shiny **** flash across the screen. As long as its not insulting and racist like revenge of the fallen I think i can live with myself after.

Nov 2 - 05:31 PM


William Manzo

Could you believe that the director is making a 2012 movie but he doesn't believe that 2012 will happen,he said that its just a movie,and that 2012 is just a superstition.Wow.

Nov 2 - 07:21 PM


Daniel Raimondi

if its the typical disaster film i wont see it but if its more than that maybe

Nov 2 - 08:44 PM


Alpha Z

So Dougkip what would make you more ashamed. That you were wrong on both guesses, that I was right on my guesses, and that I could care less about you trashing the movie its your attitude towards the US that needs adjusting and the person thats going to do it uses a female 13 year old dachshund picture? Your skullduggery does not amuse me chap. Please, come see me in my country, I will kick your mother ****ing ***!

Nov 2 - 09:36 PM


Doug Ray

Hahaha will you now? Let me tell you how truly terrified I am.

Does the term beefcake mean anything to you?

Seriously, what a *****ing man you are, threatening somebody over the internet over a silly movie.

Tsk, tsk.

Nov 3 - 07:00 AM


Alpha Z

Dougkip you are stupid indeed. As I have posted before and you were too stupid to understand. I could care less about the movie. Its your attitude towards all Americans in general that needs an adjusting. I might not be the best example for all of America but I have respect for people of other countries. I have spent lots of time in several other countries as well. Guess what? Aside from religion and government polocies we are all the same. I suggest you take your hatred for Americans somewhere else. One day you might slip up and regret it. Think of me when that happens. Thank you!

---End of Transmission on this thread---

Nov 3 - 03:06 PM


Doug Ray

you idiot, i never once said i hated americans. my general disdain for the american movie going audience is justified and if you can't deal with that then that's your own problem. you're a tool in assuming i'm from another country simply because i use 'foreign' terminology, i.e. 'bloody' or 'slag'. by assuming this you have proven your own ignorance and closet intolerance, congrats.

blow a dog, well, your precious little dog since you love it so much, and enjoy your worthless life, because i think its safe to assume you have never/ will never do anything productive for human society.

Nov 3 - 05:23 PM



The level of destruction and damage is absolutely insane in some of the newer trailers/ short features and the graphics do look fairly impressive. Surely the Academy Award for Special Effects will come down to 2012 & Avatar if any of the earliest footage is anything to go by. That is of course if they don't screw them over, like they did with Transformers when they gave the award for best special effects to the Golden Compass. What a joke that was.

Nov 3 - 09:46 PM

Samson L.

Samson Loftin

The movie trailer felt more like a PSA. If the movie was just the trailer I would be fine with it, but a full length feature about something the trailer summed up in a matter of minutes is just ridiculous.

Nov 2 - 09:57 PM

Cutler to the rescue

Ted kruts

Killing Christians=Okay
Killing Muslims=bad

Got it i guess no muslim will ever be killed in a movie again.

Nov 2 - 09:59 PM


Aaron Dean

Huh.... that's weird. Last time I checked, 52% of Transformers 2's gross came from OUTSIDE of the U.S.

Americans aren't the only people who eat this **** up.

Stupidity is global, sir. Please don't generalize Americans as all a bunch of lazy Transformers 2 loving football/baseball fanatics. That's like me saying all british are annoying "high class" humor loving goody two shoes with horrible teeth who kill each other over soccer. Its just not true for everybody.

Nov 2 - 10:02 PM


Joshua Shaffer

I'm guessing this one's gonna top out on the Tomatometer at 31, 35 percent maybe. Unless it's Emmerich's next "Godzilla". Then God help us, because he really might bring about the end of the world...

Nov 2 - 11:00 PM



And so the early reviews for 2012 have started to come in....

Nov 2 - 11:00 PM

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