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Detestable, not just because its action is so vile or its technique so crude, but because its moral imagination is so impoverished.

June 27, 2003 Full Review Source: Washington Post | Comments (9)
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rocknblues 81

Stupid review without any real points or thoughts.

Dec 31 - 01:02 AM

Jeremy Hennessy

Jeremy Hennessy

I know people are entitled to their opinions, but I can't understand at all where this woman is coming from. She seems to expect a more cerebral film, when in the face of a terrifying tragedy of this magnitude, human beings themselves become less cerebral and revert to the more basic animal instincts that reside in some far and often forgotten corner of our brains. And I am not just talking those infected, I refer more to the ones who have to do what it takes to survive. This film sets the bar...and sets it astoundingly high and I only hope you will take the time to watch it again and see it simply for what it is: an amazingly realistic and visceral horror film that shows us just how far over the edge people are willing to go to survive.

Aug 3 - 09:52 PM

Diego E.

Diego Esteban

I guest this lady also hate rock and roll because its not as refined as classical music. How she get a critic job in the Washington Post?

Sep 9 - 02:20 AM

Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu

28 Days Later is perhaps the most realistic depiction of what a real life zombie apocalypse might look like. 28 Days Later is not supposed to be a metaphor for anything or some sort of film with political or social commentary which is seemingly what Ms. Hornaday was expecting. It is a raw depiction of the complete collapse of society as we know it and how it affects survivors of the devastation on a mental and emotional level.

Sep 13 - 09:54 AM

Ian Andolsek

Ian Andolsek

Moral imagination so impoverished? what does that even mean?
Have you seen Danny Boyles other films?

Oct 27 - 03:32 PM

Natanael Moraes

Natanael Moraes

detestable is read this non-sense critic about such a great cinema accomplishment...

Nov 7 - 08:27 PM

Jacob Ayers

Jacob Ayers

being vile and crude is good for a horror movie

Jul 16 - 12:46 AM

Sunny D

Sonny Cooper

Obviously ignore this critics reviews.

Aug 8 - 09:46 AM




Seriously, awful review. Just because you can crack open a thesaurus doesn't give you valid points. You expected the wrong movie, which you should never use as a basis for a negative towards a movie. Also, if a movie is bloody and makes you scared, that's no excuse. The amount of gore in a movie is not a valid complaint.

Oct 26 - 06:35 PM

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