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It's a gory, depressing affair that bears an ultra-Darwinian message in its blood-stained hands.

September 26, 2007 Full Review Source: Observer [UK] | Comments (13)
Observer [UK]




Ultra-Darwinian message? How is a man-made disease which wipes out Britain related to Charles Darwin? As the disease is man-made the argument for natural selection is not valid. Or could you possibly be referring to the church with the dead folken inside? If that is the case then this is also an invalid argument, just because they were within a church doesn't make them immune to the zombie plague which has annihilated an entire country, saying such would be a pro-christian sentiment.

As for your statement that "It's a gory and depressing affair" what exactly were you expecting from a movie about the death of millions by a zombie plague? Most movies in this genre are gory and depressing because a zombie apocalypse usually entails some depression.

My main point here is that if you are going to watch this kind of movie you best learn to expect gore and depressing tones.

Jul 10 - 04:19 PM



Let me clarify my statement that the argument for natural selectionis not valid.

The survivors in this movie are not alive because of any particular strengths or attributes; the only reason they are still alive is a random spin in their genetics that left them immune to this disease.

Jul 10 - 04:23 PM

Jake G.

Jake Greenhalgh

Charles Darwin did not coin "survival of the fittest", Herbert Spencer did. Also, Darwin's theory is all about "random spins" in genetics causing evolution, the survivors will pass that "spin" down to offspring, evolution. I disagree with the review though, as I would not give the movie a rotten rating.

Sep 27 - 11:00 PM

Scott M.

Scott Mckeown

"It's a gory, depressing affair" What did you expect to it be Sunshine and Happiness it's a movie about an Apocalypse what did you expect?

Apr 25 - 01:46 PM

Jeremy Hennessy

Jeremy Hennessy

Thank you Scott, that's exactly what I was thinking. WTF?

Aug 3 - 09:40 PM

Warren W.

Warren Worthington III

A movie about a zombie plague is depressing and gory? Really??
I expected it to be happy and colorful, like Sesame Street!
Seriously, what a laughable review.

Jul 5 - 01:26 PM


Joe Barrett-Orr

This is a truly awful review. 28 days later is one of the two best zombie films in the last ten years.

Oct 23 - 05:05 PM


mario ucci


Aug 14 - 11:31 AM

J S.

J Sullivan

Short of Boyle's script being plagiarized, I thought the film was okay. A bit lacking in scope and vision, especially considering the source transcript, but it did what it was suppose to do, so...

Aug 25 - 01:05 PM

Diego E.

Diego Esteban

Bad critics do reviews like this to look smart in the eyes of dumb people.

Sep 9 - 02:18 AM

Jeff Hokanson

Jeff Hokanson

Well said.

May 24 - 11:42 PM

Leonardo Il Moro

Leonardo Il Moro

Diego E., you are my new hero! :) well said!

May 27 - 12:44 PM

Lauren S.

Lauren S

Wow, what a stupid review. Yes, it was depressing. That was the point, and was actually the main reason the film was so scary; it was extremely realistic and therefore depressing. And honestly, when you compare this film to other zombie films, it really isn't all that gory. It contains gore, of course, but the movie isn't just gore gore gore, it is used less often so that it is more effective.

Sep 13 - 01:58 PM

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