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½ February 7, 2012
Two heads are better than one is the thinking behind this latest effort from The Asylum Studios. It's as bad as you would expect from the studio who gave us titles like "Mega Piranha" and "Transmorphers". The CGI is particularly dire in this one and in some shots it seems like they forgot to add in the second head on their creature.
Most of their previous productions have been pretty kid-friendly, hence their popularity with the SyFy network, but with this one they've gone for a more adult approach. We get nudity, lesbianism, and some extreme gore. It's a lot more nihilistic than you may expect from such a jokey concept and most characters meet a bloody end.
It seems everyone involved is related to someone more famous than themselves. The director is the son of eighties schlock king Fred Olen Ray, O'Connell is the brother of "Piranha 3D" star Jerry O'Connell, and Hogan is the daughter of wrestler Hulk Hogan. The closest to a star is Electra but her role mainly consists of sunbathing montages.
If The Asylum dumped the cheap CG for old school rubber monsters and employed some wittier writers their movies may live up to their titles. They may claim that their sole aim is to make "six-pack" movies but you need something a lot stronger than beer to get through most of their product.
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½ January 5, 2013
Possibly one of the worst films that came out of 2012, you've got some issues if you managed to finishing watching this film without the symptoms of blindness and nausea. Basically a bunch of Jersey Shore characters went on a boat trip and encounter a double headed shark, then it follows the conventional horror film formula. The acting was non-existent, literally, everyone was reading lines, the camera followed the characters as they read lines... The boat was way over occupied by the characters, they even have to stand up... All the characters were annoying, the black chick was the most stereotypical, the screaming girls were just retarded, the hunks were absolutely the worst. I can't express how bad this film really is, Christopher Ray should be sentenced to death penalty.
April 2, 2012
dont ask! i had to see it to see if it was as bad as they say, and it was, might be the worst special effects ive seen in 30 years. Brooke Hogan was terrible and yet she was the best actor in it
½ February 25, 2012
This was terrible...dont expect some movie like Shark Night, go in thinking of a bad SYFY film..really bad CGI to..
March 7, 2015
This was one of the most stupid movies I have ever come across
½ February 12, 2015
One of those "so bad it's good" flicks, campy!
½ January 5, 2015
2-Headed Shark Attack Movie Review!

So. Another shark movie. More specifically, another Asylum shark movie. Why do I always get stuck with these? I mean honestly. This was such a boring and bad experience, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

The premise is thus: These kids, their teacher and Carmen Electra (I say her name apart since I don't understand what the hell her role is) head out into the seas and become stranded when the carcass of a shark is stuck on their propellers. Soon enough, a 2-headed shark begins to attack.

Oh lord, I've been irritated by actors/actresses before, but not quite like a certain one. Her role is so annoying that you will find yourself screaming at the screen as a result. The rest of the acting isn't really horrendous, but it isn't anything resembling good.

The CGI is, as always, silly and terrible. I've seen better movies in the 50s than these ones. If The Asylum think it is doing good B-movies, they're wrong. This should be C-movies. (If such a thing exists).

The editing is very, very poor. You can see better editing at small YouTube channels. (By the way, nice legs there, cameraman. You and your camera make a fine addition to the movie. @1:08:00)

The story is just poor; it's mostly a rip-off from the movie Jaws. Though to be honest, everyone kind of had a second life. What, with all the poor editing, you could see people live/die over and over again till the scenes ended. Make up your mind movie.

It's not the worst shark movie we've seen, but it is certainly bad either way. Could The Asylum start producing some actually well? Can it be that time? I'd love for it to be that time.

This movie gets a 1 out of 10.
½ August 26, 2014
Just flat out stupid, horrible bad...
August 5, 2014
This is what they show at night when no ones watching a tv channel
June 19, 2014
es la peor película de tiburones, con los peores efectos especiales aun siendo en el 2012... apesta, tiburón del 199... son muchísimo mejores. no se molesten en verla.
½ February 2, 2014
2-Headed Shark Attack has set new standards for double-headed monster movies everywhere.
January 27, 2014
Ho ho, It's sooooo bad, it's good. File under stupid-stories. Lots of eye candy, stupid premise/plots, lame CGI's - the works. Enjoy with disbelief.
½ December 22, 2013
the worst, simply the worst thing.
November 14, 2013
The DUMBEST movie ever made...
October 6, 2013
See, I'm not going to even waste my time writing a review for this horrible excuse of a movie. But its lack of visuals, acting and common sense just hurt my eyes watching this disaster unfold
October 4, 2013
A classic film of man's relationship with Nature.
½ September 27, 2013
Its cute how the teeth bend every time it bites something... stupid movie, could have done better with the concept. Over all fail, not even enough boobies to keep your attention.
September 14, 2013
Slowly paced, dull cheap movie. The characters are terrible, and are too stupid to be passable as college students. I would of been better if they all got eaten. The CGI isn't great, the shark kills are badly edited, and the ending is mediocre. An overall waste of time for something that looked fun.
½ July 28, 2013
I only saw a little bit of this film on Syfy (the only channel in the world that would play it) and that was all I needed to see. This would be a great movie to watch solely to make fun of with friends. Bottom line... Wow.
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