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300 has one-dimensional caricatures who talk like professional wrestlers plugging their next feud.

August 8, 2008 Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Comments (23)
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Joe Handley

Dead on review for a completely overrated abomination as loud as this one.

Nov 14 - 09:25 PM

Bedram B.

Bedram Bararpour

Great review.

Dec 12 - 09:33 PM

Jeffrey E.

Jeffrey Enders

I love this movie, but I still agree and laugh at every negative point Ebert makes about it..."At the right time, they produce helmets which must have been concealed in their loincloths"...

Dec 22 - 02:20 PM


aaron hunt

Honestly I strongly dislike this review, he continously bashes the realism, although even he knows that he should be doing such things in a movie like this one. And the blood and body parts? You were ready to spew your opinion before you saw the film so why even post such a biased review in the first place?

Feb 16 - 11:31 AM


Matt Festle

spot on comment. he can't make up his mind on any film now a days. not consistent with how he views violence or any sort of profanity. loves it one moment, hates it the next.

Jul 17 - 11:00 PM

Benjamin W.

Benjamin Woodbridge

couldn't agree more

May 24 - 03:43 AM


Christian Chavez

ya i as well didnt like it as much

from my opinion 2.5 out of 5 stars to me

Jul 24 - 10:18 PM

Goliat Llull

Goliat Llull

2,5 out of 5 is the same than 2 out of 4, so you give it the same score as Ebert.

Sep 23 - 01:39 AM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

I've never seen a review from Roger be written that late! 0_o

Dec 3 - 12:33 PM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

before i hadn't really cared about you, roger. i didn't know what was all the fuss about you. but you are so right...

Dec 15 - 08:16 PM


eric livingood

I love this movie, but this review is funny.

Jun 20 - 03:53 PM

John W.

John Walsh

There are so many flaws to your opinionated logic that I don't know where to begin, if I even should. You begin the review by fully acknowledging your hatred of the genre, so we know your review is going to be biased, and what good is that?

Your lack of knowledge on the actual subject matter is offensive too, and actually I don't even think you are qualified to review this movie based on its content (story, Spartan culture ect., however, reviewing it based on its technicalities is a different story). The problem is that you are mentioning things that actually are accurate and using them against the film simply because you find them 'unlikely' or whatever. Example - "The movie presents other scenes of impossibility. Look at the long- shots of the massed Persians. There are so many they would have presented a logistical nightmare: How to feed and water them?"
Logistical nightmare or not, that is how it was; as there really was approximately 250,000 Persian troops invading Greece at the time (rumoured to be 1 million, but that was just hype). This isn't the movies fault.

Spartans were also known for their sharp tongue, such as when Leonidas replies to the messenger saying "lay down your arms": "Come and get them!". They did say things like this, and prided themselves on it. And as for your comment for Spartan women - They were known to be wild, probably because they were trained in combat until age seven.

"...the movie shows dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands, of horrible deaths. This can get depressing."
-Since when is war pretty in the first place? It's an action film, get over yourself, or if you'd rather, crawl into some hole, safe away from the reality of war, where you won't be frightened.

Anyway, rant/history lesson over. I couldn't really be bothered reviewing the other issues in his review at the moment.

Certainly not his best review.

Sep 24 - 12:32 PM

Djangolulu S.

Djangolulu Smith

You say he is not qualified? You're just embarassing yourself.

Jan 9 - 02:37 PM

THE Critic

Bradley Biard

Something tells me John W. feels like a horses ass for bashing the man... Funny and accurate review Mr. Ebert.

May 16 - 11:39 AM

Louis Caron

Louis Caron

I agree with you John. Mr. Ebert is allowed to have his opinion but there is no excuse for a poor review such as this one.
I found funny that he attacks the fact that all spartians look like Mr. Universe. Can't it be a aesthetic aspect of the old Greeks themselves? I never saw a greek statue with love handles for sure.
As for the wrestler quote I agree with you again. And Mr. Ebert neglect somes who are more deep. Such as the curse to Ephialtes "You, may you live forevere". Maybe I'm easy to impress, but this looks kind of clever to me.
It is so easy too look brillant by disliking movies like 300...

Jan 7 - 12:26 PM


O .

hahaha john w. fuck off eberts the man stop trying to be clever and go bum your 300 disk.

Oct 5 - 12:35 PM

Djangolulu S.

Djangolulu Smith

Why do agree with you for every movie, Roger Ebert?! I love you, and you are my idol. You still keep doing your job, even with the loss of your jaw! You are an inspiration to aspiring movie critics everywhere.

Jan 9 - 02:36 PM

Brian B.

Brian Barreto

While it's shallow when it comes to it's characters and the dialogue they say, there something about 300 that makes it impervious to these flaws. It's just so fun. Mindless fun, without a doubt, but fun nonetheless.

Mar 11 - 08:09 PM

Matthew Ekstrom

Matthew Ekstrom

Pretty much hehe.

Apr 16 - 07:56 PM

Nikos Latsios

Nikos Latsios

Perhaps this guy should critique movies for what they are and not for what he'd like them to be. BTW, the pro-wrestler sounding quotes form the Spartans are historicly correct. They did speak each one of those lines. The Persians WERE as many as they looked to be and as for the muscle loathing... I guess he watched the movie with his wife that complained about him not having stepped in a gym his entire life.

May 14 - 06:00 AM

James Landry

James Landry

This was a great movie.

Jun 22 - 05:07 PM

Itay Bitan

Itay Bitan

The main problems with these review's is the false information and expected cheesiness.

"We will fight in the shade" and "Tonight we dine in hell" are actual accredited historical quotes from Leonidas and his.

So what seems like a cheesy hollywood one-liner is actually the most bad ass mid-war quotes in existence.

Jul 6 - 05:11 PM

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