30 Days of Night Sequel Director Revealed


According to Bloody Disgusting's sources, the "30 Days of Night" sequel will roll in October, with Ben Ketai behind the cameras. Back to Article



lance berry

The first 30 Days of Night only made $15 million in actual profit. I'm surprised they consider it successful enough to launch a sequel. The first one also sucked horribly, so I have no intention of sitting through another one...but at least they got rid of Melissa George, she was terrible.

Sep 2 - 05:36 AM

Nine Oh Two

joe schmoe

15 million in profit? I hope you aren't going off box office reciepts, because DVD sales and network syndication actually acount for most of a films profits.

I thought the concept was great, the execution not so much. The movie definetly had problems with pacing, it seemed more like 'a couple days of night'.

A sequel just sounds pointless to me because this seems like a movie you only get one shot at, what are they going to do, make a '30 more days of night'? That would just seem cheap.

Sep 2 - 05:59 AM


r p

Fan of the Graphic novel...not so much of the movie...could of been so much better...not sure of the point of a sequel.

Sep 2 - 06:13 AM


Jason Stieber

Different director? Different writer? Different actress playing the main character? Not good signs... I'm not excited for this one.

Sep 2 - 06:26 AM


'schak Attack

I really liked this movie, although I'd probably've liked it less if I read the graphic novel, which of course always tends to be better than the movie versions. I'd agree with the pacing problems, but the premise was really cool: that'd be some kind of bad situation to be in...one of the worst ever in movie history, I'd say.

I wonder why they don't want Melissa George back? She seemed ok in the movie...I loved how the camera closes in on her at the very end of the movie, with her holding what's left of Josh Hartnett, staring at the sunrise...closes her eyes, screen goes black, credits roll. It'd be cool to see what happens next.

Sep 2 - 09:26 AM


Tommy Savor

After reading what storylines they have in mind for the sequel...it's no wonder they have a new director, writer, and actress at the helm of things. Sounds no different then John Carpenter's Vampires. I'll miss this one.

Sep 2 - 09:36 AM

Gordon Franklin Terry Sr

Gordon Terry

not a fan.

can PLEASE someone direct THE KEEP (remake) by f. Paul Wilson? There are Nazi Germans, Vampires, a King Vampire, and ZOMBIES re-animated corpses.

Nazis are en vogue
Vampires are en vogue
and Zombies are EN VOGUE. With THE KEEP Hollywood CAN'T MISS!!!!

Sep 2 - 03:18 PM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

I actually didn't mind the first one, but you think they could at least get George to come back.

Sep 3 - 09:35 PM

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