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First 1.5 hours are slow, preposterously scripted, and short of powerful dialogue. I liked the ending though.

June 18, 2009 Full Review Source: Hollywood Report Card | Comments (8)
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rocknblues 81

Check out this guys favorite movies year by year on his site. He has terrible taste.

He gave Freedom Writers an A-


Dec 7 - 04:49 AM

Joseph Jr Y.

Joseph Jr Yuskaitis

"The film never explained why the railroad was so intent on bringing this guy in alive - especially at the cost of countless innocent lives."

actually, it does. Bale's character is all about bringing him in alive because it's the right thing to do. i mean, the whole movie struggles with this conflict; Right vs. Wrong.

"Or why the veterinarian would shun two men for "mistreating a prisoner" then slug one of them with a shovel -- how does that makes sense morally?"

this is an example of how people's views change based on the time they have to get to know the characters. Bale's character is 100% against Crowe's character in the beginning, but ends up changing and seeing a different side of things at the end. even Wilson's one line, "moral aint got nothing to do with it." sums up that point perfectly. the idea is that sometimes things just are, and you cant judge moral objectively. how does a critic not read into that? this also comes back to the big theme of Right vs. Wrong..

"It's 2 hours in duration, of which an hour and half is slow, preposterously scripted, and short of powerful dialogue."
"Anyway, I found the film a scripting mess up until the last 15 minutes"

im not sure what you were watching, but the story, dialogue, and plot were great throughout the whole movie. the deep dialogue brings out the symbolism and ideas behind the movie.

as a critic, you should be ashamed to have wrote such an awful review for such a great movie.

Jan 11 - 03:48 PM

Matthew S.

Matthew Sumter

100% Agree with you Joseph.

This critic's comprehension of this film was beyond poor. I find it difficult to believe that he could even write a review, having such a slight understanding of so many obvious themes.

Whatever. Disappointing that people such as Mr. Anthony are given the position of understanding films, yet fail so miserably.

Jul 5 - 07:03 AM


Liam Randall

I don't need to be an expert in film analysis to know that the review synopsis is saying "I have a really short attention span so I didn't really get the conflict that took place or why it happened, but I like shooting guns, high speed chases, and the transporter trillogy". How was there no powerful dialogue??

Sep 5 - 04:43 PM

Allan H.

Allan Hall

Wanna ride bikes?

Sep 5 - 08:20 PM

Allan H.

Allan Hall

Wanna ride bikes?

Sep 5 - 08:42 PM

Mike H.

Mike Hackler

Exact opposite for me. I really liked the movie up until the preposterous and poorly scripted ending.

May 31 - 06:00 PM

Sarfaraz Abbasi

Sarfaraz Abbasi

What do you want non-stop action after credits in the beginning finish! :D

Nov 20 - 09:21 AM

bob  j.

bob jones

this guy gave Glitter a B+

Aug 12 - 06:44 PM

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