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½ July 8, 2009
You either love Bruce Campbell or you hate him, there is no inbetween. I being a fan of the Evil Dead 1 and II this was a good finish to the trilogy. Hilarious! this movie has to be the best of Cambpells career for one liners. a must see if you have any smokeables i would say this movie is a great companion for those occasions, but you didnt hear this from me!
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September 11, 2008
Jesus this was cheesy but absolutely fantastic. Bruce Campbell had to be the best man for the job. Horror comedy at its daftest but best.
March 17, 2008
Definitely quirky, compared with the seriousness of the first 2 in the Evil Dead series. Ash goes back in time and has to locate the book of the dead to get back to his time. Not that it will be easy. This movie coined the phrase 'boomstick' and he has a chainsaw modified to fit on his stump of an arm (lost his hand). Has classic 80s claymation/animation for the army of the dead and the dialogue is typical smartass Ash/Bruce Campbell. Definitely one for the fans of the Evil Dead series.
May 1, 2008
The final in the Evil Dead trilogy, this movie was actually shot to be a comedy rather than a B rated horror. So parts are far fetched, but still a good movie especially if you don't mind parts being corny
August 15, 2010
Is this a duplicate on Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes?
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