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As a disjointed rumble in the cosmos, it's both too much and too little, and too dorky looking. In this case, Green means stop.

June 17, 2011 Full Review Source: Detroit News | Comments (7)
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John Arthur Beaman

john b

Long doesn't appreciate much about Green Lantern and as far as I can tell from his review, it's because he didn't pay a lot of attention to it. For instance, he says that, "he (Jordan) spends most of the film whining about how scared he is." I'm pretty sure that was one scene in the film and it was meant to illustrate that the ring "picked" Hal Jordan because he had the ability to overcome great fear. Something jordan didn't even know at the time.

Long goes on to compare Tomar-Re to Jar Jar Binks and calls Jordan a Luke Skywalker rip off. Never mind that Green Lantern came decades before those characters, I just get the impression that Long saw what he wanted to see, because I didn't definitly didn't see what he did.

Jun 17 - 01:24 PM

ray e.

ray ero

I'll be flamed here sure, but I'm seeing a good amount of people [on forums about comics/or comic figures or statue forum] saying they liked it about as much as thor and giving 8/10's. The critics maybe are just superhero burnt-out or don't know the character's origin well? It's entirely possible they think a ring giving superpowers is too silly perhaps?.

Jun 17 - 07:45 PM

John Arthur Beaman

john b

The ring has been a symbol of power in literature (and real life) for centuries; it's not going to lose it's place of prestige any time soon. Okay, maybe making a "hot wheels" track to guide a helicopter back to safety is a little silly. I'll admit, I could have done without that one. But who really cares? Oh, that's right ... Tom Long.

Jun 19 - 07:40 AM

Mr F.

Mr Frank

No film critic wants to see Green Lantern.

Everybody knows it's Hollywood garbage. It's a reminder that they should have gone to law school or something.

Race to the bottom.

Jun 19 - 10:18 PM

Andrew E.

Andrew Edwards

well said

Jun 26 - 10:14 PM

Wicked S.

Wicked Servant

That about sums it up.

Apr 3 - 01:14 PM

Jon Martin

Jon Martin

You suck as a critic!!! Get a job more suitable to your skills, like, I don't know, maybe at Mcdonald's!!

Oct 6 - 06:10 PM

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