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This Sarah Palin hosanna is done in by the simple fact that its director needs to go back to film school.

July 15, 2011 Full Review Source: The Atlantic | Comments (9)
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Bahl S.

Bahl Sanchin

Oh I see, T-Tard is going to troll every negative review that Sister Stupid gets for her commercial, I mean "documentary" and accuse the reviewer of being a liberal, in a lame attempt to discredit the reviewers opinion. The Kochsucker trolls can't rely on facts, so all they can do is attack the messenger. The fact that this clown is a fan of The Moosiah, is a testament to just what a useless wart on the ass of humanity she is. Only her fans can be even dumber than she is.

Jul 16 - 10:31 AM


jj l

You could at least vary your response and not make it such an obvious cut and paste. Quick, there's a couple other negative reviews you haven't gotten to yet. Or are those reviews from conservative-leaning publications and thus beyond your cut and paste capabilities? A tool and a troll, how sad.

Jul 18 - 01:44 PM

Kate Rothwell

Kate Rothwell

actually the reviewer says "Whatever you think of Sarah Palin, she deserves a better movie than this."

Jul 18 - 08:35 PM

Gabe Albacarys

Gabe Albacarys

And in a way it's true. Even Palin, who politically I cannot stand, and who as a person I do not respect, does not deserve to have a movie this bad made about her. It's not a documentary, it's a freakin 113 minute long commercial about how amazing she is, with the appearance of being edited by a 5th grader. I watched this movie as a joke and to laugh at Palin, I won't lie. But at the end, I almost had sympathy for her because this was such an insult to its subject.

Jul 19 - 08:33 AM

Kate Rothwell

Kate Rothwell

I haven't seen it (I'm no masochist) but the movie's imagery sounds like it ranges from cliche to obvious--the money down the toilet, the lions munching on the zebra.

TZon, it's possible to make a biased movie that even people who loathe the politics can see is well-made -- check out The Triumph of the Will .

Jul 19 - 03:19 PM

Brad Lacke

Brad Lacke


From all accounts I've heard this is the exact movie/director she picked out for herself.

Jul 20 - 08:31 AM

Sallie B.

Sallie Beason

This movie is a joke. She needs to just stay in Alaska where the wild people live. Her stupid movie isn't gonna help her or any of the other T-turds. We are going to destroy any chance of her future positions in government.

We must be strong against this trash. Our plans to rebuild this country into the utopia we dream of can not be allowed to be misguided by these gnats!

Jul 19 - 08:35 AM

Daniel Barton

Daniel Barton

Sally B your quest for Utopia is going to run right into the reality of a socialist financial meltdown (like it always does it seems). I don't want to live in Utopia as it is a fantasy world only alive in your dreams.

Semper Fi,
GySgt. DD Barton, Ret.
War Dog 6 "Over"

Jul 21 - 10:12 AM

Brian Marousek

Brian Marousek

The Undefeated: Except in the 2008 Presidential Election

Jul 19 - 09:52 PM

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