97% Ghostbusters Aug 29
30% As Above/So Below Aug 29
36% The November Man Aug 27
98% Starred Up Aug 27
76% The Congress Aug 29

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92% Guardians of the Galaxy $17.2M
20% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $16.7M
37% If I Stay $15.7M
21% Let's Be Cops $10.8M
18% When The Game Stands Tall $8.4M
34% The Expendables 3 $6.5M
32% The Giver $6.4M
45% Sin City: A Dame to Kill For $6.3M
66% The Hundred-Foot Journey $5.3M
19% Into The Storm $3.8M

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91% Doctor Who: Season 8
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91% Doctor Who: Season 8
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77% You're the Worst: Season 1

Zombie Apocalypse Reviews

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October 26, 2013
Not bad, but not good either. If you like over exaggeration then you'll love this film. I liked the mixed use of walkers and runners and that animals can become infected too. Other than that, this film is slow, and at times unbearable.
April 3, 2012
A mediocre but somewhat entertaining zombie film, Zombie Apocalypse is about as original as its title, but it will help you waste 90 minutes of your life if that is what you need to do. Featuring Ving Rhames and dude from My Name is Early, Zombie Apocalypse will not be remembered long after the credits roll.
March 31, 2012
Okay, is anyone surprised that this movie sucks? I went into it expecting a train wreck, and it delivered. Points for entertainment value, I suppose, but I'm pretty sure it's the wrong kind of entertainment value. I won't remember anything about this a week from now.
August 1, 2014
Mauvais acteurs ! Copie ratée de The Walking Dead et du jeu video Dead Island ! C'est vraiment nul pour un film de SyFy ! 1/20
July 25, 2013
It is cheesy, but it is worth watching.
James Mitchell
July 11, 2013
surprise surprise: It sucks
June 9, 2013
Half-ass zombie flick starring zombie-movie typecast Ving Rhames. The story isn't terrible, but stayed generic, lacking in any direction and had just aweful special effects. Played out like an extra long Walking Dead episode but much, much cheaper. Still somewhat nice for any zombie fan though.
Carlton M Raines
March 24, 2013
Very much an enjoyable film. some parts resemble the tv series the walking dead, but its a well done movie, Vin Rhames is as always Vin Rhames is, but one has to wonder how he managed to keep his head so well shaves whilst escaping Zombies
January 29, 2013
Bad effects, bad acting, horrible storyline.,,, and it's so boring. Bad movie.
January 28, 2013
A decent zombie flick with better actors than effects. Used to far worse, this movie has good momentum and the simple plot help things move along at a good pace. This movie is not about immersing in and exploring anything to do with the characters really, frankly some of the dialog seems awkward and misplaced at times for starters, but the movie does build up an apocalyptic atmosphere that together with plenty of action and some dramatic depth actually makes this movie interesting. Considering the budget this is a pretty good movie...
January 16, 2013
It's not as bad as most asylum films are. Some decent cgi for asylum and some decent zombie scenes make it very watchable with a group of friends.
August 15, 2012
Pointless and dull. The story is uninteresting and goes no where, the zombie-make up is lacking and the effects are cheap. There's plenty of zombie action throughout, but it gets old fast. It was a bit better than I thought it would be, but its still not a good movie.
December 19, 2012
Half-ass zombie flick starring zombie-movie typecast Ving Rhames. The story isn't terrible, but stayed generic, lacking in any direction and had just aweful special effects. Played out like an extra long Walking Dead episode but much, much cheaper. Still somewhat nice for any zombie fan though.
December 1, 2012
Una de las películas mas surreales de zombies, pero mas realistas.
November 22, 2012
This movie was starring a group of actors named, "Hey, I recognize that actor from somewhere." It was your basic Zombie survival movie with low budget special effects. I was entertained from start to finish. If you like zombie movies, you are entertained primarily by action, and you don't mind low budget special effects then Zombie Apocalypse will satisfy you. I liked it enough that I will consider watching the sequel. Also compared to other Syfy channel movies this one is a gem.
November 23, 2012
terrible action, terrible charaters, terrible story, terrible affects, just a terrible movie
November 18, 2012
Though this film may not be as good as other zombie flicks such as Zombieland, it still entertains and doesn't leave me staring at the wall and this film just happens to be the best production that The Asylum has ever created, and if you don't already know, The Asylum is maybe the worst film industry in history giving us these straight-to-dvd movies that are about as entertaining as watching a drop of water drip of a shower head (which is probably more interesting than the movies).
October 28, 2012
saw it today...i love zombie films, but...there is an over abundance of them right now, trying to cash in, most of them stink on water....this, is one of those
October 28, 2012
It's really too bad i was expecting something a little better with some of the actors that were in this film. First off the cgi in this movie was really obvious which made it hard to get into and believe for one. Not to mention in a few of the scenes in the background you can see moving vehicles. I didn't know that zombies could drive. All in all if you have nothing better to do then sure go ahead and waste some time and watch this film. I personally suggest watching a higher budget or old school zombie flick it would be more believable and entertaining.
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