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May 30, 2013
The remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night is a much darker update of the 1984 controversial classic Slasher film. Although at times the dialogue is a bit cheesy and awkward, the kill sequences are purely nasty and make up for the so-so dialogue. Let's face it, Slasher films are not known for great script writing, but they deliver in great kill scenes, most certainly gives genre fans enough gory kills to satisfy the most demanding genre fans. The original film was quite good for what it was and it was a much underrated film. However by today's standards, it's quite cheesy and it looks dated. With this remake, the filmmakers deliver a gory thrill ride that is one of the better Slasher remakes since My Bloody Valentine 3D. This is only a film for genre fans. Go into this film expecting a mindless splatter film, and that's what you'll get. Like I said, the gore is standout and it more than makes up for the lack of story, which is decent, but the filmmakers could have been reworked because killers in Slasher films usually have a motive for their spree. This Santa doesn't seem to have a motive, and it would have been interesting to develop a more in depth story to the character. I recommend this film for any horror fan looking for a Slasher film with effective kill sequences. Although not a great movie, Silent Night is one of the better films in the genre that has come out lately, and it should at least be seen for its hints of old school Slasher elements. This is a worthy update to the original film, and it is an entertaining film that manages to give horror fans what they want. Although some parts are questionable, there is enough here to enjoy if you're a fan of this genre of horror.
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December 10, 2012
This purports not to be a remake of the controversial eighties slasher 'Silent Night, Deadly Night', but it certainly owes that film a large debt. There are scenes which are practically lifted from the older film, such as a girl staked on antlers and a monologue about the dark side of Christmas delivered by a geriatric. The eighties film was fun thanks to it's clever use of black humor but this movie can't decide what tone it's after. For the most part it's played like a straight cop drama and when it does interject humor it fails to raise even a snigger.
The only interesting thing about this non-remake is the fact that it's characters are all named after former players of Leeds United soccer team. I don't think Johnny Giles would approve.
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½ November 4, 2012
The original Silent Night, Deadly Night had a kernel of a genuinely decent psychological horror story that was mostly only cheesy because of its low budget and exploitative leanings. The new semi-remake, Silent Night, is a slickly-produced, higher budgeted film that is trying desperately to be a dumb B-movie slasher, but out of an obvious love of the genre. Which is the better film? Honestly, it's just a matter of taste-- but I think they're both equally entertaining in opposite ways.

Unlike most remakes these days, the new Silent Night film is very much its own animal. It inverts the structure of the original, swapping out the protagonist-killer for a more traditional tale about cops tracking a costumed psycho on a major holiday. You'd think that would make the film a lot more bland and boring-- after all, the unique perspective of the story was one of the most creative elements of Silent Night, Deadly Night-- but director Steven C. Miller manages to bring a wonderfully retro flavor to the film, milking every single cliche for all its worth. (more to come)
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December 19, 2012
I couldn't tell if this film was deliberately trying to spoof itself or if the acting in it was just plain awful. Either way the mix of horror and comedy really doesn't work here. McDowell is hammy as the town sherrif but also looks permanently annoyed throughout (with his Agent, maybe?). King is playing the whole things straight but therefore looks out of place alongside some of the more 'looser' acting styles. The worst culprit is the actor playing the priest who is so over the top I kept expecting him to look at the camera and give us a wink! The kills are more fun than other recent remakes though and if you like your gore you won't be disappointed here. Forget about trying to justify the plot too as it doesn't make a whole load of sense. A bit of a mess then but some decent horror moments.
April 13, 2013
A rather loose remake of the notorious 80s slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night, Silent Night is an unrelentingly brutal return to 80s slasher violence and griminess. Well crafted and genuinely twisted, Silent Night features numerous sly nods to the original but also develops its own unique plot complete with unforgettable death scenes. Fans of 80s slashers should definitely check it out...
April 9, 2013
new take on "Silent Night, Deadly Night" if you have seen or know anything bout the controversial original you may feel this is lack luster storywise but gore and cheap thrills its still the same
December 25, 2012
Definitely a re-imaging more than a re-make of the 1984 original, which is fine. However, some impressive splatter moments (and some callbacks to the first movie - and one from Part 2) aside, the execution is lacking anything terribly impressive. Too much "shakey-cam" and too little invention. And it's glossy in a way that is generic; the original was hardly a tour-DE-force of film-making, but it has a certain grimy grindhouse charm that this desperately lacks. There's genuine opportunity here for something inspired here but it just comes off as lazy.
½ December 13, 2012
As a remake of the first Silent Night Deadly Night, I don't think this worked all that well. But as a modern-day sequel to a franchise that's been silent for well over a decade, it would have made a lot more sense. The kills were gruesome and cool to watch, the visual style was oversatured and dirty looking like Hobo With A Shotgun, and Malcolm McDowell gave his most entertaining performance in years. I thought this one was good, but just good. Not great, and not nearly as memorable as the original or its sequel, though this one did have a throwaway line referencing Garbage Day.
½ December 8, 2012
Thought this was fun. Not as bad as it could have been. Not amazing but not bad either. Liked the few nods to the original.
December 2, 2012
If your a fan of the Original Silent Night Deadly Night from 1984 you will probably enjoy this movie, although it doesn't take much from the original, I would call the movie more of a re-imagining than a remake. The only really similar things are the Grandfather is in a catatonic state and talks to the kid when he's alone. You have the famous Linnea Quigley topless deer horn death scene, The killer Santa seems to leave little kids alone, giving them candy canes and gifts after he's killed their parents. I like what they did to his face, using those creepy white see-through masks attached to the Santa beard, that was original. The movie follows a similar storyline (the Santa killer) being the little kid in the car at the beginning seeing his father die). I still think the original is more put together though, and more shocking. This "remake" doesn't go into details about the kid going nuts, his identity is a total secret until the end, and you don't feel half as bad because you don't see a crazy Santa killing both of his parents when he's watching. I'm surprised they didn't have as much backstory. But I do like what they did to the movie overall. Malcolm McDowell tends to get on my nerves, I don't know why he plays an arrogant asshole in movies, he's basically being himself in real life, I know i met him LOL I am very turned off by the man. Jamie King was good in the movie too.
March 13, 2015
This has to be the best Christmas horror movie ever made. Finally someone made a great killer Santa movie. It had the maniac wearing the best idea for a evil Santa he did was a deadly maniac who punishes the naughty should do. However this is not a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night. Only two elements like the Grandpa and antler scenes are in it. I can understand why the director tossed the original film out the window because it just plain sucked. Silent Night, Deadly Night has to be one of the 80's worst and I can't understand why it has cult following. But this film is really more like a remake of Don't Open Till Xmas just going in th opposite direction. The is also not perfect. When the main character hits with her club to free herself from being choke by his ax she could hit more and just shot him right then and there. Also showing his face ruined the mystery of who he was. They still could've ended it without showing us his face. Not to mention the film ends making it like its the next day but burn wounds don't heal up overnight. That scene would have to take place many weeks later and he would need someone to take care of his wounds in order to avoid getting caught from having to going to the hospital. Like a aunt and uncle who are doctors and assist him. Well maybe they'll do that in a sequel. But still its the best killer Santa and and Christmas horror movie ever made and I wish it was released nationwide not select cities. I would've loved to seen this in theaters.
½ December 19, 2014
Worthy of this rating for it's gruesome kills.
November 29, 2014
Silent Night is a cheesy Christmas themed slasher movie and the dialogue can really get awkward, but if you're in to this sort of horror-comedy-mystery-holiday genre then you found a gem!
September 5, 2014
"Silent Night" is an incredibly strong remake of the mediocre 80's slasher. It's visually impressive but its way too classical and suffer from a terrible lack of depht.
September 20, 2014

"Don't put the avacado on the burger."-Sheriff Cooper (Malcolm McDowell)

When santa isn't going to town with brass knucks, a pick axe, or wood chipper, Malcolm is putting the avacado in the movie.

"Oh, big mistake, taking a flamethrower to a gun fight."-Sheriff Cooper
½ August 22, 2014
Steven C. Miller's "Silent Night" is a retelling of the 1984 cult classic "Silent Night, Deadly Night" movie about a killer in a Santa suit who exacts revenge on a community for past transgressions. In this modern telling of the "killer Claus" story even the origin is a revision. The film stars Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King, Donal Logue, Lisa Marie, Brendan Fehr, Ellen Wong and takes place on Christmas Eve in a small Midwestern town with dark past.

"Silent Night" is an instant classic for fans of the Holiday horror genre and can stand alone from the original film in which it takes inspiration from. This isn't a direct remake, in fact in only minimally gives subtle hints to the original movie while creating a completely independent film that is just as dark and sinister. It is also very entertaining, filled with an atmospheric despair and solemnity on what should be a lighthearted, joyful night. The story is filled with tragic characters on a clear path to self-destruction which adds to the fact that horrors are unfolding in this small town that go far beyond your basic killer on the loose. After all Santa slays the naughty and there is no better place to find naughty souls than a town filled with despair. There are times when the action seems a bit rushed when it comes to scenes with the actual killer at work that is probably intentional because it also creates an element of unease and question surrounding the goings-on within the town.

"Silent Night" creates a dark and intense story that doesn't rely on black comedy to beg for acceptance from the audience. Instead of taking a tongue-in-cheek approach Miller has brought forth a very somber thriller that is suspenseful and serious. Something a lot of horror films shy from when it comes to slashers. The closest the film comes to comic relief is in Malcolm McDowell's character who maintains a sterile, focused, Chuck Norris styled attitude about policing his town. The character is closer to the one he played in Rob Zombie's "Halloween". The blood and gore in this film isn't over-the-top but Miller never shies away from the graphic kills or gory matter either. Everything about "Silent Night" is balanced and toned in a way that allows the story to draw you into the nightmare that plays out. There are a few scary moments where the element of surprise caught me off guard. I jumped back in my seat during a few scenes. This is a great slasher film that should not be considered a remake and should be an instant classic with the majority of horror fans.
July 1, 2014
Silent Night is a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night in so much that it features a man in a Santa suit who kills people he deems naughty, and that's about all that even resembles the source material.

The ridiculously grimy and disgusting outlook of the movie screams "over-stylized remake!" and it really doesn't do anything original that would separate it from all the other unnecessary slasher remakes.

Although, a little entertainment is sure to be squeezed out of Malcolm McDowell, his overacting pales to Eric Freeman's by comparison, but he's still worth having in the film. Another performance, that I found rather strange, was the portrayal of a spoiled brat. Honestly, this girl was a certified supervillain-in-the-making, and you can probably guess where she ended up.

But unlike in the original, rather than going on an insane rampage in a fit of psychosis, Santa's Sleigh doesn't get completely out-of-hand as the motivations of the killer Santa are much more consistent, and this I liked. He never betrayed his naughty-list once.

The film also shows a brand of humor! Imagine that. It's not too much in your face, which makes it a lot funnier. In my opinion, it should have gone further with this style, because, as I already stated, it doesn't differ greatly from any other over-stylized remake.

This movie sure as hell is not scary, or very engaging, but if you like gory-less-story slasher remakes, this one is, in my opinion, one of the best ones around.
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