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Five Favorite Films with Bruce Robinson

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If British writer-director Bruce Robinson had only made one film -- 1987's inimitable comedy Withnail & I -- he would have been assured a place in the annals of cult movie history. And it very nearly became the case, too. When the combined forces of Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp came calling, however, Robinson found himself being made an offer he couldn't refuse. The result is The Rum Diary, a long-gestating passion project for Depp instigated when he and Thompson unearthed an unpublished manuscript from the late gonzo legend's early years as a writer. We sat down with Robinson to talk about the challenge of bringing Thompson's novel to the screen, the weirdness of being back in Hollywood, and how Depp -- who previously tried to bait Robinson to direct Fear and Loathing -- finally lured him into taking on this job. But first, kick back with some lighter fluid and enjoy Robinson's five favorite films.Back to Article