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½ August 5, 2012
Emotional and superbly acted by Demian Bichir, A Better Life is a heartbreaking and truly enlightening experience detailing the life of illegal immigrants!
June 21, 2015
A well constructed story around what must be common everyday themes illegal Aliens in the USA have to deal with.
½ January 24, 2012
a well acted film with a strong story. Glad the academy didn't overlook it.
August 3, 2013
A truly touching tale about the love of a father for his son and his desire for him to have the life he never had. Brilliant acting, a lovely plot and a very believable story. Worth watching.
½ June 6, 2014
The movie gives a good message, is well acted and entertaining so I will give it 3 1/2 stars.
May 29, 2012
Así­ que todo esto hace un padre por su hijo... Cautivadora.
May 14, 2014
a good movie with great depth! This film portrays the story of an illegal immigrant who lives for his son.Even though the father is trying to earn money through his hard work,the son feels neglected and fails to recognize the care and love the father has for him till the end! Demian Bechir at his best especially at a part when he talks to his son about his life!!
April 2, 2014
Very good. Wish we were able to see what happened next when the movie ended.
½ December 21, 2013
A heartfelt immigrant LA story. Although my story was different (with a different backdrop), I was able to empathize with the characters' situation. I'm not claiming how accurate this movie is to real life, since I haven't experienced it firsthand, but it does make you think about your surroundings as an Angelino and what goes on in the undercurrent of LA. Like the kid in this movie, I too am probably guilty of taking for granted what my own father went through and what he was continually going through (at the time) when he was raising my brothers and I. Our situation probably made me connect with the movie more emotionally.
½ February 4, 2014
An illegal Mexican worker struggles to survive and raise his teenage son in the shadows of Los Angeles. A raw, emotional roller-coaster ride that spotlights U.S. naturalization the same way that "Waiting for Superman" educated & provoked discussion on U.S. public schools. A superb cast with powerful performances--especially from Oscar-nominated Demian Bichir as the father--takes viewers on a very heartfelt journey. Although illegal immigration is always at the forefront, this film is more about a father's attempt to live the American Dream and exemplify his hard work ethic to his son. The movie shows that great parents, regardless of ethnicity or race, try to give their kids a better life; and sometimes that can take its toll. Grade: A-
½ March 4, 2013
Real, tense, powerful and moving. The story of a father that will go to the furthest place on Earth, do the impossible and willing to take all risks for a better life.
Super Reviewer
January 22, 2014
Chris Weitz, stay the hell out of Mexico, you stereotypical, melodramatic and overtly sentimental imbécil!!

January 19, 2014
Esta buena la peli,aunque te deja sensacion de que son esas historias,que no terminan.
½ January 8, 2014
First and foremost, Bichir destroyed this role. Amazing performance. Serious subject matter, that manages to stay light enough to be easy to watch.

The film isn't groundbreaking, but it feels fresh. There are some cliches, but movie steers around them.
February 26, 2012
Great movie, very touching. So very true of what a parent would do for his kid.
½ January 6, 2014
Under your skin personalized storey about illegal immigration and a father son relationship.
December 2, 2013
Great film. Not earth-shattering but very honest and thoughtful.
½ November 8, 2013
A telling look at the illegal immigrant situation. Humanizing the issue by following a hard-working, loving, and American loving Mexican father and his young teenage son A Better Life unfolds in front of viewers showing the issue isn't just "vatos" trafficking drugs into the country and ruining neighborhoods with their gang propaganda but that god fearing hard-working families are also extremely effected by stringent and unreasonable laws. The acting is superb all around and the direction top notch. A story for anyone on any side of the issue.
October 13, 2013
Great film that was sadly overlooked in 2011.
May 25, 2013
One of the rare films where you can anticipate every turn of the story but it doesn't matter because the central characters are so real, the performances so strong, and the problem they face (namely, the great cost of the American Dream) so real and so heartbreaking.
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