A Matador's Mistress (Manolete) Reviews

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½ October 14, 2011
This is a bit slow and not Brody's best, but it is watchable. The ending is horrible and very hard to watch.
½ December 26, 2013
Weak, boring and very-simple-plot. Matador meets girl bull kills matador... The-End...
August 30, 2012
The legend of el matador Manolete is much more interesting than the movie.
It is slow and bored to death.
July 19, 2012
Very difficult to follow because the movie switches from present to flashback and back constantly with little hint where you are other than the front bumper on the car going from intact to hanging crooked.

My wife couldn't get "into" this movie because she thinks Adrien Brody is ugly as a mud fence and can't imagine anyone as strikingly beautiful as PenÚlope Cruz hooking up with him. I thought he was perfect for the role, though.
January 20, 2012
beautiful.tragic but beautiful
December 22, 2011
I was planning on watching an Almodovar movie tonight but I have seen all of his that are currently on Hulu. So I went with the next best thing and watched a Penelope Cruz movie...Beautiful.
August 26, 2011
A big rotten tomato - no plot development whatsoever. Boy meets beautiful girl. They make love & say they're in love, but the audience feels no sparks. The audience can't even understand what they say to each other. In fact, maybe they DON'T even say anything to each other, although there IS occasional mumbling.. She hates what he does (fights bulls) and thinks he's the "most beautiful ugly man she's ever met." (Huh???) Lots of crying and tragic faces. Then he gets gored and dies. End of movie. Yahoo. What a waste of my time and money.
July 31, 2011
Okay, we just red boxed this movie and it was so good! I? love this true story and what makes it even better, helloooooo, my man, Adrian B!!! There isn't anything he stars in/does that isn't good. Penelope is beautiful in this too. She's the most beautiful I have ever seen. Last but not least, by far, my favorite line: "You are the most beautiful ugly man I have ever seen." <3
July 28, 2011
....Guy fights bulls .....Then guy likes a girl .....Girl doesn't like that guy fights bulls .....Guy dies .....Girl cries .....I waisted two hours of my life And .99 cents on iTunes
July 9, 2011
Incredibly booooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ July 9, 2011
Great performance by Penelope Cruz, who is a dream to watch. This is a classic style film, which are rare these days. It's not loud, in your face, or trying too hard to please.
July 6, 2011
Pretty bland despite two very attractive people playing the leading roles.
June 27, 2011
Surrealista pelicula...No negare que es una historia interesante pero...Adrien Brody haciendo de torero...Penelope Cruz de actriz...Imagino que al que le guste este mundillo del toreo la pelicula le gustara pero a quien como yo sea antitaurino, la pelicula simplemente te deja en la mayor de las indiferencias...
May 3, 2011
This is the newly recut version with the original Penelope Cruz sex scenes and the bullfighting sequences animal rights groups were up in arms about. A wonderful film! Out on DVD June 7th!
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