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March 6, 2013
My best ever movie in indian cinema.A ganster movie which had so perfect through its script.The characters still goes through my heart.Good BGM,brilliant direction and perfect acting and that makes the film worth watching
June 27, 2013
one of the remarkable film ever made in indian cinema.
simply out of box.
½ January 16, 2013
Fearless Movie-making! Thiagarajan is a original creator & his next offering is most anticipated!
December 20, 2012
Downtown gang wars of Chennai never looked tis gud! Its a neo-noir film adopting a Guy Ritchie & David Fincher kinda style/execution with inspirations from 'U Turn' & 'Snatch'.. I guess u get the drift!!
Wit awesome editing, stunnin c'graphy, fabulous direction & exceptional story-telling, its a must watch and a breath of fresh air for Tamil cinema!
½ October 27, 2012
Movies of Quentin Tarantino+Guy Ritchie+Robert Rodriguez=AARANYA KAANDAM
October 14, 2011
One of the best gangster movies from the tamil film industry. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
July 26, 2012
A very rare attempt in Tamil Cinema and its succeeded in delivering it. Unlike other gangster movies, it goes much deeper and shows the dark world and their minds. Thiagarajan Kumararaja is much welcome to Indian Cinema art from his debut film.
July 19, 2012
Though the story is a one-liner, it takes editing, cinematography and direction to another level in Tamil Cinema. Kumararaja had spun out a master-class on his debut.
June 22, 2012
This is one mind blowing movie, the editing,cinematagraphy and bgm are chanceless !! waiting for kumararaja's next !
May 3, 2012
Hw did I miss this film???
March 3, 2012
A stunning, riveting depiction of a day in the lives of a bunch of gangsters set in Northern Chennai, "Aaranya Kaandam" is classic neo-noir in a Tamil milieu unlike anything you have ever seen. You have them all an aging impotent mobster boss, back alley chases, Mexican stand offs with knives that is and a shocking twist, all backed up by some extraordinary performances. Tamil cinema has been going through a renaissance of sorts during the last 3-4 years beginning with Ameer Sultan's "Paruthiveeran" with directors like Sasikumar and Myshkin forming a brigade of young film makers bringing about this change. Director Thiagarajan Kumararaja seems to have clearly drawn inspiration from the works of Tarantino and other European exponents of noir but he expertly manages to keep the movie rooted in it's local settings never getting carried away. Jackie Shroff plays the aging don in one of his most memorable performances and he is ably supported by Ravi Krishna and Sampath Raj who plays his right hand. Yuvan Shankar Raja provides one of the most memorable back ground music one has ever heard in Indian cinema - simply outstanding to say the least - oh by the way there aren't any songs in the movie just the back ground score! The Director clearly is the star here and hats off to him for creating such a daring work which clearly is a master piece.
October 11, 2011
-aaranya kaandam-

directed by
- >when i was waching the film. I thought of watching PULP FICTION in tamizh.. and eventually i started disliking the director for his copying aspects... but later in almost half an hour of watching the film.. I got bonded with the film and also realised that he has inspired thoroughly of QUENTIN TARANTINO's work.
->You know what.. he has succeeded in his work because his inspirations helped him to extract the excellence from him throughout the film...
->Being a Quentin Tarantino fan I also enjoyed his work rather than criticizing through comparisons...and stuffs..lik that..
->Dialogue plays an important role and is written by the director himself..Actually i liked his work in ORAMpo itself.. he knows the perfect word where to use and in wat circumstances to use...
->And thats all about the director..he has done a fabulous job..

->Brilliant.. wat else to say.. the casting itself will not let you to know wat is goin to happen next..Actually it helped to serve the TWIST cent percent..
->Every one deserves to be mentioned but atlaast they are all brilliantly handled by the dir..

->Good news for all..No songs only BGM..
In most of the scene there will be a song played at the backdrop of it in accordance wit...so as to give you the originality of the scene..
->A tune is been played with GUITAR is really rocking... the speciality of that tune is it fits tothe film.
->YUVAN* shankar raja made me mesmerized with his Music throughout the Climax portion,, actually ..it is a 'rod dashing' sound which gives you the pace to sit tight or to get ready for an ACTION.
---------the style of music is also been insired from QUENTIN TARANTINO movies-------

-> the chasing scene throughout the film in which SAMPATH runs should have been shot/taken in much more stylish mannar... anywayz 'not a big issue'

About the film...
-> The whole sequence of the film will take place in just a half day... but it is never been exaggerated...
-> Again the first scene of the film is a fantastic and it is an important scene like all Quentin Tarantino movies
Above all... there is no many cuts(censor)... Even that voice-dripping does't make you mis understand the word..but yes i got irritated due to that..

->padam,,,.. '''semma comedy machi'''... can laugh even after a week watchng the film...
->many scenes will make you clap/whistle/scream without hesitation for whom it is...
->Never Ever miss this kind of movie.especially it is first of its kind in INDIAN CINEMA.
->And lastly.. it will become a damn flop movie and never run at the BO..
½ August 25, 2011
Aaranya Kaandam, meaning 'Forest Chapter' in Ramayan, the famous Indian Myth. The story portrays a 24 hrs in which six characters get involved and how it gets finished. I appreciate the director's approach in making th movie. It was a fresh venture in Tamil Cinema. The cinematography, editing, background score and racy screenplay has given the boost for the movie all over. The way the scenes where Pasupathy (Sampath Raj) is being chased to be killed by opponent mafia gang members, the one in which Singamperumal (Jackie Sheroff) interrogates Kaalayan (Guru Somasundaram), and the scene in which Jackie plays nude and the big fight between two gangs are very novice ideas to portray characters on the screen. I admire the fresh thoughts of the debutant director Thiagarajan Kumararaja, for his gallant attempt!
June 12, 2011
I'm so in love with this flick at the moment....... the dialogues, the cinematography, the background music, the screenplay, the direction, the acting- everything almost flawless..... probably the best movi I've seen so far this year.... must watch
July 11, 2011
its out of the box ...esp in the tamil film industry...i felt like watching a hollywood gangster movie in the desi version
June 25, 2011
is way different from its peers, the usual south Indian films. Characters portrayed in this film reflect true human instincts. Background score seemed to augur well with the subject. Definitely inspired from Guy Ritchie's brand of films like lock stock and two smoking barrels, Rocknrolla, Revolver, etc. Warning: Parental Advisory: not just for explicit content but for abusive language :)
June 16, 2011

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said-‚When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on‚?. S P Charan seems to have hung on. It is apparent from the conviction he has showed in his latest offering- Aaranya Kaandam. Every human being has a breaking point. This man is special. The order from the CBFC to implement 52 cuts and the provision of an A certificate has not perturbed this singer turned producer. His uphill struggle and perseverance have paid off. The movie is exquisite. It will go down as a meritorious accomplishment in the history of Tamil cinema. The efforts of the entire team are worth mentioning, not to forget the writer director.

The early parts of the film are dawdling but to the viewer‚(TM)s delight, it is backed by swift paced screenplay up till the closing stages. Notwithstanding the fact that the story is chestnut, the narration is top-notch.

The aestheticization of violence is gilt-edged but a couple of moves have most certainly crossed the limit and are uncalled for. There are traces of Pulp Fiction but even an attempt at reprising the classic and a successful one in that deserves to be applauded. The sequence involving the cock fight has undeniably missed the editor‚(TM)s scissors, especially bearing in mind the rip roaring success of Aadukalam earlier this year. Repeated reference to this happening during the conversations between relevant parties does not help the director‚(TM)s cause.

The filmmaker‚(TM)s decision to part with songs is an extremely elegant move. The script does not necessitate romantic duets with lip sync. The film score comprises of plenty of well orchestrated musical pieces that embellish the well written narrative.

The comedy in the film is exceedingly murky but some of the one liner‚(TM)s are striking. A number of the artists have done justice to their role. Some of them hardly fit their character sketches. On the bright side, Sampath gets a meaty role to bring out his acting prowess.

A question may arise as to why unorthodox cinema is often based on mafia and the dark world. It stands to reason that there are no set patterns in an unrealistic world. There are no standard rules as to what has to be showcased on the silver screen much similar to Superman, Batman or for that matter the world famous Harry Potter. The creativity of the writer has no barriers. As we all know- ‚Revenge is a dish best served cold‚?. Consequently, the inclusion of violence becomes imperative. The drama may be alarming to the audience but in most cases the credibility of the happenings may not be questioned. The man wielding the megaphone has selected a well laid path.

It is not a question of whether violence has been included in a script or not. It is a question of how it has been filmed and the inventive methods used.

I recently read that‚? The most important part of a magic trick is the Prestige and it refers to the climactic surprise that seals a successful trick.‚? Kumaraja sure does seal the show on that premise

Bottomline: "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."- Dale Carnegie. Here is a classic example.
June 16, 2011
This film is a good attempt in Tamil film industry.
½ June 13, 2011
I usually don‚(TM)t write reviews, because I feel, the reviews of a film I have watched which are already available are true and I couldn‚(TM)t write better.

But this time, I‚(TM)ve decided to step it up and write a review because I feel, this movie deserves one and the reviews out there are good but very few indeed.

So, Aaranya Kaandam written and directed by first timer Thiagarajan Kumararaja and produced by S.P.Charan‚(TM)s Capital Film Works is an experimental gangster flick to say the least. But that‚(TM)s just the style of the film but to state the goodness of the film, I think it should be among the top films of the year because it keeps you entertained till the very end. For those who have been following this film from the time it won the grand Jury award at the South Asian Film Festival, you would know the difficulties this film had undergone pre-release. Frankly speaking, I was not surprised to see the vacant seats in the theater because this film is clearly for mature audience and lover of pure-cinema and not for the masses.

To start with the plot, it is a simple story about a gangster head Singaperrumal, played with class by yest year heartthrob, Jackie Shroff on a conflict which arises with his senior henchman, Pasupathy,once again played superbly by Sampath Raj on a dealing of cocaine and several other parallel tracks and motives. As the trailer correctly stated, it is about the decisions each of the six protagonists make and how it affects the plot.

There is no single-hero in this film, but if I were to select a hero, I would definitely give it to the superb script by the director. The director has avoided all cliches and given us a somewhat unpredictable film. The dialogue especially is very simplistic, at the same time realistic and humorous at times. The climax is hard hitting and definitely not expected.

I am not sure if You can call this film as a noir, but the lighting and camera suggests so. Commendable camera work by P.S.Vinod and editing by Praveen and Srikanth keeps the film‚(TM)s raciness and edginess to it.

One of the biggest advantages of the film is the music by the always dependable Yuvan Shankar Raja which has a Kill-Bill feel to it. Avoiding Ear impairing background and giving us a more mature score, Yuvan has not disappointed us and coping up for the lack of songs(i dint want them though).

This film has Tarantino written all over it. With the quirkiness, Dark tone and the parallel story lines, this film takes its time to unfold which is sort of an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. I had a lot of expectations for this film and I wasn‚(TM)t disappointed. Though it gets predictable at times, for the most part its ahead of you.

In the acting department, everyone has an important role to play and everyone has done a neat job with special mention to the son played by the Master Vasanth who has done his role without any hesitation.

In the words of my idol, I‚(TM)m going with 3 and a half out of five for Aaranya Kaandam. It is only for the mature audiences and it puts Tamil Cinema back on track at the global stage.

Rating: 3.5/5
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