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½ July 26, 2014
People liked this movie, soundtrack & even film went on to earn 100 crores. But TBH very very mushy kind of romance. Only good thing was acting & too some extent music. Not my kind of film.
June 21, 2013
well good performance by the cast sometimes it feels like they are overacting. the story is a bit boring. it is not to be watched again. but for the first time it makes a nice flick and what makes it a nice flick is that the protagonist dies at the end.still it is not of a high standard it deserved 2 stars but the songs make it go 3.somebody hacked my account and added a review on this movie earlier.please don't react to that.
October 12, 2013
Brilliant music, slick direction & powerful performance from the newcomers made this low budget film into a blockbuster!!
August 15, 2013
A truly powerful film about the struggles of a failing artist to both help the girl of his dreams and fight his inner demons. The ending is truly a shock and it is as much a heartbreaking film as it is a passionate romance. Definitely worth watching. 4/5 stars.
½ July 31, 2013
Depicts the true sacrificing nature of Indian women for their closed ones.......
½ July 30, 2013
Kind of a "walk the line" in bollywood style. Movie plays its cards on same game repeatedly but on the whole is a descent love story. The music is a great asset to to the film as are lead actors.
July 26, 2013
4.7, . A tragedy I liken to a book, which is a page turner but from which some of its pages are just 'absent' thereof leaving the audience to ween about what some unsaid things could be; notwithstanding, it feels like some of the pages of this book have been replete to let you finish it off eventually; the dialogues as well as some of the songs are heart wrenching despite there are some stuffs like who composed the songs for the male lead, or why did he took up alcohol, or why was only his father calling him: these maybe petty stuffs which I feel, if they were exposed or atleast briefly brushed, would have make it a finer movie.
½ July 24, 2013
songs are great. but movie story doesn't worth it
½ July 24, 2013
Acting was poor. Story was poor. The ending couldnt be any worse...
The whole movie was a disappointment and a waste of time....
The only solid thing was the eternal love between the lead actor and his drinking problem. :P
½ July 22, 2013
superb music....but nothing new about its romantic story..been there-seen it, a typical shahrukh kinda movie from the 90's...OVER-RATED!
July 5, 2013
excellent films......superb music
July 1, 2013
Aashiqui 2. For a person who only understands Hindi enough to fast forward the long conversations Preity Zinta has with Jaya Bachan in Kal Ho Na Ho and think "They exchanged feelings that are not crucial to the plot", I realized I could breeze through a movie like Aashiqui 2 (I did ask my friend what afsoos is, or is it mehsoos? No idea, man); It's a movie whose (or should it be which's?) plot outline was famously written in two crisp sentences by the scriptwriter, when he was high on weed and whose dialogue was written in an attempt to bring back the magic of the dutiful heroines the last of which we saw in Vivaah.I lied. I didn't watch Vivaah.

The hero. 5 minutes into the movie and I'm texting my friend like crazy saying the hero looks like a VJ on Channel V. She replies in the affirmative and I remember he was the guy who made fun of Loy ( of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy)'s hair. Just a playful question. Loy's a big boy. He wasn't hurt. To see, the guy whose name I didn't yet remember play a heartthrob of millions of Indian youngsters reminded me of how there are no Indian popstars anymore. Pst. Off into the pile of reasons to indulge in fast food : the demise of Indian pop music. So he has his Lindsay Lohan routine of celebrity meltdowns : crashes his car, partakes in gallons of liquor, losing fistfights with paparazzi and a very beefy extra who sneaked in a couple of lines, that was his lucky day!; somewhere down the line meets the - for the lack of a better word, ingenue, who is the heroine whose name I haven't googled yet. The meet-cute looks like it was translated/inspired from a foreign language rom-com since the script sounded wooden and splintered.

Long 30 minutes short and a few misunderstandings skipped, the hero gets the heroine an audition,grooms her to be a playback singer and now she's nominated for a filmfare award that she wins and delivers the longest acceptance speech we never hear, because the hero's at the bar having his epiphany through the extras philosophising over the merits of his relationship with her. Oh, did I mention, the hero's an alcoholic? (also referred to as his first love in the movie, I'm not lying).

The rest of the movie can be summarised as volleying back and forth the rehab situation which only Lindsay lohan could transform into tabloids and reality-tv show ideas, and boy do I have a few complaints.

Aditya or Aaditya, for someone who looks like Aaditya, sidebar: the guy to be unanimously nominated for the best hair in the industry or possibly India, watch out Priyanka, because the Sunsilk ad money's found its next abode; to not even visit nippletown is mind-boggling! The film-makers could learn a few lessons from Karan Johar's movie Student of the year, the movie mostly cited in the history of Bollywood as the one with the most winks by man nipples in one song.

The heroine, who frankly, looks like Parineeti chopra took some advice from her cousin and got that nose-job done after all, seems convincing without the regular single-stream tears, but the smearing of lachrymal secretions all over the cheeks, yet hair styled always in the best cute configurations sunrise to sundown. She is even disarming in some moments up until her final gut-wrenching monologue that every feminist should listen to while climaxing during sex to instantly attain menopause.

Do I have an issue? I dunno, do I sound like a man who's a sensitive dad?

The music is only sub-par. I don't care for it, not even if the guy in the heroine's band turned out to Pritam's kin just slugging it out in the business for an acting gig. Not entertaining, but then, you ask Shreya ghoshal to sing a song and she could be murdering your grandmother with insults, hyperboling in swear words, reading out Rakhi Sawant's quotes and we'd believe the world is alright and we're going to wake up to a great tomorrow, so there's that.

Should you watch the movie? I suggest sitting in the front row and a taking friend you can guess plot twists with, because they are more like plot lamp-posts, you always see one before you turn the corner. Also because, the probability of being asked by a very gracious and good-looking man to please hush is low.

All in all, I'm not as disappointed as I might sound, but I have good reason for that. The only other hindi movie I watched this year is 3G.
June 13, 2013
Aashiqui 2 wont fully disappoint(as per music is concerned) but the story get too monotonous after the interval and get boring later on. it aint a satisfying watch!
½ May 28, 2013
Interesting first half,boring second half.
You just don't care what happens to the characters later on,gets monotonous.
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