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May 5, 2012
it was different.. and it confused me at times lol but it was ok
April 3, 2012
What a rough film emotionaly and physicaly.
Drama so bold. You really feel the vunerability and sensativity in Brittany Murphys expressions. Still, her character was very strong to get through it all.

I think this is work she would be proud of.
½ March 2, 2012
Has to be the worst movie ever made in modern times. Britney Murphy looks totally drugged throughout the entire affair. Her makeup is overdone to make her look healthy. It was her last movie before her mysterious death and she looks under the influence.
The casting is poor made up of has been actors Dean Cain being the other notable desperado.
The script is intolerable, predictive and mono syallabic.
Britneys hair looks greasy at all times (not what you would expect of a high flying banker, which her character is meant to portray) Her make up especially her lipstick changes from pink, to purple, to ruby red from scene to scene not to mention the poor continuity where her earrings change colour and even disappear then reappear in several scenes. In the final scenes she is wearing a watch which she never had throughout the entire movie.
Its low budget and I'd be surprised if it cost more than $100,000 to make.
Really dissappointing fare and really sad to see Britney in such a shocking state.
The directors and producers should never have let this movie be made let alone released.
February 25, 2012
Suspenseful and Brittany Murphy did a great job.
February 14, 2012
Predictable from start to finish. As if you couldn't tell who was in on it from the first five minutes. Honestly I was distracted by how completely hideous her hair was all the way through. Was it supposed to look like a greasy wig? And what was wrong with her lips?
January 20, 2012
Honestly, I was suprised this was a direct to video film. OK, not one of the best i've ever seen, but it was a hell of a lot better than a lot of 'Hollywood' movies that have been out in the past 5 or so years.

Also, with a childhood crush on Dean 'Superman' Cain, I HAD to watch this!
January 19, 2012
Can you rate something as no stars? This film was truly atrocious. This weekend i saw my village panto, it was a british style thing, made up with villains in drag and local actors from our village. It was terrible...but it wasnt as bad as this! The story was like a high school film project and it looked like it was shot on my dads handycam from 1984. the only thing believable about it was that it was a work of fiction. So, so poor. If you pay money to watch it, ask for a refund as per the sale of goods act, this merchandise was not fit for purpose!
January 14, 2012
More pish. No wonder this went straight to DVD.
½ January 13, 2012
A poor predictable film, Brittany Murphy should have known better.
December 8, 2010
Predictable from start to finish. As if you couldn't tell who was in on it from the first five minutes. Honestly I was distracted by how completely hideous her hair was all the way through. Was it supposed to look like a greasy wig? And what was wrong with her lips?
December 31, 2011
I felt like I'd watched this before, I hadn't but it's not exactly an original plot and I have seen very similar. It's a shame that her last film was a bit forgettable, not much of an impact and overall disappointing.
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½ September 1, 2011
I liked Brittany Murphy that's why I watched this even though it is an underrated movie.
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December 6, 2011
Brittany Murphy's last movie before she sadly passed away... at the ending it was dedicated to her. The movie itself though wasn't very good. The storyline sucked, and i only think i watched it the whole way through cause i was a fan of Brittany Murphy. She was the best actress/actor in this and it's kind of a shame that her final movie wasn't a decent one....
Overall not worth watching unless you're a fan of Brittany Murphy and want to see her final movie.
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September 26, 2011
I enjoyed this one. Especially the first 45 minutes, then it got a little too strange. Now knowing that it was Brittany Murphany's last movie, I thought it was a pretty successful last film. There were some goods twists in here, too!
½ September 3, 2011
Pretty crappy...too bad it was Brittany Murphy's last movie...not good acting by Dean Cain and others as well as a pretty lousy script.
August 13, 2011
Brittany Murphy stars as Mary, a high-powered career woman who brings her new boyfriend (Dean Cain) to the hospital for minor outpatient surgery. But when she returns later to pick him up, he has mysteriously vanished. The police can't help her. Her friends - who have never met him - don't believe her. Is the hospital administrator (Mimi Rogers) involved in a creepy cover-up? Could Mary's increasingly frantic state be connected to her previous psychiatric issues? Is it possible her boyfriend doesn't exist at all?
Now Mary is about to discover the shocking truth...and her nightmare has only just begun.

also stars Peter Bogdanovich, Jay Pickett, Tim Thomerson, Scott Leet and America Young.

directed by Michael Feifer.
August 16, 2011
like a poorly made tv movie of the week.
August 2, 2011
I liked it, but wouldn't recommend it! At the end, it seems she really got out of character. And, let's be real... a PERFECT boyfriend?? He MUST be up to something!
½ August 2, 2011
Let's give it to Britanny Murphy. She at least left us something to remember her with that doesn't sound like the Moonriver.
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