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½ March 14, 2012
Adam Sandler's "Eight Crazy Night's" is about as funny as watching a lame television late-night cartoon, it has a dumb story and lines that really are not very funny. The end of the film is the best, when they turn the conclusion into a dance number, but that is not saying much. All this film is, is a bunch of sloppily put together scenes to make it's audience feel good about themselves once the characters accomplish their goals, but if I'm being honest, I found it hard to comply with these characters, due to the fact that I didn't know which side of them to look at. "Eight Crazy Night's" is stupid, unfunny, and has a terrible premise, but in the end, I can say that the voice acting was pretty good, and I had a bit of fun.
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July 19, 2011
Jennifer: Thanks for sharing the Holiday spirit, psycho. 

"The Ultimate Battle Between Naughty And Nice."

Eight Crazy Nights is another ripoff of the Scrooge/Grinch character, where a guy who hates the holidays and lives to ruin them for others ultimately has a change of heart. This movie is excruciating to watch even though it clocks in at a measly 75 minutes. By the end, you'll be glad that it was no longer. To say everything that is bad about the movie in one little review would be hard, so I'll just hit the big ones. 

Adam Sandler does his routine animation style in this one. He wastes no time in getting to the fart and crap jokes, and they just keep on flying at us throughout. He also voices three characters, one being in his normal voice and the other two being a brother-sister combo that he uses the most annoying voices ever for. I'm guessing that he thinks it is funny to just sound as annoying as possible. Well I for one wasn't laughing. In fact, I don't think I laughed once throughout this whole piece of shit.

Then there are the lame songs. Horribly written and horribly performed, the Christmas duds are sure to give you a case of nausea. Then at times he adds, the annoying voices into the songs and holy shit... you just want to die. I'd take just about any Christmas film over this one, aside from those crappy Hallmark, Lifetime, ABC Family films that are shown every year.

The worst thing about this movie just might be that it was made the same year that Sandler did Punch Drunk Love. So when he got done with his one great movie, he turned around and probably did his worst(aside from Going Overboard,  but no one has seen that, so it doesn't matter). Do yourself a favor and re-watch other Holiday films and don't give this a chance. Sandler fan or not, this is unwatchable.
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½ August 18, 2011
This movie was so terrible I wanted to throw up, and not the throw up where you go to the fair and get hopped up on pocorn and then throw up a ride, I mean throw up where this movie sucks.
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January 2, 2010
A bit funny, gross, emotional.
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½ December 9, 2009
It's great to see a holiday film that represents Hanukkah. It's a shame that it had to be a charmless, disgusting, vulgar film such as this. I have no problem with immature toilet humour, but when it's used as the anchor of a film, then there are serious problems. I appreciate Sandler attempting to push the boundaries, but this film is very much a kids film, with swearwords and inappropriate jokes. There's something about a film trying to be cute and crass at the same time that is very unappealing. For instance, the laugh riot scene where an old man has a seizure, or perhaps the part where a herd of deer just defecate everywhere. The songs are very poor and I'm sure the jokes have all been used in Sandler's live action stuff. It's also very annoying to hear Sandler do more than one voice, as each voice is just a higher or lower version of his own. It's a weird film, but not one that can be recommended.
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½ May 17, 2008
I feel a little guilty liking this movie..but some of it was just so funny.

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July 25, 2007
I love Sandler and I really tried to make it through this movie, but the voices were so annoying...I just could not do it!
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½ July 5, 2007
Hilarious, you gotta love Adam Sandler.
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June 23, 2007
They gave Adam Sandler the license to make this boring comedy, which reminded me of a "King of the Hill" stretched to movie length. It might be the first animated comedy without any fantasy elements.
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½ January 23, 2007
pretty funny, vulgar but not in an inappropriate way
Nate Z.
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February 24, 2006
[font=Arial][color=darkred]More like 71 tortorous never-ending, life-sucking minutes.[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]Nate's Grade: D-[/color][/font]
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½ December 2, 2011
This was just bad
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½ October 12, 2010
Lame, disgusting and nauseating to watch, 'Eight Crazy Nights' is Christmas coal.
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April 30, 2011
this beats any simpsons episode by a longshot! adam's first animtated comedy, and it's as hillarious and craziest as it said it would be! A+
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½ April 10, 2007
I Did enjoy this film and Own it. Odd enough I thought it was poignantly over bearring, yet Once I understood He did alot of the voices, and what It was actual meaning, and saying, I realzed what the effect it had on me was.
"Despite all of our Differences, we all deserve the Respect we give in Return".
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December 21, 2012
Oh Gosh, I don't know where to begin... It's bad, the potty humour was offensive, it's basically a blasphemy of Christmas and Hanukkah.
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March 8, 2006
So bad...I didn't laugh once.
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½ December 23, 2007
Genuinely funny animated Xmas/Hannukah movie with a nice, not too sappy, moral story.
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June 8, 2007
Funny for anyone under 11.
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April 13, 2007
Definately a Chrissy movie but I loved it.
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