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"The Adjustment Bureau" is a smart and good movie that could have been a great one if it had a little more daring.

March 4, 2011 Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Comments (9)
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Maria P.

Maria Pompeo

Dear Roger,

I am a fan of you and your thoughts on films and cinema. But with this review, I feel that you haven't watched the film properly.

1. (this is a little minor) but its David Norris not David Morris.
2. The film explained why both David and Elise met in the was meant to be a one off meet so she could inspire him for the speech
3. my above statement outlined in point two makes your comment about the two characters meeting the second time obsolete.

I too enjoyed the film, and agree that it could of afforded to be a bit more daring.

Mar 6 - 03:02 PM

Kiarash N.

Kiarash Novinshoar

Why does an agency that runs the whole planet through some sort of crazy, unexplained black magic need to devote almost its entire force over several years just to cockblock one dude? Believe me, I WANTED to like this movie--I really did. I'd been looking forward to it, was intrigued by what little I knew of the premise, and thought the trailer looked great, so I regret having to trash it on the internet but c'mon Roger you have to admit that despite its fascinating premise and likable characters, the film quickly (and I mean, within the first 5 minutes) spoils its potential by dissolving into unfocused, muddled silliness. We never learn the rules of this strange world, we never understand the importance of what is happening, and what's worse is by the end we don't really even care to keep thinking about it. Why? Because the makers of the film didn't seem to think about it much either. There's no use trying to look for any deeper meaning in the story because there is none. I know you like Matt Damon and who doesn't? I happily admit the film is girded by stellar performances by Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, whose charm is genuine and seductive and I give them credit for valiantly attempting to carry the film as well as committing themselves fully to the script and to one another. So, yes, their chemistry is beyond palpable--unfortunately, I still struggled to suspend my disbelief, and normally enjoy that suspension if it pays off somehow--but it just didn't. This is not their fault--In fact, they seem to be the only people in the whole movie who even believe what's going on. The script,on the other hand, is very much to blame. You've seen a lot of movies, Roger, don't you think this film feels rushed, aimless, or just plain half-baked? You've studies a lot of directors, and I know this guy is a rookie but that fact clearly shows, don't you think? I mean, there's a vision in there somewhere but it feels so incomplete; it lacks conviction, depth and nuance. And, in my humble opinion, no amount of great performances or fancy camerawork can make up for that. And from a technical standpoint,I can't imagine what could have impressed you. Despite some intermittently clever cinematography, the editing and sound are remarkably boring. The Bureau, named appropriately enough, is laughably incompetent and surprisingly ineffective for a bunch of super-humans that run the world. I mean, seriously, they just plain suck at their jobs. Roger, you are one of the only mainstream critics I've ever liked and, furthermore, have been proud to like, but you know better than this, man!

Mar 7 - 12:44 AM

Charlie T.

Charlie Tyrganst

I haven't seen this film yet...but the rift that it is causing among people makes me very excited!

Mar 7 - 09:58 AM


In Your Dreams

Agreed... All of the controversy by riled-up Christians / Fundy Existentialists makes me want to give it my money all the more. Just look at the idiot above you. Obviously never heard of science-fiction, or the countless films that Adjustment Bureau is inspired by, which require certain assumptions and preconceptions about the genre to fully appreciate. It seems when some people are challenged by a film's themes, they choose to lash out and criticize it the only way they know how: by watching it at face value. Cute.

Mar 8 - 12:23 PM


Joel Goffin

especially you... w@velength, wow

Apr 12 - 09:48 PM


Joel Goffin

yeah you're gay charlie t.

Apr 12 - 09:44 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

This comment is way too long. :P

Sep 4 - 10:37 PM

Michael Karnesis

Michael Karnesis


Oct 9 - 02:51 AM


Joel Goffin

you truly are a worthless critic, ebert

Apr 12 - 09:17 PM

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