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July 20, 2013
This clumsy, self-indulgent film veers from comedy to tragedy and is told in flashbacks, with treacly diary entries and unconvincing 'testimonies' from friends providing a window into the past.
October 1, 2011
w000w nice ? am voted :)) adult
October 2, 2009
dored: Diary of a Porn Star (2004) Poco pi di un anno fa. you've got to have some major cojones in order to write, direct, and then put yourself in the lead role of a film about a fictional gay porn actor popular enough to garner a standing ovation for kicking a soccer ball at the Gay Olympics and a live breaking news report upon his suicide. Lousy title Good film. I don't watch a lot of gay movies and am not sure how I ended up with this one at the top of my queue. howwever its not a bad filme. In fact its much better than most of the professional critics rate it. Its not a family film and people who might be offended by Rikki's manner of earning a living should avoid this one. The film is well shot an produced great cinematography. Set in the south of France, Riki Kandinski and his elder brother Fredrico, come back to their family castle for their father's funeral. They haven't seen each other in a long time and Fredrico knows nothing about his younger brother, but he notices that he is making big money and living in luxury all for a few days work a week. By pure chance, Fredrico gets his hands on a gay porn magazine and sees his brother in it. According to Riki, he's had more than six hundred men and only four women. The brothers who grew up apart will have to get to know another again but both their lives change drastically when they witness a woman's death in a car crash. In 2014, a film crew contacts Federico Soldani, asking help telling the story of his younger brother, 1990's gay porn star Riki Kandinski. Riki's diary takes the story back to 1999, when their father died and Federico, knowing nothing, determines to learn about Riki's life in Rome. Over 18 months, Federico faces Riki's sexual orientation and his work, meets Riki's friends, explores their world, and reconnects with his own young son and the boy's mother. Riki, too, grows through friendship with Federico, reaching out more as an older brother than as a father to a young boy whose mother dies in an accident they witness. That way lies heartache, and 14 years' later, a resolution. this film is 100% better than all the gay films I have seen (and that is not many) 3 or 4 stars
½ August 24, 2007
Very narcissistic film from dierector/star Marco Filiberti. He is so enamored with himself and looks, it is very distracting. He really isn't that handsome, those plucked eyebrows have to go! Unimpressive.
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