The Rock Up For Two Roles in Shazam!

And we'd still prefer Fred MacMurray in the role.

Captain Marvel is still headed to the big screen -- and when he gets there, he may have an artfully raised eyebrow to go with that lightning bolt on his chest.

We reported back in May that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was rumored to be up for the lead role in Peter Segal's Shazam!, the John August-scripted adaptation of the venerable DC Comics character.

At the time, reaction to the rumor from the RT faithful seemed to waver between confusion and alarm, so it'll be interesting to see how everyone is handling yesterday's Shazam! update from IGN Movies (via MTV Movies). According to The Rock, he's still interested in donning red tights and a cape -- but if that falls through, he's actually up for another role in the production. From the article:

"Shazam, of course, I would love to play. They approached me about [Captain Marvel] and [villain] Black Adam as well...we've been meeting for months. We're toying with either one. I think it's up to the fans. Without question. I think it's up to the fans, very specifically because they are passionate about the comic book, about the history and mythology [of the character]. They will be very vocal."

Though we've never met anyone who claimed to be passionate about Captain Marvel, there's certainly no doubt that the fans will be very vocal. Starting

Source: IGN Movies



David Jones

If a movie helps get the 70s live action show on DVD that much faster I dont care who they have in the role

Sep 25 - 05:42 AM


jorge silva

OK, isn't Captain Marvel too .... white for The Rock???

as for the Black Adam roll, that's interesting.

Sep 25 - 05:43 AM


Ron Burgundy

I'm not sure I care about race when it comes to casting. The Rock, being multi-racial, can straddle all sorts of roles. Most of the heroes of yesteryear are white anyway because the writers and artists were primarily white to begin with. I'd like to see a few franchises liven things up by casting an actor of a different race. That being said, I'm not sure on the Capt Marvel story but didn't it have to do with a skinny teenager saying SHAZAM and then turning into a superhero? I suppose it could work, and be kind of a superhero Nutty Professor, if you get the casting of the kid correct. Of course, he would kind of need to match The Rock in appearance and the only actor I can think of is Rob Schneider. Gee, there's a horrifying idea. He's not a teenager, but it could be funny. Imagine Marvel's powers coming out at inappropriate moments, like his arm suddenly becoming muscular, etc. I, for one, hope they film this as a comedy.

Sep 25 - 06:35 AM

Sora Freak

Allen K

The Rock for Black Adam

Sep 25 - 06:59 AM


Jeremiah Rancourt

I'm up for it. Bring on the Rock as Captain Marvel.

Sep 25 - 07:01 AM


Brian Jarchow

i think the rock would be a good choice for black adam. better than him playing captain marvel.

Sep 25 - 07:09 AM


Zachary Miller

Ive loved comics since I was a little kid and Captain Marvel has always been one of my favorites. I hope they go in a different direction for Shazam! The Rock has never made a good movie and cant act his way out of a paper bag. I want this movie done the right way think Spiderman and Batman Begins not Ghost Rider!

Sep 25 - 07:11 AM


lance berry

The Rock might actually be a good choice for Captain Marvel, but definitely better for Black Adam, which I hadn't even considered before. I don't know why people are so keen to see this movie as a comedy. Yes, Captain Marvel is a Superman ripoff, but as demonstrated in Alex Ross & Mark Waid's KINGDOM COME, the character can be handled right if treated with respect for the source material. I say, treat the movie as a somewhat light-hearted adventure film, but keep it serious(a la the 40's serial) and it will work!

Sep 25 - 08:23 AM

Dark Knight jr.

Kae LaFond

The Rock would be perfect for Black Adam. He actually has the facial features and body structure nailed down. Now for him playin' Captain MARVEL, I'm not sure. He could probably pull it off, but I'd still much rather see him in Black Adam's attire. Man, that would be tight. I'ma cross my fingers.

Sep 25 - 09:27 AM


mc mc

Make it happen!

Sep 25 - 09:34 AM


joe shmo

can't they get Shaq for captain marvel? in case anyone missed it, he was transcendent as Kazaam. If he can do Ka, he can do Sha. I just realized, his name is practically in the title already! Forget race, cast the diesel. I know, I know, his whole fixation with superman creates a conflict of interest, but he's never getting that part - oh crap, justice league still needs supes, doesn't it? maybe i spoke too soon.

Sep 25 - 09:58 AM


Patrick Nycz

Rock isn't MARVELous.

Sep 25 - 10:34 AM


Tejas Padekar

Black Adam seems like the kind of character whose darkness could probably be better represented by The Rock... if he leaves out all the cheesy behavior and delivery, that is! ;-)

As for Captain Marvel...? lol... There are gonna have to be 2 people playing Captain Marvel though... A kid as Billy Batson and some grown-up, muscled, convincing Big, Red Cheese! ;-)

Sep 25 - 11:28 AM


Jane Holt

I'm gonna have to go with the minority here and say that I would rather see The Rock as Captain Marvel. The actor looks too...ingenuous to play Black Adam.

Sep 25 - 02:36 PM


Dean Peteet

They could get that kid who plays Micha from "Heroes" to play Billy Batson that could work right?

Sep 25 - 04:54 PM


damv bat

hummmm yes the rock as black adam

Sep 25 - 04:55 PM


peter liu

Rock in a comic movie. Wos. I guess it is time for razzies.

Sep 25 - 05:11 PM


Alec G

Black Adam... hm... Maybe.

Then again, I hate Captain Marvel (but for some reason love Black Adam), so this is kind of good news.

As much as DC knows its way around movies more than Marvel does, it would be nice to see them fall flat on their face in a Fantastic Four-esque way.

Sep 25 - 07:10 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

ManofStee1, i too love the black adam character as well much

more than the captain. don't know why but he's definitely one of the better comic

bok villians of today. sorta reminds of a dc version of magneto but hey thats just

me. still, even though the rock looks almost frighteningly similar to the dark

pharoah, i wonder is his acting good enough. but hey maybe they would do a mummy

two thing with this movie. and hey, poor ol Brendon fraiser needs work right?

give him the role of the big red cheese, i say! So before any of you rip me to

shreads, think about it? Do any of you have a better suggestion? Think about billy is

really just a kid in a superman like body and if you think clark kent is a boyscout

well then you have never met billy batson. they even discussed this in the critically

proclaimed justice league unlimited show, where Bruce timm and co. showed a pretty

good interpretation of the captain marvel. He's an innocent, naive and all round

good guy... oh wait thats george of the jungle! but, hey even though he's mainly

known for bad & good comedy fims, fraiser proved just recently in "Crash" that he

can still really act. trust me, just tell him to hold the full crazy bendon out and

you'll get one hell of a nice guy superhero that everyone will like. just my opinion

but hey i like it and don't forget if there actually interested in bringing the rock

in for a major role in the film, don't think this movie will be that high quality to

begin with. so please no insults for fraiser in that respect. i would only hope

that this could be dc's first fun, non-serious superhero flick(superman, batman) and

honestly if done well it could be done. and it would be a first for that type of film

because marvel has completely buthchered their characters on that concept. but

wouldn't that be sweet if dc could finnally succeed in one try in this film what marvel

has tried and failed about half dozen or so times. also, manofstee1, please no hatin

on dc:( how do you think they feel seeing alltime garbage films like fantastic four and

ghost rider out performing their solid comic book adaptations. they have suffered

enough and hopefully the tide is turning to the guys at dc. also, no hate for marvel

but just how the majority of their fims ruins many of our favorite superheroes with

their dreadful adaptations.

Sep 26 - 01:29 AM


Justin Montello

couch tomato I kind of agree with you man I always thought Brendan Fraser would have made a good Superman cause he's a good enough actor to be all Super but also dorky enough to play Clark Kent so yeah tell him to hit the gym hella hard and dye his hair call it a day. The Rock is a good actor I don't care what anyone says he can play that total bad@$$ but has good comedic timing (did anyone see him as the gay security dude in BE Cool) that movie sucked but The Rock was hilarious.....I don't know i'll prolly get torn up for that but Black Adam rules and I think Mr. Dwayne "the Rock: Johnson could do it

Sep 26 - 11:13 AM

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