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Adventures of Johnny Tao Reviews

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Super Reviewer

January 17, 2008
Above average martial arts between the good one against the demon and his armies as well as this film looked a bit ridiculous.
Brody M

Super Reviewer

April 11, 2011
I tried and tried to sit through the whole thing & almost made it but I just could not do it.I was hoping this movie would suprise me & be as good as some of the other low budget action flicks I've been watching lately but I can't even remember what I just watched
January 14, 2009
A triple cheese sandwich with some really outstanding martial arts sequences for such a low budget movie. It's also pretty entertaining.
August 19, 2008
Yes it was corny , Yes it looked fake , but I liked it. The combat scences were off the chain and the charcters were like something out of a comic book.
July 25, 2008
Pretty good action, but for this kind of movie. The movie was really cheesy, but it was family-friendly so I guess they could get away with it somewhat. I was impressed with the fight choreography which was the highlight of the movie. Unless you're gonna watch a movie like TMNT or 3 Ninjas along with then you may not like it. lol
James T.
October 9, 2009
The script was good, it looked good but the something was lost in editing.
Justin S.
December 3, 2008
Well I was suffering from a bout of insomnia the last two days, The Adventures of Johnny Tao cured that right away. Halfway through the flick my boyfriend walked into find me fast asleep on the couch.

In all fairness to the film it would be good for the lower aged crowd, Power Rangers styled martial arts without any gore. So the film might be more tolerated by kids. Adults though should stay as far away as possible unless they are in desperate need of sleep.
October 22, 2008
wow, what a bad movie with a really bad story line and lots of poor acting. the film opened up with some awesome traditional hongkong style martial arts and quickly sizzled 900 years later. for those that have watched this film knows what i'm referring to and will agree that this movie is a bust. I'd give it a 0 but I gave it a 10 because Chris Yen is super hot in this movie.
July 7, 2008
When his best friend Eddie (Mullins) is possessed by a demon who is turning the citizens of the small desert town of Dry Springs into zombies, gas station attendent and would-be Kung Fu master Johnny Dow (Twining) teams up with a gorgeous demon hunter named Mika (Yen), a bumbling sherif's deputy (Perine) and his girl friend and town council candidate (Parker) to save the day. But how far can ancient mysticism and all the moves Johnny's learned from a lifetime of watching Kung Fu movies carry our heroes once the demon steals the guitar Johnny's father built around the spear that's the only thing that can kill him?

"The Adventures of Johnny Tao" is an excellent action/horror flick in the spirit of the B-movies of the 1930s and 1940s--complete with bumbling cops, tough hoods, sinister secrets from the Orient that threaten to destroy us all, and a Little Guy as the hero-- which is crossed with a traditional Kung Fu tale storyline and infused with very modern American humor and pacing.

This is an all-around high-quality low-budget fantasy/adventure film that's better than most of the original movies you might catch on the Sci-Fi Channel or many of the direct-to-DVD indie films on the store shelves. The script is is tighter, the acting is better, the camera-work and set design is generally more creative... it's just good movie. In fact, with a more experienced crew and a few thousand dollars more worth of budget, this film could easily measure up against some of the recent big screen releases.

The staging of the various key battles of the demon and his minions were particuarly impressive. The fight between the demon and the butt-kicking, motorcycle riding demon hunter played by Yen was very suspenseful and its climax startling, while the final battle between Johnny and demon at the fortune cookie factory was very cool visually--with thousands of scraps of papers containing fortunes swirling in the air around them while they fight.

This is not to say the film is perfect. While the filmmakers definately have every dollar showing on the screen, there are some rough spots that I think can attributed to budget constraints, and perhaps inexperience on the part of crew members.

As impressive as the fight scenes are, they still feel choreographed in many instances; this is particuarly true of the fight that introduces us to Mika. The fight could have used some "undercranking" and other standard film-tricks to make it more fantastic. Then there's the fight where Johnny takes on a zombie with a shopping cart... it's a Jackie Chan "homage", but its too slow-moving and it once again feels overly choreographed and staged.

There are also some odd costuming choices that jarred me out of the film, like the local smalltown thug who walks around in a viking helmet.

However, the negative stuff aside, I have to say that the sound editing in this film is up to the highest levels of profesional standards. The foley artists here (led by Darwin Clarke and Tony Kucenski) did a FANTASTIC job. I can't count the number of low-budget films that don't pay enough attention to the power of sound. A fight scene falls flat and seems exactly like what it is--a couple of guys playing make-believe--if the exaggerated "thwaks" and sounds of things breaking aren't put in in post-production. A suspenseful moment is ruined if the right ambient sounds aren't heard. All hail the director of "Johnny Tao" and his sound department, because they did a MASTERFUL job on this frequently underappreciated element of filmmaking!

The Adventures of Johnny Tao (aka "Rock Around the Dragon")
Starring: Matthew Twining, Matt Mullins, Chris Yen, Kelly Perine, and Lindsay Parker
Director: Kenn Scott
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