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Aftershock (2013)


Average Rating: 4.6/10
Reviews Counted: 49
Fresh: 17
Rotten: 32

Critics Consensus: Aftershock hints at an inventive twist on horror tropes, but ultimately settles for another round of mind-numbing depravity that may alternately bore and revolt all but the most ardent gore enthusiasts.

Average Rating: 4.1/10
Reviews Counted: 18
Fresh: 4
Rotten: 14

Critics Consensus: Aftershock hints at an inventive twist on horror tropes, but ultimately settles for another round of mind-numbing depravity that may alternately bore and revolt all but the most ardent gore enthusiasts.


Average Rating: 2.5/5
User Ratings: 6,767


Movie Info

What happens to a group of travelers who are in an underground nightclub in Chile when a massive earthquake hits? Hint: Nothing good!

R (for strong bloody violence including rape, language, drug content and some nudity)
Mystery & Suspense , Horror
Directed By:
Written By:
Eli Roth , Nicolás López
In Theaters:
Aug 6, 2013
Box Office:
The Weinstein Company - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Aftershock

All Critics (50) | Top Critics (19) | Fresh (17) | Rotten (32)

This Dimension pickup is a hectic, sometimes hilarious guilty pleasure that should delight genre geeks.

Full Review… | May 15, 2013
Top Critic

Was Aftershock just an elaborate ruse by writer-producer-star Eli Roth to justify an extended vacation to Chile?

Full Review… | May 13, 2013
New York Magazine/Vulture
Top Critic

Is no continent safe from the blood-drenched paws of filmmaker Eli Roth?

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

Aftershock's best attribute is the disregard it shows for the safety of its central "heroes" who perish in brutal and generally unexpected ways.

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
Hollywood Reporter
Top Critic

"Aftershock" is ultimately predictable in its litany of who lives and who dies, and doesn't try to be too ironic or self-reflexive about it.

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
Boston Globe
Top Critic

On the seismic scale of entertainment, "Aftershock" registers a 1.5.

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
Newark Star-Ledger
Top Critic

With a nihilistic ending tacked on because hopelessness is seemingly cool, cheap special effects, clunky dialogue, a bizarre ten-second cameo from Selena Gomez, and some genuinely mediocre filmmaking, Aftershock is too amateurish to be truly awful.

Full Review… | November 25, 2013

It's just one gigantic waste of time.

Full Review… | November 21, 2013
Cinema Crazed

a fumbled and misguided mess that not even the infamous Harvey Weinstein could snake-oil pitch.

Full Review… | October 30, 2013
What Culture

Very, very ordinary.

Full Review… | August 15, 2013
Little White Lies

It gleefully chops its cast down in increasingly alarming and brutal ways.

Full Review… | August 12, 2013
Total Film

It feels like overeager tourists playing make believe on the old Earthquake attraction at Universal Studios. The parts that work better are intentionally played for laughs.

Full Review… | August 9, 2013
Kansas City Star

The cosmopolitan cast never develops much chemistry, and the script settles into a predictable pattern of gory mayhem.

Full Review… | June 12, 2013

You just might find yourself rooting for the earthquake to win out in the end.

Full Review… | May 12, 2013

Ultimately, Aftershock ends up having the nihilistic outlook of Funny Games with the charming international optimism of Hostel.

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
7M Pictures

If you're in the midst of such a massive quake, with destruction everywhere, the last thing you should be doing is worrying about escaped murderer-rapist prisoners.

Full Review… | May 10, 2013

If 'The Impossible' was a disaster film for the arthouse, 'Aftershock' is strictly grindhouse. It delivers the nasty goods.

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

Aftershock Is Like Piranha 3D Meets The Impossible

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
The Playlist

You can only listen to so much screaming and crying before it stops having the desired effect (ratcheting up the viewer's stress level) and simply becomes grating.

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
Hollywood & Fine

Supposed to be a subversive hybrid of disaster movies and gory horror, but it's uncertain where the two actually meet.

Full Review… | May 10, 2013
Common Sense Media

Audience Reviews for Aftershock

Aftershock is garbage. It not only takes a while to get going, but once the earthquake hits, debauchery and mayhem of the most ridiculous kind ensues. While there is certainly the element that humans devolve into savages in response to a crisis, everything here is executed in the most heavy-handed, simple-minded, and uninteresting way possible.

Edward Boxler

Super Reviewer

Eli Roth's "Aftershock" should have been a frightening cinematic experience since I do live in earthquake country. But after forty minutes of needless setup, scene after scene of sequences which mimic those outrageously low budget SyFy Channel movies shown at two in the morning, and the fact that my suspicions of this films watchability were already high considering it was only produced (not directed) by Roth, it soon became clear that "Aftershock" was built on a foundation which literally fell apart at the seams.
Synopsis: A group of "young people" who seek an adventure (lead by non-actor Eli Roth himself) attempt to find it in a country outside of the United States. And then bad stuff happens. Does this plot sound like "Hostel" yet? Well, it is sort of "Hostel", in Chile, if the sadistic killers had been replaced by a natural disaster.
The problem with this film comes down to the simple fact that the duration of an earthquake is only a few seconds long. So, after said phenomenon occurs, the movie doesn't seem to know what to do with itself, as if Roth and friends hadn't come prepared with any other plot development which could sustain a feature length film. So, aside from a few smirk inducing social network jokes, an extremely short back and forth between Roth and one Selena Gomez and some minor suspenseful situations in the final 30 minutes, "Aftershock" is a generic and somewhat boring horror endeavor.
Final Thought: The ending is actually the best part of this movie, and I'm not even being sarcastic. The final twist used by writer/director Nicolas Lopez is pretty clever. But what one has to wade through to get to this finale is not at all worth the time. Besides, at the end of the day, "Aftershock" is a film where the faster you realize the kind of low grade production it is, the faster you may want to turn it off (or walk out).

Written by Markus Robinson, Edited by Nicole I. Ashland

Follow me on Twitter @moviesmarkus

Markus Emilio Robinson
Markus Robinson

Super Reviewer

Aftershock is a mediocre survival horror film that had the potential of being so much better. The film's biggest problem is that it is a film that has a poor cast of actor who are quite bland in their parts. The dialogue is also pretty bad and despite its interesting idea, fails to truly entertain due to an underdeveloped script that just doesn't have anything worthwhile to thrill the viewer in a manner that will keep him on the edge of his seat. This is a predictable affair that has many problems with trying to create a convenient and memorable horror disaster film. But the result is a mess of a picture leaves a lot to be desired. This film could have been great, but Eli Roth is not that great of an actor, I mean he was great in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds because he really was the Bear Jew and the part suited him, but in other roles, he just doesn't shine, and is wasted on-screen. Just because he produced the film doesn't mean he should have convinced himself he could act, because he can't. He is a decent horror producer and director, and he should stick to that. However here, he scores his first misfire in a while, after Hostel II of course. If you're expecting a great film, you'll sadly be disappointed as this one just doesn't deliver on its concept. I thought it mediocre to poor, and left a lot to be desired. If the script would have been rewritten a few times, and its idea more thought out, then I think Aftershock could have been a memorable and entertaining addition to the horror genre. This is not a film that is worth checking out, and most of time, it's laughable, when it's not supposed to be. For a survival horror film, this one misses the mark, and it shouldn't have because it had the potential of being a great film that stood out.

Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski

Super Reviewer


The last 10 years, Eli Roth has kind of been the main "go to" guy for horror movies. If his name is attached, it usually means it's going to be gorey, borderline realistic, and generally above average. "Cabin Fever" and the first "Hostel" are both terrific horror movies, and now "Aftershock"(he's just the producer and star actor) is probably the best one his name is on yet. I'm not his biggest fan, but there are so many horror movies that are bad these days, that his tend to stand out above the pack. The basic premise is a group of people are down in Chile partying when a massive earthquake strikes. When crap hits the fan, people tend to go crazy, and this group of people end up on the wrong side of Chile. From there you get rape, torture, crazy death scenes, and a fantastic ending(the last shot of this movie is awesome). This isn't for the faint of heart, and only the hardest of hardcore horror fans will probably like this. Some of it goes too far, but I gotta say, it was good seeing a horror movie that has some balls and doesn't hold back for the PG-13 crowd. This isn't the best horror movie I've seen this year(that would go to the "Evil Dead" remake), but it's very much worth watching. If you like Eli Roth, you'll enjoy it. If you don't like Eli Roth, well, you'll still enjoy it by what happens to his character, but you'll have your eyes closed through most of the movie.

Everett Johnson
Everett Johnson

Super Reviewer

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