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April 19, 2015
Even if you like these actors then that's still not a good enough reason to see this movie.
April 3, 2015
A stellar cast and a rocking soundtrack can make the movie right? Wrong. "Airheads" screenplay is a sloppy mess. The main plot is a desperate band wants to be heard on the local radio station to hopefully give them their big break and they inadvertently turn it into a hostage situation. The plot could work but we're rushed into the hostage situation so fast that we really don't get a feel for many of our "heroes". Then when we are in the hostage situation the same morals and setups are done so many times it feels longer than it should be. You're best off staying away from this one and just rocking to the soundtrack instead.
½ February 28, 2015
"Airheads" is exactly what you expect. Just picture Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler, and Steve Buscemi as a group of unintelligent-nineties-surfer-loser musicians who are trying to get their demo played on the radio. Yep, that's "Airheads." I guess that the movie is okay for what it is, but when you compare the almost high-brow stupid humor in "Billy Madison" to this script, it's just another bad Adam Sandler movie. The film definitely gets bonus points for including Chris Farley and the studio hijacking plot works fairly well, but there comes a point where it's clear that the writers were just trying to find a way to resolve the conflict. Maybe people were really digging this movie during the prime of Sandler's Saturday Night Live Career, but after movies like "Happy Gilmore" and "The Wedding Singer," this one just feels like a weak stepping stone on his way to comic gold.
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February 2, 2015
"Put your heads up against the speakers, and blow your brains out!" A high-energy goofball comedy, Airheads is entertaining and full of laughs. Desperate to get a record contract, three wannabe rockers take a radio station hostage in order to get their demo played. Featuring Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Joe Mantegna, and Michael Richards, the cast is quite impressive. And the comedy is pretty good, with lots of fun, clever satire about the music industry and rock-n-rock culture. Plus, the soundtrack does a great job at setting the right tone without feeling like it's pandering. Airheads goes a little too far at times, but overall it's an enjoyable sendup of the rock-n-roll scene.
January 10, 2015
I think that it was really funny. Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser and Steve buscemi were so funny and it brings out the rocker out of u
April 28, 2011
Random 90's movie about rock band idiots but god bless the casting director for the chosen trio
January 7, 2010
Still an Adam Sandler classic.
November 9, 2007
"Airheads" es una especie de re-make barato de "Dog Day Afternoon". Steve Buscemi, Brendan Fraser y Adam Sandler interpretan a los integrantes de una patética banda de rock que secuestra una estación de radio para que toquen su cinta demo. Los actores se esfuerzan, pero la historia pierde interés después de unos 15 minutos.
August 13, 2014
This movie is rock 'n roll. I thought it was pretty funny and very entertaining.
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½ July 5, 2009
The amps are on but nobody's home.

Saw it again! Great Comedy! This is a great movie that simply doesn't get alot of credit. This movie has an original plot line with good humour and good acting. Keep in mind that this movie comes very early on in the careers of all three title characters. Personally I find the calibre of acting that Fraser and Sandler have in this movie better than some that came afterwards. I highly recommend this movie is you want to watch a good movie, not something you will have to work up to sitting thru.

Three would be rockers Chazz, Rex and Pip, known as The Lone Rangers plan to play their demo on a recording company, but then they're turned down rudely. Then they decide to try the famous rock n' roll radio station, but are not accepted either. Then they decide arm themselves with squirt guns and take the station hostage for not playing their demo. But the three get more than what they have bargained for.
July 18, 2014
Tons of amazing guest appearances by actors from all over the comedy genre and such. A fun idea follows an entertaining story.
½ July 16, 2014
This movie is wonderful. What the fuck is wrong with you people? It's Dog Day Afternoon robbed of all political and social significance, which are replaced by generic burnout rebellion. What more could you possibly want?
½ May 26, 2014
Pretty lame with a few chuckles
May 16, 2007
not bad, everyone is so young!!
½ January 29, 2014
Funny, everyone I've spoken to loves it. But I guess it wasn't up to the Ivy League professional movie reviewers standards. Metal Rules!!
½ May 19, 2014
One of those dumb comedies that came around in the nineties about a rock and roll band holding a radio station hostage in order to get their demo tape played and scoring a big contract- the thing that made this one special was definitely the cast- Brendan Fraser is the leader of the band, while Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi are his cohorts in crime- they all had there moments and I'd give Buscemi the nod for best out of the three- they surprisingly had some depth to them, especially Fraser- but there's not a whole lot to this one, the cast, some of which were barely starting out, is the only reason to give this a look- you also have some cameos of Chris Farley and David Arquette-the film has a carefree and easy going approach throughout almost seeming like a long Saturday Night live skit- if you were ever in a band, or just a fan of big hair rock n roll, give this one a gander
½ April 13, 2014
Dumb 90s band comedy that kind of reminds me of Spinal Tap, but not as good. It's not funny, extremely outdated, and not very exciting.
The 90s grunge band The Lone Rangers hold a rock radio station hostage until they play their demo tape. This causes an uprising with the police and with the staff of the station when the guns the band is threatening them with are just water guns.
Like I said, not very funny but has a significant cast (pre-popular Sandler, Buscemi, Fraser, Chris Farley). It's not unbearable, but dumb. It's filled with slapstick, partying, and rock n roll.
½ February 12, 2010
Airheads is a nineties gem. Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler are a funny trio, and really make this an entertaining, although stupid, movie. I think the soundtrack could have and should have been better, but it is an amusing movie on the whole. (First viewing - In my early twenties)
½ December 23, 2013
A forgettable, unfunny comedy.
August 14, 2011
It might be a ridiculous and completely dumb film by most critical standards, but dammit, the movie is entertaining and was not meant to be taken seriously. It's pretty hilarious.
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