Alex Cross

This movie had potential to be good but stumbled short. It was full of bad acting, terrible story line and far from reality ending.
Randall Flagg
01-12-2013 11:01 AM

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John Tyler

J *

I didn't think it was THAT bad. Yes, the script and directing could've used some more work but what I got was decent. I liked the acting, Matthew Fox's character, the story, the nice pacing, and I thought it had some good entertaining sequences. Also, I really liked how you actually feel for the title character when his wife gets killed by Matthew Fox. It's one of the best plot points in the film. Alex Cross was a decent action thriller IMO.

Apr 16 - 05:19 PM

Allen Richards

Allen Richards

Sorry! Perry may have been the victim of a poor script ... but he was as wooden as my floors. A good actor can overcome a bad script. A bad actor can't... Consider Burns, he did. The interchanges between Reno and Perry were as painful as when I split my thumb opened with a framing hammer. Perry may be a heck of a producer but an Actor he is not and this effort showed it.

Feb 7 - 09:35 PM


Saetre Saetre

How could say it had potential if it had an awful plot and acting? It was doomed from the start when Tyler Perry showed up.

Jan 27 - 02:46 PM

Alex Maverick

Alex Maverick

Tyler Perry was not the problem with this movie. If you had seen the movie, you'd know that.

Feb 7 - 01:18 PM

Alex Maverick

Alex Maverick

How can you say Perry was the problem? You obviously haven't seen it. It was bad, but not because of Perry.

Feb 7 - 01:20 PM

Brendan Sullivan

Brendan Sullivan

yeah I hear him and fox were good in this. The plot was the bad part.

Nov 4 - 04:45 PM

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