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Alfie Reviews

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June 24, 2014
Not as good as the original, but it has its moments.

The original Alfie was a visceral experience. You felt infuriated at his behaviour, yet laughed at it occasionally (at him, not with him). There was an edginess to it, as if it was going out of its way to annoy and offend you. Plus you had the superb performance of Michael Caine.

This version is a lot less annoying, which is bad. Alfie's actions almost seem...normal and commonplace. His actions are certainly not being glorified, but they seem a lot less extreme.

The new version does have its charms though. Jude Law is suitably suave and charming in the lead role. There is a swagger and big city sophistication to it. The soundtrack (mostly composed and performed by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart) is great, and works very well with the movie.

So, not as good as the original, but reasonably entertaining nonetheless.
March 18, 2014
"Alfie" is a pretty good character study with good performances, some nice drama and a very strong soundtrack that's quite enjoyable. Jude Law does a good job playing the titular character, someone you end up liking not necessarily because he's a good guy, but because he feels like a genuine person, someone with some real flaws but someone that you can sympathize with because he's charismatic and isn't one dimensional. Just when you think you've got this guy figured out, he reveals another facet of his personality and when he breaks hearts, you understand that hey, this is just the kind of guy he is. When he himself gets hurt, you see that even someone who passes himself off as a total womanizer who doesn't want to get tied down at all might be just saying that to protect himself. There are a couple of scenes where the drama of the movie does become a bit too theatrical. The scenes with Nia Long for example almost always end up with the worst possible scenario presenting itself and those feel manufactured.

The movie doesn't really have an over-arching plot to speak of. There are several relationships developed, characters are introduced and have a couple of scenes that interact with our main character and people fall in and out of love as the film unfolds. This is not the kind of movie where you get big defining moments, more like you get a few memorable scenes with good dialogue without anything "epic" ever really happening. The reason you want to see the movie is for the characters, the actors and the dialogue. You have to be ready to examine yourself and relate to the protagonist to enjoy the movie and feel like you've gained something once it's all over. Some of the other selling points are Marisa Tomei, Jane Krakowski and Sienna Miller (who has a small but very sexy role). If you want some light drama, some interesting relationships and want to see actors delivering while listening to great songs by Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart and John Powell pick up "Alfie" and give it a shot. (Fullscreen Dvd, April 13, 2013)
August 21, 2007
I have it on dvd so i see it soon.
December 31, 2013
It's basically a movie about how hard it is to be attractive.
December 31, 2013
Another Jude Law romantic film... it's nicely done but pointless as can be.
January 6, 2009
If you can remember this movie now, I give you kudos. ALFIE is one of the most forgettable, least satisfying cinematic experiences I've seen- never have I felt so empty after watching a film. I regret ever watching it. It is so empty, so banal and so half-witted. This film wants to believe it has charm, wit, and humor- but it doesn't.

The movie stars Jude Law (well cast, that's the only good thing about this movie) as Alfie, a British womanizer who gets one of his lovers pregnant and then his life goes downward from there. But that's it, really. There is no resolution for any of the plots; we really just get a pitifully formulaic movie with no ending. Also, we cannot relate to Alfie or any of the other characters in this movie.

Talk about a vacuous experience- I didn't feel fulfilled when I watched this film in any way possible. I felt like I was cheated of 100 minutes of my life, and that I have wasted my time. ALFIE is like a damaged, unused empty plastic soda bottle. It has not been used, nothing with it has been accomplished, it is a totally useless and worthless piece of junk.
Guts C.
December 13, 2013
Good remake, they did something a little bit different but the core is still there. A good story performed by top actors.
August 13, 2013
I adore Jude Law, but when I saw that he was talking to us I almost stopped watching, but I am glad I continued watching. Loved this movie.
July 10, 2013
Good... soudtrack is better...
June 5, 2013
jude law charms his way through the movie, terrific
May 31, 2013
Pointless remake with an unbearable Alfie, a lot of talented, beautiful but wasted actresses and an unsympathetic screenplay, almost incapable of making laugh or touch.
May 29, 2013
Jude Law couldn't be more perfect playing Alfie. I loved it. He's so convincing as this character that when he does all those stupid things with women you don't wanna kill him; you actually feel sorry for him in the end. He's not a bad guy, he just can't help falling in love with women and don't think about the consequences of his actions. He eventually learns with his mistakes and the song "Old Habits Die Hard" express his story brilliantly. Alfie really touched me with its soundtrack and performances.
September 25, 2012
Very good movie, charming and real, feel sorry for him at the end.
March 22, 2013
Jude Law is NO Michael Caine.
March 22, 2013
He's so cute in this lol
March 17, 2013
I recognize the film's many faults, but I couldn't help but get swept away by a great cast and the simple yet truthful life lessons. Mick Jagger's vocals couldn't be more out of place, the plot is predictable and often trite, but Jude Law is charismatic and I was rather moved. It lacks the powerful social commentary of the sharp Michael Caine original, but I enjoyed it well enough.
March 8, 2013
Watch this with a guy friend and then slap him upside the head and tell him to realize when he does have a good woman in his life. In other words -- guys don't mess up a good thing!
March 1, 2013
Alfie plays out like a warning for perpetually single, womanizing men. Don't do it. While the lead character takes a long time to realize it -- and that is, indeed, the only character growth that occurs -- that is what the film wants us to learn. It can lead to a lonely life, one in which other people get hurt by your actions ... not to mention you get hurt, too. It has its pleasures, but for the most part, it's not worth it. Sorry for ruining the suspense.

Jude Law takes the lead as Alfie, playing the same role Michael Caine played in the original film, made in the 1960s. That movie was set in Britain, while this one is in America, although Law's Alfie is also English. He has come to America because New York has the most beautiful women, he tells us near the beginning. He tells us a lot of things, breaking the fourth wall more frequently than is probably necessary. We learn all about his life, his suave nature, and how he does everything possible to make sure that it's not his apartment that he's coming back to late at night.

He has an on-and-off-again girlfriend, Julie (Marisa Tomei), although the "off" part plays in more prominently. He doesn't want committal -- ever -- while she's hoping for a ring. So that relationship has to end. Alfie then spends the rest of the film looking for someone to fill that void in his life, going through a myriad of women before the film's conclusion. This, thankfully, doesn't happen in a montage; these women are all given personalities, meaning it matters when they get hurt, which they do.

What doesn't matter a whole lot is Alfie himself. He's a cocksure man, unaware of the effect he has on others. This is his flaw. He's got it all figured out, except how to deal with another person's pain -- or his own, which he smiles through. We're supposed to care for him by the end, but I didn't notice a large change. The growth, the redemption, it's missing. He's figured some things out, but he seemed to have figured it out a lot earlier, too, and didn't act on it.

There's a lot of indecision in Alfie, which seemed weird considering all of its moralizing. While he tells us this early on, the lead character has an inability to commit. It turns out that this doesn't just apply to relationships; it also means that he won't make a decision in life that cannot be undone easily. He learns that his lifestyle isn't all that good for him or anyone else fairly early on, but he doesn't change for whatever reason. The film continues on showing us how it doesn't work, perhaps to hammer the point on, despite all logic telling us how easy it would be to fix.

This makes it a bit difficult to take Alfie seriously. When the lead character simply isn't smart enough -- despite one character harping about how smart he is underneath his ego -- to recognize a mistake, especially after seemingly understanding his problem, you just have to lose faith in him. The moral of the story is there, and it's effective in preaching what it wants to us, but on a narrative standpoint, Alfie lost me by the end.

There are certainly moments that are effective, but they involve the secondary, underdeveloped characters. One such scene is when Alfie is at a loss for words to use in a breakup with a model, Nikki (Sienna Miller), right after she finished cleaning up the apartment, making dinner, and promising that, while there had been some issues, she'll try really hard. Another involves Omar Epps' character giving a stern look, which the camera focuses on for what feels like forever. You can see the pain and anger in Epps' face at that scene, which is powerful.

It all works because you dislike this character. You don't like Alfie, and you don't like what he's done to everyone else. The film tries to sell him as sympathetic, especially as we close toward the end, but it doesn't work. Jude Law is too good at being cocky egotist. He sells us so hard on that at the beginning -- and the fourth wall breaking scenes help with that -- that when he's in the redemption phase of the film, we can't get over what he's already done.

Like I said, Jude Law is effective, but not quite strong enough to endear himself to us once his character has been a slimeball for the majority of the film. The women in the film all get some screen time, but not enough to become anything more than archetypes. There's the model (Miller), the older, yet attractive woman (Susan Sarandon), the best friend's girl (Nia Long), and the married one (Jane Karakowski). All of the women are fine, but can't elevate their characters beyond formula.

Alfie is an occasionally funny, sometimes effective movie that's too focused on its main idea and message that it ruins any chance it has to make the main character work out in the eyes of the audience. We need to be able to care about him by the end of the film, and that just doesn't happen -- either through his incompetence or because Law can't convince us that he's made a change in his life. It has its moments, and it's rarely dull, but Alfie is only intermittently worth your time.
February 24, 2013
This was basically an ode to Jude Law.
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