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    Added: May 9, 2008

Critic Review - New York Times

These things no longer surprise or tantalize us as they once did. In a very short time, science-fiction films have developed their own jargon that's now become a part of the grammar.

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Perry Peka

Face-hugger repellent!!

Jul 9 - 07:01 AM


Edward Stymest


Jul 19 - 09:59 AM


Drizzt Reznicek

good point livinadaydream

Sep 23 - 06:37 AM

The Lion King

James Foley

You stupid, ****ing pathetic losers deserve to die. Kill yourselves. You don't deserve to live.

I don't like Alien - it's by no means a bad film, I just don't care for sci-fi. Even if I did like it, it's just the guys ****ing opinion you stupid idiots. It's his opinion. There's no need to get all "wat a fukin a hole he dunt liek ma fav movi!!! ashoel!!!!! stupied iediot!! he shud die!!!"

Sep 30 - 05:48 AM


m z

"Go die old man."

Spot on.

Nov 18 - 08:45 PM


Alex Lancaster

This guy's dead, but his reviews still count? If his count, why don't Gene Siskel's?

Dec 16 - 01:41 PM

Bedram B.

Bedram Bararpour

Because he posted this review on here you. Siskel apparently didn't post his review on here. It's the critics that come here and post their reviews.

Jan 3 - 10:52 AM

Mike W.

Mike Wardle

I think Canby here is looking at things the wrong way. When he wrote this, sci-fi epic/spectacle films were starting to take off. He seems to have pidgeonholed this movie in that sort of genre instead of appreciating it for what it really is: a horror film. In this film space isn't the final frontier, space becomes a return to the first frontier. Alien takes man's primal jungle fears and then puts it in an otherworldly setting, as realized by Swiss surrealist Giger. In his final film moment, Harry Dean Stanton stops to let the water fall on his face in the cathedral-like hangar and its imagery has always brought up images of the savannah watering-hole. You know how that ends.

Jan 16 - 07:14 AM


Jesse Hornick

senial son of a b!tch

Feb 8 - 10:13 PM

Joshua D.

Joshua Doyle

Your face isn't part of the grammar.

Feb 19 - 04:13 PM

Citizen Insane

peter van wieren

Get a life or die.

Mar 7 - 07:25 AM

Special Agent Cooper

Ryan goss

Who actually listens to Vincent Canby anyway? He was more of a snob than Pauline Kael, and that's saying something.

Apr 17 - 09:32 PM

Thomas P.

Thomas Perkins

Vinny, time to retire. I'll have to see how you rated "Gone With The Wind." Probably splattered that one too.

Aug 22 - 09:48 PM

Vampire Reilly

Reilly Johnson

The old **** died nearly ten years ago!!!

Sep 23 - 03:36 AM


Dudley Heffington

Karma's a *****, that's why you're gone for ruining a flawless movie

Sep 19 - 10:39 PM

Brian J.

Brian Johnson

How do you give this movie a rotten tomatoe were you on crack when you watched it?

Nov 18 - 07:38 PM

Joises V.

Joises Vega

Stop judging these movies as if they came out in 2009 go back thirty years and tell me this movie sucks. You had nighmares for weeks dont hate!

Dec 24 - 11:42 AM


Florian Hens

Keep in mind, this was the guy who gave The Godfather Part II a rotten.

Dec 31 - 07:19 AM

Brian F.

Brian Ferrill

as they once did?! this is an original you old cocksucker ****** you are probably the dumbest person who's ever lived

Jan 8 - 10:27 PM

Ancient O.

Old Man

Thanks alot jerk.

Jan 22 - 01:44 PM

Bugsy M.

Bugsy M

So you review this movie in 2005, 26 years after the film was first made. Every sequel to this film has been made, as well as numerous others whose influences lie in this film. And what do you do? You compare it to the science fiction of today, and/or others that came after this film. For this reason, I find your review lacklustre. You should review it as it is; a benchmark in science fiction and horror filmmaking. Back in 1979, this movie was the scariest thing out there; review it as such. Surely you were alive in 1979? You look maybe 2, 3 hundred years old?

Feb 7 - 07:11 AM

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