Fox Brewing Alien vs. Predator 3?

In an empty theater, no one can hear you scream.

2004's Alien vs. Predator earned a 22 percent Tomatometer rating. 2007's Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem topped out at 15 percent. Would a third installment end up with single digits?

According to ShockTillYouDrop, we'll all find out soon enough. Following up on earlier comments from AvP2 directors the Brothers Strause, who said Fox was taking a "wait and see" approach to another sequel, the site reports that the ever-popular "anonymous source" has labeled a third Alien vs. Predator film "a certainty."

According to the Strauses, a third AvP "would have to continue in space" -- but, as ShockTillYouDrop is quick to point out, the Strauses' involvement is as yet undetermined. Despite near-universal critical pans, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem earned $128.8 million in worldwide theatrical grosses, a total that can only grow when the sequel reaches DVD on April 15.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop



solomon sassoon

God help us.

Mar 11 - 05:34 AM


Silver The Evil Chao

For the love of Samus, either make the movie a fanboy dream and make them solely about the Aliens and the Predators fighting or quit making them.

Mar 11 - 05:36 AM


Daniel Klooster

Aliens vs. Predator Requiem was far superior to its predecessor, which I hated. As a fan of both franchises and the video game, I thought the movie was surprisingly good. It doesn't compare to Aliens or Predator movies, but I don't think that it could as it suffers from either being too rushed and not at all suspenseful (as this movie was) or it wasn't going to have enough action. Granted the human characters were bad, but the Aliens and Predators were portrayed well. The alien lifecycle stuff was hacked a bit, but it's defendable based on the aliens having to be able to rapidly establish a colony and attempt defend themselves against predator hunting parties.

If they make another one, please make it take place in the futuristic colonial space marine time.

Mar 11 - 05:50 AM


Daniel Klooster

Note that when I refer to Aliens movies, I don't count Aliens 4. That movie is god awful, and all copies should be burned.

Mar 11 - 05:51 AM


Craig Smith

Amazing, they just get worse and worse. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem was awful. Set in a populated town it was like watching Dawson's Creek with all that bully/girl friend/ brother back from prison crap. I'd rather see Anderson return than the BS the Brothers Strause made. At least he didn't make the Aliens act like retards.

Mar 11 - 06:41 AM


Daniel Klein

Maybe it's just another tragic design of my final trasnformation into an adult (31)- While I both saw and kinda enjoyed AvP1, I couldn't work up enough steam to see the sequel in light of the withering press it got. I actually *listened* when the entire free world said it sucked rhino ***.

Having seen all other Alien & Predator movies, I say Bring the Pain when you do this or don't do it at all. Have a vision with no compromise. No pandering to corporate advice. Make the movie that would've rocked your FRIGGIN MIND when you were a teenager and then let it stand on its own.

otherwise, go the f#ck home. Just don't make another Alien: Resurrection. Winona Ryder as a WHINEY ANDROID? Are you f#cking KIDDING ME!?

Mar 11 - 06:42 AM


Daryl martin

Here here. These studios and top earning producers are too pusy to generate bad-***.

Mar 11 - 09:08 PM


Brian McAleer

There's plenty of places this franchise can go, and AvP:R can definitely be improved on.

Mar 11 - 06:51 AM


G. Keith Cable

Was it only obvious to me that AVP:R was clearly NOT originally Aliens Vs. Predator?

Clearly it was some other generic rural town get's overrun but creepy-crawlies script that was (barely) adapted into Aliens and Predator.

I mean hell, the Predator wasn't even involved in the plot. He was featured in series of "meanwhile the Predator was doing this:" scenes that never tied in to the central plot line (such as it was).

The bottom line here is that Fox wasn't willing to sink the money needed to the first AVP right (hence the setting.) They were even less willing to sink money on the sequal (hense the even cheaper setting, and the clearly recycle B-movie script.) and at this point, after the last 5 (count 'em folks!) Alien/Predator movies being progressively crappier the fan base and the general viewing audiacollectively are so dissillusioned by the whole thing that it wouldn't even be smart for Fox to sink the money into this that would be required to do it right, because they'd never make the money back... not in a million years.

But you know... whatever. Doesn't matter. It's going to suck, noone's going to see it, but it'll be cheap, and people will still buy it on sale at Wal-Mart that Tuesday. that, as a side thought, those people (and there are literally LEGIONS of them) who go to Wal-mart every Tuesday and buy whatever came out that day on sale are both a blessing and a curse: on one hand they make movies like AVP successful, on the other, they make movies like Stardust successful.

Mar 11 - 07:06 AM


solomon sassoon

ALIENS fighting PREDETORS kinda reminds you of something going on, right...?
Em... THERE!! Hilary fighting Obama and the ferocity and ugliness of that fight... I knew it reminded me of something.

Emm... Come to think of it, Obama doesn't remind a Predator... But Hilary certainly reminds me of an Alien Witch HISSING with AGRESSION and venom towards the 'other party'.

Mar 11 - 07:36 AM


solomon sassoon

Actually, that's a genius idea for a plot for "Aliens Vs. Predator 3":
They should portray HILARY/OBAMA going on at each other's throats instead, and in the process destroying the whole country and whole Earth.
The slogan of the movie could be:
"On Earth, DEMOCRATES will make you scream (and wanna jump off a cliff)".

Mar 11 - 07:41 AM


Brian Russell

Why are we doing another AvP movie. They failed with the first two. I would rather see another Aliens movie. Have it take place back on LV-426 were the derelict was first found in "Alien and Aliens". I mean Hadleys Hope of course was destroyed, but we don't know how far the derelict spaceship was from the first one. And it had thousands of eggs. Why not have Weyaland/Yutani go in with an expedition and grabe those eggs. KEEP THE LIFECYCLE OF THE ALIEN ALONE! Jesus people keep trying to change it and it makes me sick. No more clones, no more stupid predaliens that throw up in peoples mouths. I want Queen, Egg, Facehugger, Chestburster, Drone or Warrior. Quit messing with it.
But for GOD's sake please don't bring them to Earth. I'm tired of the Aliens on earth crap. Also, if they are going to make YET another AVP movie...make that **** in space on some unknown planet, make the Predators actually fight the Aliens more than 10 seconds, make the characters likable like James Cameron did. I can still name all the Marines in Aliens and it's been forever since it came out. No more FREAKIN TEENAGERS PLEASE! And have a good story...not like the crap from Resurrection and Alien 3. I hated Alien 3 and Resurrection...garbage. Anyway, they can do this right if they actually watch the first two Alien movies and Predator/Predator 2.

Oh, and please for the love of god, do not bring back Ripley.

Mar 11 - 08:01 AM


Corey Mayne

actually the problem was they DID watch the first 2 Aliens and re-hashed all the stuff they liked because they arn't creative.

"Fans" can't make good movies but everyone stop your complaining! You can't possibly make a good movie out of this concept in the first place!!!!!! Good filmmakers know this and thats why ur stuck with the Brothers (gay name) and Paul pretentious-middle-name Anderson.

Mar 11 - 08:10 AM


Corey Mayne

actually the problem was they DID watch the first 2 Aliens and re-hashed all the stuff they liked because they arn't creative.

"Fans" can't make good movies but everyone stop your complaining! You can't possibly make a good movie out of this concept in the first place!!!!!! Good filmmakers know this and thats why ur stuck with the Brothers (gay name) and Paul pretentious-middle-name Anderson.

Mar 11 - 08:10 AM


Matt Baer

i happened to like the predator in AVP 2 i thought he was bonafied badass....other than that i dont know it was what it was would i see another one? probably something about the idea of aliens and predators fighting that will bring me to the movies...less human interaction this time unless you guys can afford a better script.

Mar 11 - 08:32 AM


jeremy burnside

i thought avp 2 had alot of flaws but it was still 100 times better than the first. it definately would be better if there were less or no humans in it.

Mar 11 - 09:21 AM


Zoo Estrange

I was one of the first to be excited at the concept of bringing AvsP to the big screen when I heard of it in the 90's. This came from a comic book adaption that I thought they would develope a script from. The first Comic adaption of AvsP I'll admit I didn't like as much as and adult as when I read it as a teenager but there were some really great concepts that could have translated well into a movie. I was so disappointed with the BS in the movie adaption(freaking pyramids, Predator foundation of human society, setting it in the arctic) that I didn't bother to even think about seeing the second in the theater. It's my view that if they do a good adaption of the first story I read this could be a popular and profitable franchise. All the elements are there in the first story. They need a reimagineing with someone who has a passion for good story telling and not try to throw in crap they like from other movies(Stargate, The thing).

Mar 11 - 10:11 AM


Nick Larson

I think you need people in it just to make the movie somewhat relatable and progress the plot. If you just have Aliens and Predators killing each other off, it'll get old (dare I say) after 20 min or so. The human element adds suspense and horror, IF it is done correctly.

I still think merging these two franchises is still extremely difficult to pull off in an effective manner, but I agree that maybe LV-426 would be a good setting. Perhaps a Weyland-Yutani recovery mission stumbles upon a group of Predators who have also discovered the planet and are getting their alien hunt on, and everything goes to hell.

See, that wasn't so hard.

Mar 11 - 10:46 AM


Tommy D

"Aliens vs. Predator" was actually a decent movie with a cool story and passable acting. "Requiem" was like its retarded brother. A truly awful movie.

I don't see any reason to make another AVP movie unless they want to invest in real script-writers and quality actors. But I wouldn't hold my breath for that.

Mar 11 - 10:48 AM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

Alien vs Predator vs Freddie vs Jason.

Make that.

Mar 11 - 10:54 AM


Chad Gray

Now that's a movie that screams make me!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 19 - 02:56 PM


Waldo Kepa

I really can't wait for the third one. The first one was just horrible, then the second one was soo horrible that I enjoyed it far more than most movies i've seen this year. I literally spent most of the movies laughing at the cheesy plot and cheesy dialouge. It was great. I've never been one of those people that say "It's so bad, it's good" but AVP:R was almost on par with it's cheesy-ness with Arnie's "Commando" (if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out). Hopefully, the third AVP will bring on ever more cheesy-ness and if it will, I'll be there on opening day.

Mar 11 - 11:39 AM


Gordon Barker

I actually think they should go in to the past. They alluded to Predators and Aliens having a hand in ancient man's development. I think they could make a decent movie along that plot line.

Mar 11 - 01:08 PM


suzie smith

Oh boy, I can see it now: AvP3: 10,000 B.C.

Mar 12 - 03:52 AM

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