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July 18, 2013
Other than the evil Belladonna, this movie, based on the series spin-off from the rip-off, "sequel", is bland and generic. The songs are forgettable, and it doesn't even sound like Sheena Easton is giving a shit; personally, though, I don't blame her. Not only are they beating a dead horse which was killed in 1996, they also are using the cliched "Christmas Carol" plot.
April 2, 2013
Wasn't as great as I hoped, but it wasn't terrible. Different voice actors, simple storyline, and the overused "A Christmas Carol" theme. It had some charm to it, however.
December 9, 2012
Was I the only one to enjoy this movie? I believe so...
December 8, 2012
I appreciate that the creators of All Dogs Go to Heaven tried their hand at a Christmas movie. I even appreciate that they tried to put their own spin on a story that's been told many times. Unfortunately, I just didn't find An All Dogs Christmas Carol all that exciting and fun. Just disappointing.
November 27, 2011
it was ok but thought it wasn't better than the original, it was an ok christmas film but I don't want it on DVD, it was a good movie but not sure if I want to see it again, it was directed by Paul Sabella
February 8, 2009
July 30, 2011
December 24, 2010
Am watching this version of A Christmas Carol, an animated all dog version. Cute.
December 17, 2010
A Christmas Carol.. Animated with Dogs, and about dogs... I loved it!
December 21, 2009
A Christmas Carol............WITH DOGS. Need i say more.
Super Reviewer
November 25, 2009
The original All Dogs was so much better...many of the voices in this one are different and the story didn't make all too much sense. They were obviously going for people like me who love the first one to see this in the store around Xmas and buy it....which I did...
January 1, 2009
I thoroughly love this movie. It's got a great moral story to it.
December 31, 2008
A cute animated movie that probably did not earn the publicity or reviews it deserved because it was not a Disney Animated movie, and of course Disney was the big player back in the late 90s when it came to animated movies. I loved this movie. It's a cute animated family movie that is perfect for the holidays or any time of the year. The cast is really loveable, and it makes you wish that you could be with the dogs in the movie, or at the very least own a dog that is just like the ones in the movie.
November 29, 2008
it is good movie show kids love there music and comedy
½ September 24, 2008
love it but 1st one is better
½ August 9, 2008
This was ok back then...
August 31, 2005
This is the Christmas special based on the "All Dogs Go To Heaven" universe. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with prequels as they are never as good as the original, but maybe I am rating this based on the film that started it all.
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