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½ November 24, 2009
Along the ridge was a story of a dis functional family told through the eyes of Tommi an 11 year old boy. He lived with his father Renato and sister Viola. Their mother Stefania had abandon them long time ago for some other man. Renato with all his problems he still loves this kids and try to please them in what way he can. He wanted Tommi to be a professional swimmer, but Tommi's passion lies elsewhere, Football. When the mother suddenly appeared one day out of no where, there was hope and happiness in the family. But then she disappeared and leave the family again in despair. This movie was so real,beautifully directed by Kim Rossi Stuart who played the role of Tommi's father Renato. A must to see.
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October 6, 2008
Crafting first movie by the actor Rossi Stuart.A sweet and after a while tormenting Italian film challenging the traumas of youth from a strict and at the same time content father.When the mother is being...liberal (ironically,I sympathized with her more in the finale),daddy is being mad but by no means a beater.Fury is present all over and seems a simple story.Good attempt.
August 15, 2011
A very emotional family drama with great performances, especially by the child actor is remarkably genuine.
½ February 3, 2011
Great Drama about a Dysfunctional Italian Family
December 7, 2010
this is a very touching yet real movie about a boy growing up in a difficuilt family situation,it's not that he isn't loved it's just a difficuilt situation,very realistic,great acting by kim rossi stuart and allesandro morace.especially the chaotic father playing this nice but explosive guy from one emotion to another.i loved this movie instantly!!
August 28, 2010
This movie was re-released in Pathe theatres, Amsterdam as part of the Summer Films special screening. I read very good reviews of it and was interested to see it. Even if did not turn out to be what the reviews say (that happens quite often) I would had been fine.

The story is shown through the eyes of 11 year old boy Tommi (Alessandro Morace), who stays in an urban lower middle class dis-jointed family with his unemployed cameraman father Renato (Kim Rossi Stuart) and sister Viola (Marta Nobili). His mother Stefania (Barbora Bobulova) has left the family for some other man. Even in the dis-functional family where it is difficult to meet expenses and ends, Renato with all his frustrations, still loves the kids a lot. Parallel to this are two sub-plot running ? one, where Renato wants his son Tommi to be a swimmer, whereas Tommi wants to become a football player. Second, the school life of Tommi ? where he tries to seek friendship and love with his classmates. When Stefania suddenly appears one day out of no where back to the family ? after a bit of test and trials ? there is hope, happiness in the family. But again suddenly she disappears and leaves behind the traumatic family in despair.

This is the first time directorial debut of the very good looking famous Italian actor Kim Rossi Stuart. After his long acting career he does great justice to his new role as a Director. I read that he was not suppose to act in this movie, and only direct the movie; but just 15 days before the shooting ? when the selected actor left the movie, the producers persuaded Kim to take the role of the father. Kim looks stunning, very pleasing to the eyes and has acted efficiently well. I think after a long time, I personally have seen some real good looks on screen. But I will leave it on girls and women to add more.

But the movie belongs wholly and solely to Alessandro Morace. First movie and he lives the role of Tommi as no other kid could have ever done justly. He shows all the range of emotions so naturally as if this role was written keeping him in mind. He is magnificent. Equally good in their small roles are Marta Nobili and Barbora Babulova.

In the beginning 15 minutes of the movie Director / actor Kim sets the tone by exposing to audience scenes that would make the point ? of what to expect from the movie so people are not deceived into any flamboyant commercial stuff.

This movie is jointly written by four writers with Kim being one of them. There are so many numerous scenes in the movie that make you feel ? oh alas, I hope I was part of this family and character. They are so wonderfully filmed. The touching moments moist your eyes and linger with you even after the movie is over.

Good music, good editing, good cinematography! Great cinema! Well done. If I had not gone to see this ? I would had missed a gem.

(Stars 7.75 out of 8)
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