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½ January 26, 2012
Horrid acting and a pointless script make this film unwatchable and an unnecessary project to begin with.
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½ August 29, 2011
I hate when Jason Lee yells. It sounds cheesy. And this movie was boring. Not like the first one. Worst than the second one.
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June 8, 2012
07/06/2012 (Blu-Ray)
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½ December 14, 2011
family friendly and great for kids, just as the previous two, but for the parents who have to watch it its less personal than the first. the humor is less clever, even for a guy like me that grew up on these characters.
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April 27, 2011

Not horrible. The movie is not that great, the story is just so crappy that really makes laughing almost impossible and coming from a guy that used to love the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoons when he was a kid. They really should have stop with the first film but they just want more money smh...

Playing around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up marooned in a tropical paradise. They discover their new turf is not as deserted as it seems.
Directors Cat
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January 12, 2012
It scored laughs in the worst possible sense. The ability to be funny because it well and truly wasn't.
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December 29, 2011
Of the three chipmunk movies, I think this is the best one. The first two concentrated on their musical careers, whereas this one was just a straight up adventure film. I used to love the old cartoons, especially their cartoon movie. The one with the hot air balloons, with the dolls filled with diamonds. This was the closest of the actual movies to that. Dave takes the chipmunks on a cruise, they get into some trouble, and become abandoned on an island. Dave then sets out to find them and get them to safety. Yeah, not the most original, creative idea. But the movie is a lot of fun. There are all kinds of references for adults(Alvin says "winning"), and it never goes too overboard to forget little kids are watching. My nieces loved it, and us adults enjoyed it as well. These movies are what they are. If you watch hoping for something more or better, well then you shouldn't have even bothered in the first place. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a good adventure with Alvin and the gang.
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February 9, 2011
Alvin and the Chipmunks are back, and more unwelcome than ever before. Once the first film hit theatres, I shook my head and accepted it for what it was, a fun kids flick. The second movie treaded on too long while pretty much becoming a rehash of the original with new characters thrown in. This time, they are on vacation and get stranded on an island. That is truly the only plot line to follow in this film. After making numerous annoying pop-culture references, sitting through dreadful dialogue, an overly cliched story, and characters that contradict themselves 24/7, I began to realize that this franchise is now only being made for money, and the studio is giving audiences who are familiar with the original television series, a slap in the face. By the time the movie was 30 minutes in, they had already ran out of all the clever ideas they could come up with, and once they stole ideas from past critically acclaimed films and thought they could get away with it, I wanted to walk out of the screening. This is truly one of the worst theatrical experiences I have had in a long time. This pointless piece of garbage should not have been made. Honestly, I am trying to be as polite as I possibly can towards this film. I used to watch these films for enjoyment, now it's become idiotic and just downright awful. If this is the future of cinema, god help us all. Is there really any more to say? No. This is one of the worst films of 2011!
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December 22, 2011
Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is better than the previous installment but is still an humiliation to film and is another example that they need to end the series. The story revolves around The Chipmunks and Chipettes who are on a cruise to a huge Music Awards, but soon after an accident (that is of course caused by Alvin) they wash up on a beach with their only hope being that Dave can find them, and as Dave searches he is stuck with the Chipmunks rival Ian Hawke. The plot is as pointless as a films story can get, it is boring and it makes you feel embarrassed to be in the same room as this movie, I mean come on people, why do you want your kids becoming stupid enough to believe this is a good kids movie, show them Toy Story and leave them at home and save your money then wasting your money on a film that has absolutely no point to it other than to steal the minds of little kids. The cast and voice cast is the same as they have been in the past two films, boring an uninteresting, all the actors are in this for the money and that is it, i know for a fact that they have no love for the series and just do it to get a big fat paycheck. The comedy is probably the worst thing about the movie, they use boring jokes that take no effort to be funny and they just want pitiful jokes that will make little kids giggle and adults ale to take a nap for a while. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is exactly what I was expecting, a pathetic use of good actors trying and filmmakers that for some reason keep doing these movie, I think Hollywood is trying to screw over our money and their careers by making these movies over and over again, so I do not recommend this movie to anyone who does not want to see a really bad movie.
Richard B.
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½ December 16, 2011
But only if you are under 10

Adults will have to take strong medication to get through this one, but if you are a little kid, you'll love it. Why?

It's bright, has colorful characters, noisy,etc. The adults are stupid and love the 'kids', no matter what they do. The story, such as there is one - the Chipmunks and their female counterparts, the Chipettes, get shipwrecked from a cruise, and the father figure (Dave) and his enemy (Ian) rescue them.

It is also idiotic, unfunny, loud, and downright awful if you are a grown up. With such wonderful animated and computer animated films, it is amazing such films get made and make money. But they do.
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½ November 24, 2012
The film is cute, but not the greatest. It reminded me a little of Cast Away, 6 Days 7 Nights, and Madagascar. Jason Lee is always great as Dave in all of the films. David Cross is more annoying as Ian. The Zoe character is as annoying as David Cross's character. Of the 3 Chipmunks film, the first one, in my opinion is the best one. However, I like the cartoon of Alvin and the Chipmunks better than the movies.
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December 19, 2011
Three times the charmlessness, Chipwrecked washes up more tired castaway jokes than the umpteenth rerun of Gilligan's Island. Chipmunking more potty jokes and auto, er, animal-tuned jukebox ditties than any rational animal can withstand, this Squeakquel sequel is so bad that'd make the Swiss Family Robinson swim away from their hideaway. Yes, it does teach life lessons about the importance of individuality and instilling confidence, but these messages are spoon fed...with a slingshot.

In this PG-rated family tail, the Chipmunks (voices of Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Jesse McCarthy) and Chipettes (Anna Faris, Amy Poehler, and Christina Applegate) must survive on a Polynesian island by themselves after their cruise ship sinks.

Even though no one could tell the difference once the voice is sped up, this second deuce needlessly shells out major clams for marquee names. Yes, this reviewer understands that the names Long, Faris, Poehler, and Applegate bring a certain sellability to the project. Everything is relegated to a high-pitch register, however, which makes the 'munk voices indistinguishable.

Bottom line: Nuts to yule.
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½ December 15, 2011
Officially one of the worst films ever made, this terrible installment to an already worn-out franchise is one of the biggest flops of the year. The film is butchered with bad songs made worse by the obviously CGI chipmunks that sing them. The plot is so simplistic to the point where it doesn't even have a plot. The whole film relies on the fact that there are cute, little animals singing modern-day songs. They must have tried to attract kids and teens, which is never a good thing. Just ask George Lucas. The main character's voices are so obnoxious that you begin to be unable to take it anymore. The film finally does try to further Alvin as a character, by making him start realizing how much of a screw-up he is. But, in the end, it all doesn't matter. The concept of everything is just so utterly annoying and unbearable that you could care less about Alvin in the first place or his feelings. The set pieces are in no way entertaining, and come off as a cartoony farce. People will argue that it's made for kids, but let me say that not even kids should be watching this junk. Parents reading: This movie will make your kid very, very stupid and completely empty-minded for anything genuine, original, or of good taste. This film is a waste of YOUR money and a child's potential brain. I was forced to go see this film by my boss because I was the one who picked the short straw. He even prayed for me; but luckily I got out alive.
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½ December 26, 2011
wow! just wow! i have never seen a sequal going into even more terribly, godawfully bad, that it makes the first two, actual entertainment! the jokes, the cast, the music, IT IS THE MOST GODAWFUL TRASH YOU'LL SEE THIS YEAR!!! it's beyond crap, it's beyond trash! it's simply put, one of the worst films i have seen, and so far manage to keep my sanity! F
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½ August 14, 2011
'Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked' (2011) is just one bad chestnut after another, and it's not even funny! WHAT A WASTE! This is for NO ONE else, but rugrats! You'll feel robbed after watching this!
Bram S.
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½ May 24, 2012
While watching Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, I could almost hear my brain cells fizzling and dying.

However, this movie is definitely the best of the series.
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November 4, 2011
This kind of movie never gets much acclaim, but Chipwrecked is the best of the 3 Chipmunk movies. It's more like the show, "well despite them being much shorter than they were in it" and it's smarter and funner.
½ November 10, 2013
its bad. its really REALLY BAD! not the worst movie of all time but definetly up there. don't trust the user rating but trust the critic rating
½ November 3, 2011
Cute and silly. Glad to see Jason Lee was back in this one (more than his role in the last one). If the series ends here (which it won't) it would be a good ending to the trilogy.
May 10, 2012
The script was poorly written or something because not even my little girls enjoyed this one. Why bother making another one if you're going to screw it up like this?
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