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April 21, 2015
Incredibly impressed by the acting! I started to forget I was watching a horror film, then BAM! This is a must see for any horror fan!!
½ August 22, 2014
"Alyce" is directed by Jay Lee and stars Jade Dornfeld, Tamara Feldman, James Duval and Eddie Rouse. The story follows two best friends reconnecting after a small period of "too close for comfort" in their relationship. However after accidentally pushing best friend Carroll off the roof of a building Alyce finds her world crumbling fast. It isn't long until she spirals into a reality of darkness filled with drugs, reckless sex and homicidal impulses. The film is a dark satire and utter gorefest as viewed through Alyce's perspective.

"Alyce" is a unique blend of art-house expressionism and surrealism. It is a very dark comedy that plays with the whole "Single White Female" personality disorder pushing the scenario beyond the traditional outcome. The film takes a very quirky off-beat approach that reminds me of Todd Solondz's or Alexander Payne but with a lot of gore and blood. The character of Alyce is one of the most twisted sisters that I have seen in cinema in a long while that is as likable as she is horrifying. The movie starts casually, building on the close yet distant emotional relationship between the friends. It is close in the fact that in the beginning they really do seem to be the only one each other can connect with and yet distant due to the fact that Alyce tends to absorb Carroll's personality traits to become her own in that "unsettling- uncomfortable" manner. The series of events that unfold after the tragedy and Alyce's fall from her own state of normalcy is one that both entertains and chills. It is one of the most disturbing slides into madness I have seen on film. I really found no fault in the movie and enjoyed every gory psychotic hot-mess act of homicidal mania that Alyce displayed. Plus the gore and bloody kill shots were pretty d*mn cool and gruesomely in your face.
½ April 1, 2014
Can I buy some fucking drugs now?

Alyce is a recluse with a basic office job and a best/only friend, Carroll. Carroll's boyfriend is caught cheating on her one night while at the club. Carroll gets real drunk and depressed over the affair and Alyce and Carroll start playing on the roof when Carroll falls off. Alyce blames herself and goes on a drug binge...leading to eccentric and violent behavior.

"She bit her tongue off in the fall."

Jay Lee, director of Zombie Strippers, House of 100 Eyes, Death Chair, Area 407, and Noon Blue Apples, delivers Alyce Kills. The storyline for this movie is a bit cliché in some ways but is an interesting take on the drug underworld. The scenes were gritty and well done and the kill scenes were really good. The acting was very average and the cast includes Jade Dornfeld, Tamara Feldman, Eddie Rouse, James Duval, and Bret Roberts.

"Who's in control now, bitch?!"

I grabbed this movie off Netflix because it seemed like it may have an interesting plot. I did like the main character and her interactions with the drug dealers. I felt those aspects of the film were pretty well done. I also liked the perspectives of her lives from different angles (work, legal, drug dealers, and her own). Overall, this is a worthwhile addition to the genre that is worth a viewing but is not worth adding to your DVD collection.

"I'm going out like a candle."

Grade: B-
January 10, 2014
Slow burn but gets and stays there. Amazing cinematography, casting, and editing.
½ February 11, 2014
I would rather watch a 2 girls 1 cup marathon!
October 17, 2013
Alyce Kills is an interesting and sometimes very gruesome and disturbing tale of downward spiral caused by the refusal to take responsibility for one's own actions. Alyce (Jade Dornfeld) is a pretty young woman with a mundane job and her own issues. One night she gets together with her best friend Carroll (Tamara Feldman) and a night of partying gets a bit out of control as Carroll finds her boyfriend (James Duval) is unfaithful and convinces Alyce to do drugs with her after a night of drinking. The evening winds up on the roof of Alyce's building where some poorly judged playfulness leaves Carroll on the pavement barely clinging on to life. Alyce hides from her involvement and soon her growing guilt leads her to seek solace with Carroll's drug dealer Rex (a very effective Eddie Rouse) who finds more physical ways for pretty Alyce to pay for her increasing drug habit. But, drugs doesn't stop her pain or the haunting visions of her friend and now Alyce decides to remove herself of guilt by placing it on others and then punishing them for what she sees as their part in Carroll's accident. From her cheating boyfriend, to Rex, to Carroll herself, Alyce has a disturbing and gruesome plan to remove the guilty parties and thus her own guilt and savagely starts to carry it out. Writer/director Jay Lee tells his story of guilt and gory murder with an approach that is both straightforward and yet stylish. The film did remind me a bit of American Mary in that it has a down on her luck heroine who turns to some very gruesome activities after an emotionally traumatic event. The difference being Mary was a victim and took full responsibility for her actions whereas Alyce puts her responsibility on others and then bloodily dispatches them to 'avenge' an accident that was basically her fault. The film gets increasingly disturbing as we watch Alyce's descend into homicidal madness and she calmly dispatches her victims and then uses common kitchen implements such as a garbage disposal and blender to try to get rid of the bodies. Even more disturbing then the gore and body parts littering her kitchen is the almost Martha Stewart-like demeanor Alyce sports while working diligently at her task. And leading lady Jade Dornfeld does good work at portraying a young woman who already has some emotional quirks and is unhappy with her life now slowly sent over the edge by not facing the consequences of her actions. She never goes over the top, which would have been less disturbing in this case, and her slow detachment from her emotional responsibility does come off well. Another performance that stood out for me was Eddie Rouse as drug dealer and streetwise philosopher Rex. Rouse creates a vibrantly realistic portrayal of a street hood who justifies and revels in his place and purpose in society. A very strong and layered portrayal of what could have been a cliche' supporting character. The film is not perfect. It has a very methodical pace for a 90 minute flick which works both for and against it. Despite some top notch gore FX, we wonder if maybe Lee spends a bit too much time on Alyce's blood soaked activities as a large portion of the last act is the dismemberment of one of her victim's body right down to scrapping the meat off of their bones. It's a bit much. Maybe we could have had less of that and one more emotionally disturbing scene like that of Alyce at Carroll's funeral. That was more effective then seeing body parts and made one's skin crawl over her inappropriate behavior at such an event. Also, it didn't seem quite right that the police accepted Alyce's alibi so easily. It didn't sound solid to me and the officer questioning it seemed skeptical but, then the police involvement in the story just gets dropped. Still, even with it's flaws, I found Alyce an interesting and disturbing watch and there was some nice acting from some of it's principals. Jay Lee seems to be a filmmaker with potential and in an age of endless remakes and sequels, it's nice to see a filmmaker create something original and in his own style. Not for everyone but, worth a look for those who like something a little offbeat with their horror.
September 6, 2013
There are some movies you do not want to admit publically that you enjoyed them. Alyce Kills is one of those movies. A creepy performance by Tamara Feldman lends credibility to this dark comedy/slasher horror flick. The last twenty minutes of the film are some of the most crazy, bloody, disgusting revenge scenes I have ever seen. All in all a really good movie that hits the target for horror and slasher fans alike. Alyce Kills to say the least...the movie kills too. Ken K
August 14, 2013
There have been a rash of psychowoman movies out lately, and by and large it's intersting genre that still seems to have fresh blood in it. Alyce Kills is the latest sibling in this phenomena. Alyce is a strangely empathetic character and unlikely killer who makes a bizzarre and sleek murderess. The plot moves along at a good clip and keeps one interested via the progressive degeneration of Alyce as she is caught between the starved nihilism of her life and the chain of consequence of her escapist desires. It's a potent movie that will shock and engross you.
May 12, 2013
honestly, i debated multiple times whether or not i should stop watching this movie because the beginning did not grasp my attention one bit. but i stuck it out and the last 15-20 minutes make the movie -- i wish the rest of the movie was like the ending. it was very intriguing. this is why it gets 3 stars.
April 19, 2013
Starts slowly, but is weird enough to watch at least once.
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