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January 6, 2015
Amazon Women on the Moon is another wacky lampoon movie from contributors such as Joe Dante and John Landis (who previously directed the superior Kentucky Fried Movie). It's a movie that throws basically everything into a hat: fake commercials, skits, movie parodies, fake bumpers, etc. To be honest, I didn't laugh a whole lot while watching the movie, but I did smile a lot at many things. It's certainly not one of the best screwball comedies out there, but it's not altogether bad either. It's a shame that these types of movies aren't being made anymore. They're fun, inventive, and have a lot of value to them. This actually feels a lot older than it is, perhaps because it's meant to lampoon a simpler time when flipping through a few channels only was as good as it got as far as TV went. You'll see a whole host of different celebrities and actors pop up in this movie too. It's a fun movie, but not an overtly funny one.
August 20, 2011
Disjointed mishmash that range from awful (Hospital) to amusing (Roast Your Loved One); would definitely expect more from the talent assembled. Does deliver Monique Gabrielle & Corinne Alphen, always welcome sights.
March 20, 2008
"Mujeres Amazonas en la Luna" es una más que desquiciada película que le rinde tributo al "zapping" y a las películas clase "Z" que terminan siendo desbaratadas por la pauta publicitaria y el ajuste de parrilla en la televisión. Los amantes de las películas anárquicas la encontrarán muy atractiva.
November 2, 2013
One of the first sketch comedy films I had ever seen, Amazon Women on the Moon got my attention due to its zany title.

Unfortunately, it is clear that Amazon Women on the Moon is a very dated film with comedy sketches that no longer have the same impact today that they did back in 1987. The gags may have the appeal of being 80's sketches, but they are generic versions of them.
While Amazon Women on the Moon takes viewers back to the 1980's and gives them nostalgia to what kind of humour was popular in the time, it is another example of a film that has not survived the battle of age all that well. It is a common occurrence with sketch comedy anthology films because the standard of humour has changed since 1987. While some of the humour is still effective for its originality, others are just slow and repetitive.
For one thing, the titular film within a film entitled Amazon Women on the Moon isn't as humourously satirical as it really should have been. For a film which capitalises on the presence of B-movie stars Sybil Danning and Lana Clarkson as well as adult film actress Monique Gabrielle, Amazon Women on the Moon doesn't use enough nudity to a humourous extent. And when you consider the fact that the title of the film is Amazon Women on the Moon, you'd expect there to be more nudity like there was in the cheesy low-budget 1980's movies that had titles and concepts like these. Instead, Amazon Women on the Moon decides to parody 1950's science fiction movies without even doing it with jokes that haven't been seen too many times before. In general the quality of the humour in Amazon Women on the Moon is very inconsistent and viewers may find themselves laughing at one sketch and then cringing at the next.
In my experience, the only really funny moments in Amazon Women on the Moon were the sketches featuring Arsenio Hall and Marc McClure because Arsenio Hall's physical humour was ok and Marc McClure's sketch wasn't restrained in its humour at all. You can tell from Marc McClure's sketch that Amazon Women on the Moon intended to be an edgy comedy, but its humour ends up being too subtle and fails to take advantage of its potential which means that it is too subtle in its execution to soar.
One of the problems in Amazon Women on the Moon is that it doesn't know what makes a sketch comedy good. Usually on a show like Saturday Night Live, the humour is consistent because the performers are aware that viewers are watching and intend to make them laugh, but none of the actors in Amazon Women on the Moon seem to be aware that viewers watching are hoping to burst out laughing at any second. That seems to be the true problem in Amazon Women on the Moon, because the 5 directors of the film seem to lack the awareness of viewers or any communication between the which means that the quality of the execution ends up seriously scattered and lacklustre.
Amazon Women on the Moon has subject matter which is funnier than the film itself which means that its surface value is actually funnier than the film, so the problems with Amazon Women on the Moon can be blamed on the poor execution of the attempted humour. Although people who grew up in the 1980's may enjoy a look back, the style of contemporary humour sets a significantly higher bar than Amazon Women on the Moon is actually able to reach which means that it no longer has much relevance today.
It seems like the cast of the film are having fun, but the directors of the film take the project too seriously because the sketches in Amazon Women on the Moon have a dramatic edge to them which seems to overshadow the comic potential. Instead of genuinely taking on the opportunity as a moment to have fun or go out and try something new, it seems almost as if the film was a chore for the filmmakers. The material is old and dull, and it's all been seen before. So watching multiple renditions of the same few jokes again and again at a slow pace over the course of a running time of 85 minutes which feels a lot longer than it actually is does not qualify as a good viewing experience in my book and therefore makes Amazon Women on the Moon a hard film for me to genuinely recommend.

So despite a few laughs and some potential, Amazon Women on the Moon has humour that is too tame and is funnier on the surface than it actually is in execution.
December 9, 2013
My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.
July 5, 2007
Not very funny. I wanted to like it so bad as this kind of movie can be hilarious when done right (e.g. 'Kentucky Fried Movie')
½ February 12, 2013
The handful of not so good skits is totally made up by the great quality of the rest. I only watched it because it has David Allen Greer in it and spoke of it on Loveline with Doctor Drew but I'm glad I did. It's funny and worth watching.
February 7, 2013
John Landis masterminded this sketch film, which he co-directed with Joe Dante, Robert K. Weiss, Carl Gottlieb and Peter Horton, it done by Landis between ¡Three Amigos! (1986) and Coming to America (1988), and he saw it as a return to the anthology sketch format of The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977), only this has less successful sketches, but when they're funny, they're funny, when they're not... The film is meant to relate to the experience of flicking through the channels on television late at night, but the main focus is a B-Movie sci-fi called Amazon Women on the Moon, which is being shown on WIDB-TV Channel 8. The film has Captain Nelson (Steve Forrest) and his crew Blackie (Robert Colbert) and Butch (Joey Travolta) exploring the moon, getting to meet Queen Lara (Sybil Danning), and escaping from monsters. However, the broadcast is having technical problems, including adverts and infomercials for various products and even talk shows while the broadcasters try to get the film fixed and the rest of it shown. It's a bit of a ramshackle film, and that's the major fault of sketch films, they lose focus after so long, but there's some funny sketches with a cast including Carrie Fisher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steve Guttenberg, Rosanna Arquette, B.B. King and Ed Begley, Jr.
January 10, 2013
More less a mediocre version of the Kentucky Fried Movie. There were some really funny parts to this movie, but there are also some scenes that just weren't funny at all. Overall, it's worth a watch, but not something you should go out of your way to find.
½ November 26, 2012
Kentucky Fried Movie with none of the comedy.
December 10, 2012
Gave this one a re-watch off the To-Watch Pile, and I can honestly say that they don't make movies like this one anymore. Love the flipped channel concept, cycling through all the bad television tropes of the '80s and the bad movies that hit re-runs around that time.

Well worth a rental if you've never seen it.
½ December 5, 2012
Not as good as Kentucky Fried Movie, but highly entertaining nonetheless.
½ July 18, 2012
I would buy Don "No Soul" Simmons albums...if they existed.
June 11, 2012
One of the craziest movies ever, and one of the funniest.
August 13, 2010
One of my fave's. A 1950's sci-fi spoof interspersed with all kinds of wacky infomercials and comedy sketches.
½ April 15, 2012
Very funny at times. The film is a collection of short clips.
April 5, 2012
Consistently good performances from a talented cast that seem to be enjoying the material, but only a small number of skits hit the mark.
March 6, 2012
It's uneven, as anthologies usually are, but the jokes manage to hit more than they miss, and the directors satire programmes that most of us are familiar with, which helps a lot. It's an interesting and entertaining look at a world where so much happens but so little are immersed in it, and the recurring segment joke about the Amazon women on the moon, and the promise of "no commericials", is very funny, no matter how many times you rewatch it. It's like an extended slapstick comedy, with some added intellectual jokes, which means that you'll probably enjoy it more as a guilty pleasure than anything else - but that's just fine.
March 5, 2012
Even more wildly hit and miss than the kentucky fried movie and no were near as enjoyably rude and outrageous, this is never the less a fun little collection of scetches, fake adverts and movies, made to give the effect of flicking through dozens of diffrent t.v channels at late night, trying to find something to watch, problem is you want to change some over yourself, as a suprising amount are pretty undercooked and almost totally devoid of laughs, this isnt nearly as much anarchic fun as it should be, in fact there are hardly any real standouts, except possibly "the bullshit or not"? segments which spoof truth or fiction sort of shows, the best of which reveals that the loch ness monster was in fact also jack the ripper, these kind of mad touches dont come often enough, but taken as a whole made up of parts, there's plenty of silliness, rude jokes, tits, randomness and celebrity cameos and early appearances (steve guttenberg, michelle phiffer, carrie fischer, joe pantoliano, kelly preston to name but a few) to enjoy here.
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