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March 6, 2010
Generally satisfying independent comedy, the cast is quite good, particularly Kathleen Quinlan. Well written and the characters develop well. It?s certainly offbeat and director Chris Bowman has good control over the story.
½ August 21, 2010
Even though American Fork (Humble Pie) is very charming and definately has its moments of humor,you ultimately end up wishing the dramatic elements of the film (while not bad) would have hit just a little bit harder.
½ August 18, 2010
This movie is as gut wrenching as it has heart, and while it preys on the naivete of it's star, Hubble Palmer, it brings to life a point when even the most gullible of people need to learn some backbone, some right from wrong, to stand up and say: "I'm mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

William Baldwin essentially plays himself, a second string actor who appears at first as a mentor, and then as a jerk who inserts himself into Tracy's (Palmer) life via his sister's love interest, ignoring Tracy and stealing his re-energized dignity. Tracy binge eats to cover his deep sadness, which carries the 'heavy' drama aspect of this dramedy.

He also takes out his anger on a fellow-coworker, Helen, who is just as troubled and a loner as him. He finally becomes self-motivated to steal thousands of dollars from the company he's worked at for 11 years, when he realizes he is one of many assistant managers, and not somebody important. But you still feel uneasy, like he's being had, set up by his new gang of no-good friends. And then....

This is a very well-crafted movie that deserves to be watched. See it!!!
½ June 1, 2010
I had first seen Hubbel Palmer in the Sasquatch Gang, but this film makes up for it. He is a very likable actor and really brings his character to life.
The film itself is filled with a mix of comedy, drama, and...humble pie!
June 1, 2010
Unfortunately this independent film is hurt by its dry story and pathetic antagonist,and instead of a delicious treat i was hoping to be it left a bad taste in my mouth.
½ June 1, 2010
This film really shows how someone can be used. Hubbel Palmer is an overweight guy who just wants to have something in his life and to have friends. He tries really hard and gets what he thinks is friends and he joins a class for acting. He ends up getting turned on by his friends and even his teacher making his life go from good to very bad. But the moral is that you can make your life happy if you just try really hard. Hubbel Palmer did a great job as the main character. The rest of the cast was just ok for me. I did enjoy Mary Lyn Rajskub. But I wasn't too thrilled about William Baldwin. This is a touching little story with a little added humor to keep you interested.
June 1, 2010
Humble Pie is the story of Tracy Orbison, a severely overweight guy who can?t seem to catch a break. He has a lame job as a clerk at the local supermarket, he still lives at home with his overcritical mother, he admittedly has no real friends, trying to pass his driver?s test is a never-ending quest, and he yearns to be a poet in a middle-of-nowhere town who has little need for poetry since it will never pay the bills. Tracy doesn?t necessarily long for greatness, but he knows he needs to get something more out of life.

His moment of revelation occurs when attending a local theater production starring Truman Hope?a ?real? actor whose biggest credit is a three-episode stint on J.A.G.?who also teaches an acting class for the local wannabes. With his trusty notebook of poetry tucked in his pocket, Tracy starts attending the class, longing to filter his artistic side into a new creative outlet and to make Truman his mentor. He also becomes a mentor himself to his new teenage coworker and his group of ne?er-do-well friends, reveling in the feeling that he?s needed and is making a difference in someone?s life. But while everything seems good on the surface, there are inevitable complications that arise from putting too much faith in those who don?t deserve it.

Pulling double duty in Humble Pie is Hubbel Palmer, who both wrote the screenplay and stars as Tracy. He easily conveys everything Tracy is feeling with just a look and a handful of words; he lives in the quietest of desperations, mainly due to the fact that there?s no one in his life who cares enough to really hear him. This is most evident when he?s put in charge of training a new employee at the supermarket and is overjoyed to take the young man out to lunch and share all his wisdom and insights of the world, like how to properly pack groceries and his big artistic plans for the future. For the first time, he sees an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone?s life, which is just the first small step in making a positive impact on the world.

As local thespian Truman Hope, William Baldwin is an inspired casting choice as he manages to unironically portray an actor who is deluded enough to not see that he?s going nowhere. We don?t know if he?s a has-been or a never-was, but that certainly doesn?t bother him. His small classroom of local acting students hang on his every word, and when Tracy approaches him with awe and admiration, you can practically see his ego grow three more sizes. All he?s ever wanted in life is the ability to wow people by just being there, and if remaining the big fish in this incredibly small pond is the only way to do that, so be it.

Where Humble Pie falters is in its lack of direction during the third act. It sets everything up nicely with Tracy?s lousy job and his undesirable home life with his angry mother and weird sister. Then the inevitable downfall when everyone he thought he could trust betrays him is tragic to watch?especially one so-true-it-hurts moment when his boss tells Tracy that his big promotion isn?t quite the big deal he thinks it is. But the final payoff never really happens. Certain gears are set in motion and some resolutions are made, but for the most part it just feels like the last third of the movie fizzles out. We?re not left with a very clear picture of where Tracy is going from here, but a feeling that he?s learned some lessons and knows there?s still some work to be done to achieve his life?s happiness.

As a first foray into screenwriting, Palmer does a commendable job. His main strength obviously lies in developing characters, as the performances are what stuck with me most after watching the movie. The structure of the story tends to falter in places, and it seems to have trouble deciding what genre it wants to fall into?it?s not uproarious enough to be a comedy, not serious enough to be a drama, and not bizarre enough to fall into the beloved ?quirky indie romp? category. But the characters are well-drawn and well-cast, and their situations solidly established, which is more than can be said for a lot of big-budget Hollywood movies. Hopefully in his next project, Palmer will have a story as tight and well-planned as his personalities.
June 1, 2010
67/100. Generally satisfying independent comedy, the cast is quite good, particularly Kathleen Quinlan. Well written and the characters develop well. It's certainly offbeat and director Chris Bowman has good control over the story.Also known as American Fork.
May 11, 2010
Humble Pie is a very average, even for an indie film. It is extremely typical of the "Indie teenage angst" market and while heart warming and real it will not blow you away by any means. The cast is almost entirely filled with new faces with the exception of William Baldwin. The cast does a fairly descent job and you might even say Hubble Palmer (the main character) outshines Baldwin. Watch Humble Pie if you're a sucker for the melodramatic indie film.
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