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½ August 22, 2008
A well-placed coming-of-age raging-hormone filled movie for the typical late 1990s teen. Highlighted by obscene comedy and a sublime plot, this first slice of "Pie" is indeed a tasteful one. 4.5/5
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January 1, 2010
It's humor and fun are worth experiencing. It's a film relevant to any generation of teenagers.
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July 25, 2012
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October 25, 2009
"American Pie" is for my generation, what "Animal House" was for the generation before me. It's raunchy, hilarious, fun, and more importantly honest to it's audience. These characters are all real, and can be seen in every high school in America. If you don't know(then you obviously live under a rock), it's the story of four friends trying to lose their virginity before graduation. I mean who wants to start college a virgin, really? Every performance is perfect, and launched the careers of stars Jason Biggs and Sean William Scott. If even helped revitalize the careers of Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge. The movie is filled with classic quotable lines, and even started M.I.L.F.(look it up). On a side note, the first time I saw this was in the theater in Danville, IL. My parents wanted to take me and my two brothers to see a movie. My youngest brother Matt was too young for it, so my mom took him to see "Lake Placid". My dad ended up taking me and Justin, and he laughed more than we did during it. Makes it better when you know your parents are cool enough to enjoy a movie like this. Not for kids by any means, but every teenager and adult will be able to relate and laugh during this classic movie.
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October 22, 2009
Even if not always funny, this raunchy comedy has some hilarious moments that make for an enjoyable time. A refreshing comeback to the teenage sex movies of the '80s but with a grosser and more politically incorrect flavor of the '90s.
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October 7, 2011
American Pie is a very well done teen comedy. The film has a good cast and the story itself is well done, and manages to be very funny. There have been numerous sequels after this one, and all failed to capture the funny and memorable moments that this one displayed. There are plenty of good gags here, and there, and the cast are very funny in the parts they play. I really enjoyed this film, and is one of the best teen comedies since Ferries Bueller's Day Off. I felt that there was room for improvement of course, but for the most part, it succeeds at being a funny comedy that Teens can relate to. The film unfortunately hasn't really stood the test of time, and I saw this back when I was in high school when it first came out, so maybe my opinions on the film have changed. But as I remember it, and I did see it again a while back, the film still is funny for what it is, and the jokes are still good, despite the fact that a few may not be as funny as you'd remember them to be. For what it is, American Pie is a well made comedy with plenty of laughs, and a good cast. The film delivers some good enough laughs from beginning to end, and there's lots of memorable. The cast do a fine job, and each deliver a great comedic performance. American Pie may not be a timeless comedy, but it still manages to make me laugh since I first saw it. A good enough comedy to watch with friends.
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January 14, 2010
It represents an exaggeration of teen life, but it does it well, and satisfyingly. A good comedy, that has a leveled amount of laughs, which I enjoyed. But what I enjoyed the most, was how much of teens are exactly the same way they are shown here. It's the end of high school, and these teenagers are on the brink of their lives. They become involved in situations that will make any audience member laugh. It may not meet all expectations to be the greatest comedy of all time, but it sure delivers many more laughs than expected. I love watching this movie, because the jokes are crude and rude and will never fade away. "American Pie" is great.
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½ December 26, 2006
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June 9, 2006
A great mix of heart and horniness. I imagine that many people can relate to this movie more than they may be willing to admit.

The story takes the coming of age route, and follows a group of high school buddies who, in the final months of their senior year decide to make a pact ot lose their respective virginities by prom night.

Yes, the film is a sex comedy filled with crudity and some gross out gags, but it's fun, funny, and actuallly pretty charming, It's hard not to like these guys, even if they come off at first as nothing more than a bunch of horn dogs. The film is about more than that, and as I mentioned above, I'm sure plenty of people who see this can relate to it in some way shape or form.

Plus, any film that introduces the term M.I.L.F. into the borad cultural lexicon has to have some merit. Sure, the concept was introduced way back in The Graduate, but this one brought it to a whole new level, for better or worse.

The cast is filled with lots of now notable and fairly talented individuals, some new, some former child stars, as well as veteran Eugene Levy who steals the show more and more each time he's on screen.

Give this one a go. Many similiar films tried, but failed to capture the essence that makes this film work, forgetting that an emotional center filled with heart is what keeps sophmoric shenanigans grounded and meaningful.
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July 30, 2008
Is it stupid? Yes. Is it unadulterated? Yes. Is it yet another teen sex-romp? Triple Yes. But is it enjoyable? Yes.
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½ October 2, 2011
Raunchy and full of sex, who doesn't like that? Plus it created the word MILF for crying out loud!
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February 13, 2011
American Pie is a hilarious film that is one of the best high school movies I can think of. The story is about 4 friends who make a pact to get laid before their senior year of college ends. The plot was not really interesting persay, but it reminds us of high school and all our horny dumbass friends that were hoping to get laid, and it was one of the closest interpratations of high school that I can think of. The cast is hilarious, these guys were born to play these roles and they truly were some of the funniest retards that I have seen in a coming of age film, but the show stealers were probably Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott, and Eugene Levy. The comedy on a scale from 1 to 10 was about an 8, mostly because I found it hilarious but it was a little less funny the last half hour of the film, at least for me. American Pie was one film that spawned multiple sequels, and i'm finally glad after the years I finally saw this hilarious comedy.
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July 6, 2008
Who doesn't love American Pie?! So funny and the cast are remarkable and they make you laugh from start to finish. A must see!
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½ March 20, 2008
i realized watching this the other day why i liked it so much when i was like, ten. it makes you feel like anyone can get laid. on planet Earth, no living, non-retarded, non-comatose, non-obese woman would consider touching Jason Biggs character, or especially Finch (Shit-brick). and of course, never ever the Sherminator, who gets some poon in the sequel. kid looks like he diets on peanut butter and jellys and his own scabs. quite preposterous, i agree. and back to Shit-brick. If, in fact, a non-retarded woman found his cappucinno milk-moustache and lingering diarrhea stench to be sexy, why in the hell would a fourty year old who looks like a thirty-five year old on a good day find him attractive?? HIS NICK-NAME IS SHIT-BRICK FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!! and the movie takes it to the other extreme as well. Chris Klein's character is about the best looking guy you will ever find in a Glee club, and that includes actors on t.v. shows about Glee clubs. he looks balls. would little choir girl priss REALLLLLY be that offended that her studly prom date is slappin' high fives with his friends about hittin' that in the future? no.

should have done your homework, American Pie. now you have spawned a franchise of movies that can't understand why sex with a closet dominatrix becomes unfunny when the guy likes it.
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½ June 24, 2010
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July 7, 2007
oh i loved these movies have watched all of them and they just crack me up!!
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April 8, 2007
Best teen comedy I've ever seen! There's just so many things that I love about this movie, that it's hard to know where to begin. Everything is just spot-on, and done with such perfect comedic timing, that it puts all other films in the genre to shame (that including its many sequels). Not to mention all the great characters, like the legendary Stifler. So maybe it's no wonder why I keep coming back for a re-watch. Because this is pure comedy gold, and the movie that set the standard for how teen flicks should be made.
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June 21, 2007
American Pie probably needs another review less than almost any movie in the world. Is there anyone left who hasn't already seen the movie, or at least knows what it's about? Regardless, here are my two cents.

American Pie hasn't aged particularly well. It doesn't have the timelessness of some of the other movies in the raunchy teen comedy genre, and it's been greatly surpassed by movies that have come after it. It's still funny in some ways, but a lot of the gross scenes that used to be shocking, are fairly unremarkable by today's standards. The most enjoyment I get from the movie now, is from looking at the substantial cast and seeing how their careers have changed, remained stagnant, or basically ended all-together, since 1999. There aren't many other reasons to go back to American Pie.
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November 26, 2009
It's an extremely obnoxious movie with almost no redeeming qualities. It tries to be as disgusting as possible and steal from comedies like Porky's and Animal House. The acting was terrible and awkward except from the hilarious Eugene Levy and Sean William Scott as the ultimate asshole. I think it is quite possibly the worst coming of age message ever and incredibly misogynistic. That is rarely something I'll bring up in a movie review, but this deserves it like no other.
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September 28, 2006
Not a fan.
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