• PG-13, 1 hr. 34 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    David Zucker
    In Theaters:
    Oct 3, 2008 Wide
    On DVD:
    Dec 30, 2008
  • Vivendi Entertainment

Critic Review - Miami Herald

I can't imagine anyone -- Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, red-state or blue-state, earthling or E.T. -- finding An American Carol anything other than 'not funny.' And idiotic. And demeaning. And aggressively, persistently crummy.

October 6, 2008 | Comments (9)
Miami Herald
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Candido Nobrega

I saw the movie and I actually liked it. Infact many people clapped at the end of the movie and this was in N.Y.C.

Check the following link out:


Interesting indeed!

Oct 7 - 12:02 PM


Andrew Fusco

Why would movie theaters even go through the trouble of screening this movie if they planned on defrauding it, anyway?

Oct 8 - 01:33 PM


Dirk Harrison

to sell popcorn?

Oct 9 - 03:38 AM


Sheryl Smith

Rene Rodriguez sounds very much like Pauline Kael in her 1972 comment, "Nixon can't have won; no one I know voted for him." In other words, when one marinates in liberal Kool-Aid all the time, it's nearly impossible for them to fathom anyone thinking differently. As I write this, it looks like all the critics (who are very much part of Hollywood or at least Hollywood Wannabees) are negative about this film, while the general public loves it. Who are films made for -- critics or the public? Last time I checked, it's the public who buys or doesn't buy the tickets.

Oct 7 - 11:05 PM


jenn stevenson

And you forgot to mention that Kelsey Grammer is a major league right wing tool!

Oct 8 - 08:59 AM


Candido Nobrega

Update: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/warner-todd-huston/2008/10/10/american-carol-filmmakers-are-not-saying-there-conspiracy

Oct 10 - 05:34 AM


Teagan Wolfe

It's funny you should point out that it's the American movie-going public that truly decides the success of a film, filmlady, because apparently they've decided that this film is fairly boring and stupid. 3 million opening weekend box office? That makes it the second worst box office opening of any movie in wide release this summer. How can you interpret that to mean that the general public loves the film? That's one thing that both this movie and you have proven to me: right-wingers aren't that good at perceiving facts, but they certainly are good at twisting them to suit their own agenda.

Oct 11 - 04:25 PM


Scott Malcomson

Everyone in the theatre I went to, including myself, laughed a lot throughout this film. Imagine that.

Oct 18 - 12:55 AM


Brian Orn

We all know why you didn't find it funny, you like Michael Moore.

Oct 18 - 08:00 PM

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