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The Anarchist Cookbook Reviews

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July 14, 2008
i tried to watch it....i really did. but i really prefer "slc: punk" to this movie
November 2, 2009
The Anarchist Cookbook (2002) I am not sure when this ended up in my queue. I guess I kept it there to see the views of Dallas and east dallas since I lived there for 20 years. Let's see, we have Anarchists, Nihilists, anti-government right-wingers, wealthy Republicans, Neo-Nazis, but no Democrats at all. Being a moderate Democrat which at times veers towards Centrism, I found this movie lacking a bit. While some scenes were smart, others came off as stupid, un-original, un-realistic and improvised. Puck lives with his friends in a Anarchist commune somewhere in Texas. These are Anarchist that resemble more flower children. One day, a Nihilist called Johnny Black shows up, offer everyone drugs and violence as a weapon and somehow becomes the leader. Later on, the Anrchist forge an alliance wit other anti-establishment groups such as Neo-Nazis. First of all, not all Anarchists are peace loving intellectuals. Many are upper-class spoiled brats that simply want to vandalize anything (Yes I know plenty of these, they do exist). Many do follow Anarchist theory but fail to realize it's utopianism. Johnny Red the early leader,constantly lionizes Sweden as an exemplary society but somehow Social Democrats are missing from the film's universe. Anarchists tend to be socially liberal and would NEVER form an alliance with Neo-Nazis. If Puck didn't agree with the system, he could of found ways to subvert it by integrating himself into alternative cultures and political movements (YES, lobbying does work). Other reviewers are correct in pointing out the similarities between this movie and SLC Punk and Trainspotting. Despite its plot's weakness, Anarchist Cookbook has a weak witty script and at moments wanna be stylish direction however the film is just a bomb. The most boring piece of c r a p I have seen in ages. negative one star.
December 12, 2008
Great movie. The dialogue was great and funny. Story was good and great character design! Interesting concepts just too extreme! I actually want to see the Anarchist Cookbook just to see what all the fuss was about!
M. Bison
August 22, 2008
I would think with a political history as rich as anarchism and with modern day adherents like Noam Chomsky arguing for the theory of socail anarchism, this would be an in-depth film with a great deal of info about anarchism. But what we get is stoners, low-lifes, 60s era flower children, FBI most wanted thugs, run a ways from home, and a sexually obsessed girl who's doing things to herself because she wants to get back at daddy (played by Gina Philips). 'Red' Emma Goldman is spinning in her grave with a shameful movie being put out like this in her name. This movie represents a complete misappropriation of the theory of social anarchism.
October 18, 2007
Tak bolehkah hollywood hantar seorang yang tau pasal anarkis untuk buat filem ni.

teruk dan langsung busuk.

its funny part yang buat aku gelak tapi bila aku tengok dari sudut punk. nope. this is failed.
September 21, 2007
doesnt have anything to do with the actual book but still entertaining
September 9, 2007
I think this was pretty good movie. It had something original in it. The script was unusual. The last half an hour or so contained some surprises. I liked Puck's girlfriend, she's hot. The music could've been better...more punk maybe? Would that have been a cliche?
August 20, 2007
Will check this out someday.
July 11, 2007
why would anarchist assemble like this. this got on my nerves. anarchy is stupid.
June 27, 2007
someone gave me a copy of the actual book.
June 17, 2007
pretty good movie, a little juvenile but good movie nonetheless.
June 4, 2007
a sub-par meshing of two far superior movies, Fight Club and SLC Punk. though it does have a few good parts.
April 19, 2007
wow this is hillarious i almost fell off my chair laughing "are you guys anarchists? No, we're mormons" a must see
April 25, 2007
Intense - gotta love it!
April 16, 2007
great film...up there with SLC Punk in message, but done in a different way
April 12, 2007
very interesting, I have it let me know if you want to borrow it!
April 1, 2007
a must see for any punk rock fan.
one of my faves.
March 28, 2007
this movie has nothing to do with destroying the world....
March 24, 2007
I really really want to fucking see this.
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