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March 26, 2007
Starts well but falls apart in the middle, extremely patchy from that point on.
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December 23, 2013
In the last 10 years there hasn't been a comedy that is more quotable and hilarious on repeat viewings than "Anchorman". I saw this is the theater and immediately fell in love. 9 years later I figured I would revisit it before the big sequel to see how much it holds up, and damn it is still hilarious. Will Ferrell is a comedic genius, and this is his best role ever(well, maybe tied with "Old School"). The rest of the cast is amazing, and looking back this kind of started the big push for Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell. After this they had "40 Year Old Virgin" and just kind of blew up from there. I love this movie and still quote it often, from "I love lamp" to "I have many leather bound books". Amazing comedy that ranks as one of the best of all time, and if you don't agree then I will introduce you to Jack Johnson and Tom O Leary.
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January 13, 2010
"Anchorman" is a laugh-a-minute film that will have you rolling on the floor. All of these characters are hilarious in their own ways and it has become one of the most quotable films in history, as far as comedies go. The writers really did not have a hard job, because even if they wrote bad dialogue, the actors would save it by adding to it. This is not an amazing film by any means, but if you are watching with a group of people, you will be sure to bust a gut. Will Ferrel and this incredibly talented group of people are perfectly cast in their roles, which is what I think is the best part about it. It may not be the best comedy ever, but it has a lot of laughs and the direction is very well done. "Anchorman" is awesome fun!
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November 21, 2007
Stupidity that you have to smile at. I love the scene with the dog and the bear and Christina Applegate is great as a would-be anchorwoman. Can't quite see what she sees in Ron. Lol.
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½ November 17, 2013
Adam McKay's Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a senseless sit through.Apparently 90 minutes of a 1970s news anchorman is a watchable piece of work. Part of the story revolves around the issue of women in higher roles in the workplace and the story does have its share of what would be dramatic moments; however, much is shielded by the comedic antics and style of the picture.The humor is mindless and over the top. There isn't much, if any, drop dead laughter, yet even with some of the mature content, there is enough material to stir up some chuckles from time to time.Will Ferrell does what he does best, which makes the Ron Burgundy as popular as he is. The rest of the supporting cast and actor cameos round out a solid cast of characters.The look and feel of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy gives it its sense of style. Watchable, if only once.
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½ July 24, 2013
It's mostly childish, but Anchorman still offers some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, something which most "comedies" simply cannot do. Its absurd, but the film wins points for creativity and boldness.
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January 30, 2013
Full of guffaws, but since I've been made privy to all the Anchorman cultural references in the last decade, I wasn't as surprised by them.
The Gandiman
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½ December 1, 2012
There's a moment in "Anchorman" where the four leads break into song. It's a harmonious version of "Afternoon Delight". And while amusing, it's not particularly funny or contributes much to the overall film. There are many moments like those in "Anchorman" at times making it feel like a thematic episode of "Saturday Night Live". But in the case of this film, it doesn't matter.

What does matter is Will Ferrell. The film revolves around him and exists just to give him moments of wackiness. The rest of the cast is amazing but they are inconsequential to the success of the film. At times their presence is distracting as the film starts to feel like "spot the A-lister". Look, it's Ben Stiller! Tim Robbins! Seth Rogan!

"Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy"'s script is loaded with silly moments and, what has made it a cult classic, a boatload of inspired lines. " I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal." "I'm gonna punch you in the ovary, that's what I'm gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker" among others.

So if you want a goofy smile on your face, turn on "Anchorman" it will deliver silly laughs without taxing the brain.
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November 20, 2012
Without a doubt and arguably Will Ferrell's most memorable film of his career. Anchorman is a mindless comedy that keeps fans captivated through its memorable quotes, raunchy laughter and chemistry among its cast. 5/5
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½ August 20, 2012
"Anchorman" isn't the most consistent comedy in the world, but once its brighter sides surfaces, it's uproariously hilarious. Can't recommend this comedy enough. It's ridiculously over-the-top and self-deprecating. In other words, a real good time. Don't miss out on it.
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July 1, 2012
For my 300th review, I wanted to review a film that was special to me and had some value beyond being just a film I happened to watch. Plus, I have already reviewed plenty of my favorites. Except Anchorman. Easily a comedy classic for a new generation, McKay and Ferrell have struck PG-13 comedy gold with the legend of Ron Burgundy. This gut busting comedy never gets old and is endlessly quotable. You absolutely can't miss the great actors like Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd in this one too, there are so incredibly funny in this film. But none measure up to the comedy grandeur that is Will Ferrell. Please witness one of the greatest comedies of our new generation.
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July 31, 2009
Easily one of the funniest comedies of the last 10 years and one of the only Will Ferrel films I can stand. Full review later.
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½ August 1, 2011
I can understand why so many people love Anchorman (with Will Ferrell being a huge reason), but overall I thought the film was really plain and simple. It's not too long or too short and some of the jokes are hit and miss, but I liked it overall. You just can't help but laugh at the humor in this movie.
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½ March 24, 2012
Time after time i watch this with enjoyment and time after time the jokes always get me, not much to write but: funny.
Directors Cat
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October 25, 2011
Anchorman improves its humour by deliberately making the film's comedy style, scenes and situations go all over the place like most Judd Apatow films. Anchorman probably does this the best and makes it even more enjoyable with a setting and time period together that has never really been seen in a film before.
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January 22, 2007
I'm gonna start off right here and be completely honest with you: I loathe Will Ferrell. People tend to call him one of the greatest comedians in movies today, and I disagree with that in earnest. I also dislike Steve Carell and Ben Stiller. I'm actually not that crazy about David Koechner or Christina Applegate either... so why in the hell would I like a movie filled with people that I don't particularly care for? I don't really have a good concrete answer for that, but I'll try. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burguny rarely strays into what I like to call "modern comedy aesthetic" territory. What I mean by that is using looooooooooooooooong takes of someone adlibbing (as Ferrell is famous for doing), shoving useless CGI that doesn't improve jokes at all (the baby scene in the beginning of the film is a good example) or just being flat-out tasteless with jokes for shock laughs. None of that appeals to me, and thankfully this film doesn't adhere to those things. Some of them are in there, yes, but they're minor enough to be overlooked. I really liked the story and the characters in this one. It felt refreshing, and I hate to say it, but Will Ferrell is good as Ron Burgundy. It's one of the few times a role works because he's in it, and I don't say that very often about him. The laughs aren't gut-bustingly funny, but the overall film is funny and enjoyable, even if it teeters out toward the end. To be succinct, this was much better than I expected and much better than it has any right to be.
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June 23, 2011
How can you not love this film? When you need cheering up or want a comedy, this is the film you need to pick. Will Ferrell shines and the silliness of it all has you laughing all throughout the film. There are a great amount of quotable lines that I use in my everyday life and the storyline was well thought out. A great potrayal of a stupid newsman, comedy at it's finest.
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½ March 24, 2011
It border lines a parody, nonsensical movie, but never tips into that kind of stupid comedy. Instead it turns out to be very funny. An immature, but very funny film with a very good cast.
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July 25, 2006
I did say that I wasn't interested in this, but I went ahead and watched it anyway and I can safely say that I was right. I found it pointless and unfunny (although Brick was hilarious). The only satisfaction I gained from this was laughing at how bad it was and to it's credit, the good ending.
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August 17, 2011
A Solar Car team classic. We quoted this movie wayyyy too many times in Australia
"So hot... black [team shirts] was a baad choice!"
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