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June 27, 2013
This film is a gorgeous spectacle that is executed flawlessly. The vocals are magnificent and the acting is supreme. 5 out of 5 stars!!
½ July 3, 2012
This is an excellent and heartbreaking sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. Andrew Lloyd Webber's music is amazing.
June 27, 2012
I went into this having mixed feelings. I love The Phantom Of The Opera, but I just wasn't sure the magic and emotion of it could be recaptured in a sequel. And for the first half hour or so, I was convinced it hadn't happened. But the more I watched of this, the more captivated I was. And by the end, I was a complete wreck, in such a wonderful way. If you're a fan of musicals, you definitely CANNOT miss this one.
July 8, 2012
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 19, 2014
Put off watching this sequel for a long time as i was not thrilled with where the plot went. Upon watching it I fell in love with everything about this movie from the plot, to the stage setup, the music and the acting. Ben Lewis and Anna O'byrne make a amazing older Phantom and Christine. I will admit the music isn't as good as the first movie but still is great in its own right.
½ July 6, 2013
Simply a great sequel to the original Phantom. The story of the film just makes many sudden turns in how your disposition is of each character. One minute you could believe one thing about the characters, then another the next. The plot is a great way to really change the ballgame and make you really dive deep into it's predecessor and think about how everything occurred. The musical performances are astounding and filled with emotion. Ben Lewis has a voice that really digs into you, an reminds me of a fusion of Gerard Butler and Ramin Karimloo. His vowels are so sound, and long notes are so crisp, but contains a large amount of emotion and strong lyric. Christine was played well also, where the singing is good, I was felt wanting more firmness from each note. While the performances were great, I felt the setting of Coney Island was a bit confusing. Also, some of the tunes Andrew Lloyd Webber (while a musical genius) I felt were a bit too campy for the franchise, as you have to keep seriousness throughout the story, not drift back and forth. I understand it is Coney Island, but it's Phantom. It's not a musically fun story so to speak. Overall, "Love Never Dies" is a more than satisfying sequel to the breathtaking original, which will certainly feed all Phantom fans' hunger for more of the musical love triangle.
April 12, 2013
Not impressed with the score or the storyline. There wasn't much distinction between songs, except for a couple. Christine and Gustave are very talented though, and the set design and costumes were well done.
January 18, 2013
It's alright compared to the London cast. I like London's version much better to be honest
December 21, 2012
Very powerful emotionally speaking but lacks the musical grandeur that made the first story such a hit. I still loved it.
October 27, 2012
the story is great.. but unlike before.. Christine and Erik's chemistry in the phantom of the opera is much powerful than this one.. but! Andrew's music never change.. still captivating :)
October 19, 2012
As a musical on its own, "Love Never Dies" is wonderful. The music is very entertaining, being it's by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and the story is interesting and unpredictable. However, as a sequel to "Phantom of the Opera" it's not as good. I feel like the characters aren't the same people as they were before. For example, the Phantom should be much more scary, and Raoul never struck me as a drunk jerk before.
September 19, 2012
Andrew Lloyd Webber's sequel to his masterwork, The phantom of the Opera not only lives up to the greatness of its predecessor, it far outshines it in nearly every aspect. The score is richer, the songs are more heartwrenching, the Phantom is more darkly seductive, adn Christine is more enchanting. For perhaps the first time in modern history, someone has crafted a true Opera to hold its own with the true masters like Mozart and Wagner. The story is far better than the original POTO and Ben Lewis especially brings a maturity to the traditionally violent and volatile Phantom. Without question, this is the best musical I have ever seen and I have absolutely no idea why so many people have reviled it.
½ August 21, 2012
I love the storyline. Finally Christine chooses the man she should have chosen ages ago... lol!!!! I am so happy with this!!!! Thank you Andrew Lloyd!!!
August 4, 2012
May not be as good as The Phantom Of The Opera, but is still amazing
August 1, 2012
I love this movie so much. Phantom of the Opera didnt have enough closure for me and in the 2004 movie, it still didnt give me closure so this whole story that unfolds makes alot more sense to me. Not to mention that the music is just beautiful :)
July 29, 2012
did not think i would like it but I really enjoy it.
July 18, 2012
Not sure. I fell in love with some of the songs while others were truly awful. Don't know how I feel about the story. Entertaining, at least, but not as much as the original.
½ July 18, 2012
I read that they were making a sequel to Phantom but I didn't think it would seriously happen. Watching the DVD was quite interesting indeed. I felt this production was very straightforward and the way the Phantom re-enters Christine's life by popping out of her mirror kind of shows how simple it is. I saw that Raoul became quite the big jerk and I don't know why we liked him in Phantom in the first place. Some of the surprise twists I should have seen coming but I'm glad I didn't which made me go WTF a couple times. Comparing the music of both productions is quite impossible to do. There are no really memorable pieces of music that stuck out to me, but they are easy to listen to and move the story along rather well. I mean how can you top Music of the Night anyway? The DVD featured the Australian production crew and the sets and costumes were quite good. I don't see why they can't make this version on Broadway one day. Love Never Dies isn't as epic or moving as the first one but fans of the original would definitely enjoy it!
½ June 23, 2012
Though I don't think this sequel fits the first production, seeing that the character of the characters don't really match and the story line isn't much of a flow-through, I still enjoyed it.
Despite a lot of negative comments and reviews, there are good points about this production that I appreciate. First, I loved the scene where the phantom recognizes himself in the child. Second, the cast is great! Christine sang with such passion and the phantom shows a lot of his human side. He is a lot more 'human', flesh and blood and all than the first production.
About the music. There are a couple new songs in the sequel that I love, e.g. "Love Never Dies" (of course). I like how some of the old, familiar tunes show up to remind us of the previous.
However, some of the same tunes keep repeating itself and it gets a bit monotonous as the production goes. Same old problem as Andrew Lloyd Webber's new revival of the Wizard of Oz.
The plot is lame. But the flow, the set design, the costumes, the atmosphere are all good. Definitely deserve a lot more credits than it was given.
June 12, 2012
If you can go into this film knowing it will not be the classic "Phantom" you know and love and can just accept it as the new musical that it is, you are bound to enjoy what I believe is a beautiful and moving production.
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