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February 20, 2015
Typical 1960's WWII foreign-produced (Italy) actioner.
February 18, 2013
The movie is stupid beginning with the theme song. At first I thought it was Anzio-The Musical. It didn't show the real drama of the conflict with soldiers pinned down on the beach. It was released in 1968 and I thought it had an anti-war message.
½ September 2, 2012
run of the mill WWII drama post WWII
August 10, 2011
Wednesday, August 10, 2011

(1968) Anzio

Early produced Dino De Laurentis film, which means respected director, Edward Dmytryk may had to compromise during it's entire shoot! Boring because it's muddled plot, almost plotless to say the least and pointless fabrication about the invasion of Anzio, Italy (one of the worst casualities in the history of Italy) that was supposedly come from a book written by Wynford Vaughan-Thomasin and is faithful by principal only, since the story throughout is inconsistent eg: on one scene, the Robert Mitchum character understands Italian language enough to speak it, then on the next scene, he doesn't understand it at all! Although much of the cast is by Italian casting playing both German and American roles, the movie stars Robert Mitchum as the war hero reporter, Peter Falk and Arthur Kennedy and veteran actor Robert Ryan (The Wild Bunch) whose only presence is for no more than 5 minutes throughout the entire film- 3 minutes at the beginning 2 minutes at the end! The only thing I can see that the well known actors got from this experience, is the free trip to beautiful Italy! It's borderline 'spaghetti western' tone because of dubbing and musical score timing!

What a waste of time to watch this, which if it wasn't for the short 'synopsis' at the back of the actual VHS case- I wouldn't been able to understand any of it at all!

1 out of 4
Super Reviewer
April 19, 2011
A excellent WWII movie about the Battle of Anzio (Italy) showing the landing and the days leading up to the pushing back of the German troops. Robert Mitchum plays a war news paper reporter who no only brings back much needed intelligence but he is also responsible for the removal of a General who drops the ball and could have march troops all the way to Rome with little if any resistance. Excellent overall War Movie, just don't make them like this anymore. Peter Falk also plays an excellent part in this movie , No less then5 stars.
February 6, 2011
"Anzio" is an action packed war movie which balances the action with just the right amount of "pre-game war talk", character study, and plot development. What this means in layman's terms is, you get your money's worth. You'll be excited, with never a dull moment, while being interested in what the characters have to say at the same time. This also means you care about the characters, one way or another. "Anzio" might be best understood as having three dimensions in the story line. First, it's an all out blood bath series of shootings, with an extremely riveting fight against snipers in the end. Second, it's the story of military strategy, which is supplied by Robert Ryan, Arthur Kennedy, and Arthur Franz, among others, doing the "high ranking officers making decisions" bit. Third, and most importantly, it's the story of why men have wars. The war correspondent who links these all together is played by Robert Mitchum. His character is one of the most well defined characters ever written in a war movie. The third dimension really grips the story, with Peter Falk playing a veteran ranger who is famous for his exploits in the unit, a man who seems to enjoy the killing, but has a softer side, too. His character may be the second best defined character of war movies (if you omit "Jungle Fighters".) The final shootout is an emotionally gripping sniper attack that leaves you on the edge of your seat. Possibly the best filmwork for any war movie ever done, and it would be the best film editing, too, if not for one glitch in which the sniper attack comes from out of the blue in sequence. But that may be just what the director intended. It is effective, but leaves you wondering "Where am I"? more than anything else. And these troopers know where they are. The music really doesn't suit the subject matter, even in contrast. It's like one of the early MTV videos. Music and video don't match. Just ignore the music and enjoy the show.
½ June 27, 2010
It has some fantastic War Scenes, as well as some great performances by Robert Mitchum and Peter Falk. However, I feel that Robert Mitchum is forever typecast as Reverand Harry Powell from Night of the Hunter. That isn't so much a fault with the film though as it is with the audience. One of the weaknesses of the film was the romance. True, it was brief, but it was really dull when it was on screen. Also, the German Dialogue was awful. They were speaking English, but I feel that it would have worked much better if they spoke German and we were provided with English Subtitles. Finally, some of the early action scenes were unintentionally funny, with Peter Falk skipping around while fighting. It's a decent War film, but it's not too memorable.
½ November 24, 2008
Pretty weird warmovie.
It's rough action mixed with long philosophical discussions about the moral of killing and allmost everyone dies.
The scene in which the overaged rebel soldier is making his way throgh a crowd in a stolen ambulance with three hidden italian hookers shouting "make way - hot stuff coming through." made me think; Isn't that what Bart Simpson is shouting when he's skateboarding his way on the pavements of Springfield?
September 16, 2006
Classified as a classic = Interested.
½ August 6, 2007
Well made film on the US Rangers at Anzio during the Italian Campaign of WW2
½ July 1, 2007
great WW2 movie and cast
½ May 5, 2007
Not a great but you can see where Spielberg & Co. got inspiration
March 19, 2007
Writer Robert Mitchum takes a tour of World War II's most horrific battles in search of the immortal question: "Why do men start wars?" The answer, in the end, is quite simple.
December 3, 2006
I would like to see this, i think...
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