Ao lua ha dong (The White Silk Dress) Reviews

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September 12, 2014
The best Vietnamese movie I've ever seen!
½ November 3, 2012
One of the most uplifting movies ever made by any director. This is not just another war story from Vietnam, not a tale of a mysterious white silk dress, not a depiction of an impoverished Vietnamese family. No, it is a wonderful ode to all Vietnamese women, their resilience, determination, sagacity, and beauty. The story is brilliantly told, shot, and does have a few surprising turns to keep you in your seat for its two hours and twenty minutes length.
January 26, 2012
Only watch this if you're in the mood for a slow-burning, depressing foreign film. An impoverished Vietnamese family migrates south in ~1950ish and settles on a flood prone due to a pregnancy. I've been told this film accurately depicts Vietnamese culture.
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