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½ June 25, 2008
What do we learn watching this movie? Fuzzy baby bears are cuter than baby walruses. Being a wild animal is tough. Its made tougher when the walrus' breeding grounds are melting away.
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August 22, 2007
So sad. Have tissues handy... Made me realize just how desperate it is to stop global warming. I have taken an active role in fighting this cause since watching this movie. This needs to end now.
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½ August 8, 2007
Gorgeous vistas are undermined by narration, message, flatulance.
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April 6, 2009
The footage was amazing and so were the stories of the animals they followed. It's very cute, but also really sad...
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½ July 27, 2007
Very cutesy but fantastic scenery and a great heartwarming story.
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June 5, 2008
A beautiful but tragic documentary
(15 years in the making) about the struggle of polar bears and sea lions to stay alive with the drastic changes in the arctic environment.Queen Latifah does an excellent job of narrating this heartbreaking doc.
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½ August 19, 2007
"March of the Penguins" meets "An Inconvenient Truth", albeit this film is not as well crafted as either of the aforementioned. Hats off to the cinematographers though, they provide some amazing footage here. The documentary loses its focus at times by unsuccessfully trying to provide some comic relief (in the form of flatulence in one scene). Unfortunately, some of these come at critical moments in this film, undermining the message of the movie. And as much as I enjoyed Queen Latifah in "Stranger than Fiction", and although she did a satisfactory job in this film, I much prefer Morgan Freeman as a narrator in documentaries about cold-weather animals.
June 20, 2008
I really enjoyed this epic adventure about Seela the walrus and Nanu the polar bear. Watching their journey from the time they were born to adulthood with all their struggles along the way was truly amazing. Queen Latifah's narration was quite refreshing.
½ May 10, 2008
Very touching! We all need to do our own part to save the planet. Just a little from each of us can go a long way.
December 17, 2007
At first, the movie was boring, and I thought to myself, "This isn't anything like the 'Planet Earth' series," but it did get a bit more amusing toward the end. This film does a good job portraying the effects of global warming. However, I think Queen Latifah was a horrible choice for a narrator.
July 27, 2007
a good perspective on whats happening in the coldest places on earth because of global warming. Sad, how polar bears will possibly become extinct because of global warming.
March 20, 2008
Very good. Worth watching. No it's not March of the Penguins; get some popcorn and enjoy. Life's short...
February 7, 2008
Aww this was so cute! must see for kids everywhere, This will surely inspire us to do something in saving are planet from polution and wrong, Save the Ice Caps, we must all take action now...
½ July 31, 2007
Lattifah narrates this beautifully. What a genuine story and truthful signs of what is going on with our icebergs.
January 1, 2008
I'm aware that this story might be fabricated, but I like the story a lot. I'm also moved by these nature type of films. I wasn't even bothered by Queen Latifah's commentary. Save the polar bears!
December 4, 2007
"An Inconvenient Truth" for the munchkin set. Whatever your politics on the subject of global warming, this is a beautifully shot movie. There are some truly breathtaking images, especially some of the underwater footage under the ice as birds, narwhals, and walruses cavort. Don't go into it thinking it's a documentary; this is more a tale a la "The Adventures of Milo and Otis", though a much more cautionary one. Following the lives of a baby polar bear and a baby walrus (both extremely cute, one in a white fluffy way, the other in a blubbery, pudgebucket way) as they grow up in a frozen land that's becoming not so frozen. The images of polar bears stranded on isolated icecaps or slowly succumbing to hunger and cold are actually pretty chilling (if you'll pardon the pun). I figure if a flick can get a kid to shut the damn lights off when he's not in the room by warning him it'll kill a cute baby seal, works for me.
½ September 20, 2007
As long as you remember they edited out all of the scenes where one star is eating, or being eaten by one of the other "stars" it does show how beautiful it is up here in Alaska
August 7, 2007
I would really like 2 see this I dont think I would watch it my grandchildren dont want to tramatize them.
½ July 29, 2007
ok we get it we are in trouble so what is the govments of the world going to do about they have not listened since 1972 what makes you think they are now
July 23, 2007
This movie opens your eyes to our harsh warming, but its portrayed through the eyes of the first affected...the animals living in the artic ocean (polar bears, walruses)...its a sad story of survival....I enjoyed watching this film.
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