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½ September 8, 2012
Before I start I must point out that I am clearly in the minority where this film is concerned. Everybody seems to be tearing it apart for the reasons why I love it. This found footage effort sees a plane crash and the survivors stalked by some unseen predator. The first 20 minutes are fantastic. It really does seem like real footage thanks to all of the characters. Nobody seems like a traditional character meant to take part in a film. The young girl with the camera is awfully polite, saying "Hi" to all aboard and taking a genuine interest in them. This makes her likable from the outset. The passengers and cabin crew are also well played out and know how to deliver dialogue. I'm pretty sure it was improv as it sounded very naturalistic. It builds tension well and captures the claustrophobia and terror many feel on a plane, and that's before it all goes wrong. After the plane crash the survivors band together and are soon picked off one by one. As a found footage movie it is excellent because it makes its premise work. Many will complain about the constant shouting, talking over each other, unable to hear what some are saying, and the painful screaming, but that all seemed real to me. The characters do get frustrated but they are also not one note caricatures. Even the annoying guy explains his panic when we discover he is recovering from a heart attack and doesn't have his meds. I loved the acting in this film and think it really brought it to life. The panic and confusion of the characters after the crash seemed very real. I did feel as though it went on for a bit too long and can easily see how people would tire of the film and the final shot was such a laugh out loud moment. Completely unnecessary.
Ryan M
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August 28, 2012
* out of ****

I'll never understand what IFC Films sees in half the films they help distribute; especially the films that are a part of their IFC Midnight sub-chain, which specializes mostly in horror movies or movies of a darker nature in general. Once in a while, they'll help get a pretty good or even great genre flick out there but that feels like merely once in a blue moon. Most of the time, they're either assisting Tom Six in spreading his cinematic hate-letters (and I don't even mind the "Human Centipede" pictures thus far) or releasing stinking piles of pure dog-shit like "Area 407"; a dull exercise in found footage that the makers and the distributers would probably like to believe is way more artsy and entertaining than it actually is.

As it opens, we're introduced to a pair of sisters heading to their home of sunny LA, one of them an annoying brat who likes to play around with her sister's handheld camcorder. Once they've boarded the plane, the annoying sister starts filming everything and every passenger; including some poor middle-aged bald guy who both sisters believe is an alcoholic (so, yeah, not so nice to laugh at the guy's problems). When they're just about to reach their destination, the plane hits extreme turbulence and crashes in the middle of nowhere; certainly not Los Angeles. We assume that a lot of people die, but a lot of the crew also survives; including one of the flight attendants. Then we hear the combined sounds of human cries for help and animalistic roaring in the distance.

For the longest time, these stupid characters won't stop bickering with one another. It's not too long before we learn that poor middle-aged bald guy is not very "poor" at all, at least not in the sense that I originally thought he might be. His attitude is certainly of no more or less that quality, I can tell you that. The group has to move whilst staying together in order to find shelter; since something is stalking them nearby in the darkness, and that something happens to be some sort of dinosaur (a raptor perhaps). Well, you can't say they've done everything with the found footage genre!

The film offers up as little characterization as possible, and that is where it is most dreadful. We don't care for these people in spite of their dilemma, and even though the first fifteen minutes of the film are decent if not in an empty, soulless sort of way; the whole thing is mostly kind of joyless. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of found footage; and you can guess where this one belongs. The film doesn't even make good use of its villain; instead resorting to techniques that we've seen so many times before and utilized much better. Plus, the dino effects are bad, so...yeah. And the explanation for their presence (the plane crashed in the titular area 407, kind of like Area 51), while not illogical, is even more disappointing.

I find it insulting that just about any old idiot can buy a cheap camera and make a cheap movie. I miss the days of "Cannibal Holocaust" and "The Blair Witch Project" where the found footage was not a gimmick but a style; and an innovative one at that. "Area 407" has zero suspense, zero characterization, and zero entertainment value. It's boring, dumb, and genuinely unimaginative. Who thought it was a good idea to make this thing let alone give it a theatrical release? Why must the filmmakers lacking in all talent get noticed while the ones with actual skill sit in the corner, with their works unreleased? You could literally go to Youtube and find a found footage film or short film (like the "Marble Hornets" webseries) more worthy of attention and praise than this piece of crap. Avoid at all costs, for the taglines lie. "Area 407" is too lame for reality and too disturbingly bad for fiction.
½ April 7, 2013
Shot supposedly with camcorders...It was shakey and the acting was horrible. I got about a good 10 minutes in before I couldn't do anymore. Do not waste renting this one....
January 19, 2013
A group of people flying home from New York City get in a plane crash, the remaining survivors are hurt and wondering around in the dark, there are "animals" or "dinosaurs" on government property, in a special "section" where the plane goes down. It was a decent movie.Suspensful and dark. At times the camera goes a bit wonky because one of the girls is filming the movie with a hand held camera the entire time Blair Witch style.
½ September 1, 2012
A found-footage horror film with dinosaurs sounds promising, but ultimately Area 407 was just way too boring and didn't have enough dinosaurs in it. When the dinosaurs do appear, they are completely lame looking. I give it some props for being cold-blooded in its conclusion, but nothing else really recommends this film other than its premise which it totally squanders.
May 31, 2012
Area 407 simply consists of shaky, badly focused camera footage with characters yelling and arguing at one another mixed in with stock "creepy" noises followed by generic "What the fuck was that?!" type dialogue. The monster is probably seen in the movie for a total of twenty seconds, and the bits of it that are actually shown looks extremely fake. As for the ending, it was just plain retarded and made me burst out into laughter. Some of the acting is okay, but it's not good enough to carry the entire movie.
½ February 23, 2014
This movie was plotless and took forever just to get through the pointless scenes. The dialouge in this movie was good but there was way too much of it in some parts. Also, near the end of the movie, what happened to the guy with the brown jacket, he just dissappeared and never showed up for the rest of the movie.
November 27, 2013
Probably the worst piece of crap i have ever saw !!!...IT GAVE ME A MAJOR HEADACHE !!
November 23, 2013
This is yet another found-film, hand-held camera, cheap, bad production. Why does a US air marshal have an Aussie accent? Why does the blood on everyone never dry, never run, nor change colour as it must?

One line summary: The worst in found film; lots of closeups of bloody faces; not much plot.


Trish and Jessie travel by jet from New York to Los Angeles for New Year's Eve. Trish is video recording. Trish's high-pitched elf voice is incredibly irritating. The new year arrives during the flight; this was quite the anticlimax until the heavy weather hits.

The plane crashes in a desert area. Trish and Jessie survive. Jessie takes over filming after Trish is incapacitated.

After seeing this film, not hearing the word 'okay' for about 8 years would be fine. The characters kept repeating 'okay' while examining bleeding, broken limbs, no food, no shelter, missing people, and so on. The anger at the intrusive camera seemed quite understandable. The only use I could see for the camera was as a torch (flashlight). Jessie, who is even less skilled at operating it, took over. Jessie zooms almost continuously, concentrates on bloodied faces, and almost never focuses well.

Something goes bump in the night, kills several survivors, and routs them from the leftover fuselage. Six survivors find a nearby cabin. Eventually a car comes by. The surviving air marshal has a conversation with the driver, who proceeds to drive away. The bump in the night returns and scares them out of the cabin. The ever-useless, petulant Trish holds half of them back.

They find a working two-way radio in the second cabin. The initial 'replies' are indecipherable. They keep trying and eventually contact someone who will try to triangulate their position. The voice tells them to go back to the plane where the bump in the night killed people.

They obey this direction. Will anyone survive?


Cinematography: 0/10 Hand-held nonsense. All the usual failures are there: continuous and unnecessary zooming, bad focus, bad framing, settling on a subject who is doing nothing other than zoning out.

Sound: 5/10 Varies wildly. Trish's high pitched voice rates a good minus four.

Acting: 0/10 The hand-held camera trumps acting.

Screenplay: 2/10 Is there a story here? Way too much time is spent on the camera zooming and re-zooming and focusing on characters who are basically not moving, not talking. So far it is: plane crash, deaths, scramble, hope for rescue, then hopes dashed. Looks like a nice ten minute short.
½ September 13, 2013
Typical waste of time found in most 'found tape' movies. I want my time back.
August 27, 2013
It's not all that bad of a found-footage film. While it still suffers the why?' parts, it's still pretty scary and exciting. The dinosaurs don't appear often enough, and we usually only see glimpses of them. A lot of arguing, running, and blood (each character is pretty much soaking in wet blood for the entire film). While there are a lot of stupid deaths that I didn't like, particularly the end which was awful, it's honestly not a bad as some found-footage flicks. Could of had more dinosaurs though.
June 18, 2013
Harsh as this may seem, the little girl, Trish, was so annoying (particularly her voice), that I prayed she did not survive the crash so we didn't have to hear her for the rest of the movie.
May 26, 2013
It may have a good ending but Area 407 is missing a lot of pay off to make it a satisfying experience.
May 1, 2013
pesima, de lo peor en mucho tiempo
April 11, 2013
filme lixo, proxima vez, tomara q esses autores façam um filme bem melhor e com um roteiro mais elaborado, fim do filme, foi péssimo, completamente desnecessário...
½ January 3, 2013
Yet more wobbly "found footage" of loud Americans screaming 'Oh My God' at eachother repeatedly. How novel.
½ February 6, 2013
This nauseating chaos of hand held dizziness is not only stressful to watch, but to witness the decisions made by these people is a true exercise in human stupidity...what's worse, you never get to see the rapturous monster until the last second of the film, and that final twist is highly misjudged.
½ February 4, 2013

The actors played very well, the spooky sound covering the whole film evokes the brilliant scary athmosphere and the end is some sort of kafkaesk.

It's not that good as let's say V/H/S or REC - but definitely one of the best horror movies I've seen in the last couple of years.
February 1, 2013
It was't horrible but terribly cliched and predicable. The ending was pretty bad too. Good B movie to watch with friends and beer.
½ January 6, 2013
So this is their formula: plane crash + desert + velociraptors bred by the army = terror. This could have worked in 1992 or any year prior to that one, but, guess what? one guy called Steven Spielberg made one movie called "Jurassic Park" and he made one after that one, and another one, an so on. So, the raptors terror formula, is kind of used. Considering this, there is nothing else to add. Bad movie, most annoying characters in film history and a lazy script.
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