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August 2, 2006
[My predicted rating 2.5]

I would never have chosen to watch this film and yet it did have a fair bit of entertainment value. There were some good effects throughout the film and of course some good Martial Arts choreography from Jackie Chan, in fact even the usually irritating Steve Coogan did a good job - a good adventure!
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June 23, 2011
One of my all time favourite films. Really funny and I haven't seen the original but this has got to be one of the best remakes. Arnold's cameo is amazing!
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September 8, 2010
3 stars
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July 23, 2010
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½ February 6, 2010
This was kinda fun to watch. Quite entertaining.
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December 8, 2009
Extremely Funny better than the prequel.
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July 29, 2007
A movie that I can actually tolerate Steve Coogan! Steve is Phileas Fog who needs to win a bet to travel around the world in 80 days. He embarks on many adventures travelling through Europe, Asia and America. Good performances from Jackie Chan who plays his valet and Kathy Bates who plays Queen Victoria.
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April 16, 2007
Jackie Chan seems to play the same Chinese stereotype in every Hollywood film he's in. However, I have to admit that I like him and would proably watch anything he was in. I'm not usually a fan of Steve Coogan but I really liked his Phileas Fogg. The comedy's a bit too slapstick for my taste, but half the fun is in spotting all the references to modern culture and history. I have to say I was also guilty of enjoying Owen Wilson's cameo-style role as a Wright Brother.
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½ March 26, 2007
made me snnnnooooorrr!
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November 30, 2006
Jackie Chan's presence adds lively stunts and martial arts to this tale of an inventor trying to travel the world in 80 days. Rocket packs, balloons and steam trains are fun, as are the cameos by Rob Schneider and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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½ May 22, 2006
An adaptation of a classic story, that is changed to appeal to a very young audience. The film mainly struggles as it has to add in a number of fights for Jackie Chan. They seem to come at random. A few celebrity cameos and a couple of good jokes, as well as Coogans likeable performance keep it from being terrible.
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May 29, 2012
Turning a Jules Verne novel into a Jackie Chan film is one of the most spectacularly awful ideas ever conceived. Disney has absolutely no shame. Around the World in 80 Days is atrocious, the acting is horrid, the story is idiotic, and the special effects are pathetic.
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½ September 29, 2011
Around the World in 80 Days stars Steve Coogan as Phineas Fogg, a 19th century English gentlemen who has made a wager that he can traverse the globe in less than three months along with an adventurer named Passpepartout, played by Jackie Chan. Using the various means of transportation during that era, they encounter many famous and wacky characters including the Wright brothers.
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February 6, 2009
"What's the point in hiring a corrupt inspector when he can't even abuse the Law properly?" - Lord Kelvin

This is not a remake of the original movie. It is also not a faithful adaptation to Jules Verne's literary work. This is a delightful comedic version of a story many of us have enjoyed. Now as a version of Around the World in 80 Days which lists Passepartout before Phileas Fogg, this had no business pulling itself out of the mire. Passepartout is a supporting character, not the main. However, Jackie Chan's Passepartout was the star. Steve Coogan proved himself more than capable of commenting the Phileas Fogg role and did so with a crisp dignity one can only hold in regard. Jackie Chan exhibits some of his most inspired comedic martial arts to date in this production. This was not the blow-by-blow retelling of Jules Verne's vision. But that did not take away one ounce of enjoyment. It was entertaining and deftly captured the spirit of Jules Verne's work. True, the original work was not a comedy, but if you've read Jules Verne, you'll understand that he did have a wonderful sense of humor. He included characters in his works which were present for no other purpose than comic relief. Jackie Chan's Passepartout fits that mold perfectly. This production possesses every aspect held dear in the novel. There is adventure, comedy, beautiful vistas from great locations all around the world, and inventions. It presented a beautiful culminating blend of many of the themes from Jules Verne's works. There are many gentle reminders of Jules Verne's vision and his novels scattered all through this attempt. This is a fun, entertaining and heart-warming retelling of a classic story.
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January 17, 2010
Around the world in 80 days is the perfect adventure/comedy/romance movie with wonderful performances by Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan as they embark on a trip around the world as a bet. Coogan plays the eccentric English inventor perfectly and Jackie Chan also gives us some laughs and some great martial arts action. The movie is full of great cameos; Scwarzenegger as Prince Hapi, Sammo Hung as a kung-fu figther, Rob Schneider as a hooligan and John Clesse as a policeman.
This is a very good family friendly film with some laugh-out-loud funny moments.
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November 17, 2007
Seen the story in many adaptations, this one contains more humour.
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July 24, 2007
Loved the movie a whole lot.
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September 13, 2011
O.....kay, not too bad, some of the humours were good, but the rest are not. Casting is quite good
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August 12, 2006
Craziness abounds in this travesty of a film. It doesn't make any sense, it has no plot and the characters are staid. Jackie Chan is great as usual though, that's why it gets one star. Coogan, stick to TV. It does while an hour or two, but avoid if you have better things to do.
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January 15, 2011
It was pretty funny most of the time. However, it was not faithful to the book. It just took some ideas from the original masterpiece of Jules Verne and made a whole new story. This is no better than the book.
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