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½ December 21, 2011
Wonderful acting from the lead cast....brilliant cinematography..... tastefully done
January 21, 2012
Impeccably produced, beautifully photographed, great performance from Gimà (C)nez Cacho and a great storyline. It is an example of a more evolved Mexican filmmaking and an inspiration to continue supporting projects like this.
June 23, 2011
another period piece drama with a love triangle at its centre.
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½ February 28, 2010
Mexican movie Arrancame La Vida,based on the novel of a young woman Catalina that was attracted by a much older man, Andres Ascencio. They got married, even against her father's will. Catalina was not prepared for her new life and her new status. Andres, an ambitious man,was running for governor of the state.Catalina, a smart but young lady, dedicated her youth to her husband.She went from a young girl to a high society lady, but complicated her life when she fell in love with an Orchestra director Carlos. Andres was portrait by Daniel Jimenez Cacho, a wonderful Mexican actor that delivered a great acting.The movie was worth seeing and was very enjoyable.
December 27, 2009
Buenisima, no es de romantica, habla de la vida y la avaricia, y las mujeres valientes.
November 19, 2009
Muy bien hecha. Me gusto. Sobre todo Ana Claudia Talancón. PERO... no pasa de ser la historia de una vieja que le pone los cuernos a su marido.
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July 6, 2009
Esta pelicula es una de las mejores Mexicanas q se hayan producido
½ November 5, 2008
Roberto Sneider is becoming one of my favorite Directors from Mexico, after the GREAT Guillermo Del Toro of course. Arrancame la Vida, based on the novel by Angeles Mastretta, is by far one of the very best films Mexico has produced. The Art Direction is unbeatable, the music, the acting... simply terrific. I am amazed that the Academy ignored it as a foreign language film contestant, because having a big quality, it also has a lot of "stereotypes", and by that I DO NOT mean the stupid ones Hollywood shows-managed with great taste and style here-and the Academy loves in foreign films. Daniel Gimenez Cacho is such a great actor, I am really amazed, though I have to admit that I haven't seen him doing such a great character like this one in a while; he definitely steals the film. Ana Claudia Talancon is not only great looking, but she is a star; she shines and she actually carries the film. Great story, great music, great wardrobe, great Art Direction.. great masterpiece. The film is so... mexican, so latin... one can sense the PASSION that a country like Mexico breaths and lives with. Absolutely brilliant.
NOTE: by stereotypes I mean the "macho" attitude towards women here, in an era when Mexico really started to change. As a matter of fact, Ana Claudia Talancon's character is a proof, an example, of a very strong woman who fights, with great pose, against all of that. And as a plus, we get to see the REAL Mexico. The architecture, the colors, the flavours... the beauty of a country like Mexico, FAR AWAY from the Hollywood's "tacos" CRAP that we get to see in many films.
December 29, 2008
Hermosa historia de Ángeles Mastreta. Parece que es lo que todas deseamos vivir.
December 21, 2008
Como es bien sabido, esta adaptacion de la novela de Mercedes Mastreta, ha sido la produccion mexicana mas cara de la industria. Los millones, valieron la pena si hablamos de locaciones, vestuarios, arte y ambientacion. La pelicula logra llevarnos a esos años del Mexico que aun tenia jardines en el Zocalo.

Sin embrargo, la adapatacion de la novela aun deja mucho que decear, como en muchas adaptaciones, los sucesos parcen estar desesperados por pasar en un vano intento de avarcar lo mas posible de la novela.

Daniel, hace una buena interpretacion del general, Jose Maria convence y Ana Claudia... mmm que puedo decir, tengo demaciados prejucios personales como para ser objetiva. Sin embargo hay que decir que es de lo mejorcito que el talento joven mexicano
November 28, 2008
Gran produccion, hermoso vestuario y ambientacion, la fotografia es buena por momentos, en general esta bien, las actuaciones estan normales, nada extraordinario, me sorprendio porque esperaba una muy mala telenovela de epoca pero lo cierto es que la historia funciona muy bien en celuloide, pero eso no quiere decir que sea impecable, la historia no siempre corre con fluidez, pero a la vez hay un sentimiento de que falta algo, yo no he leido el libro pero a mi parecer los ingredientes que tomaron del guion son los que hacen la pelicula memorable, 6.5/10-
October 27, 2008
Una excelente producción mexicana, a mi gusto una de las mejores peliculas mexicanas de los ultimos tiempos, basada en el libro, narra la vida de una mujer casada con un militar en los tiempos post-revolución.

El guión y dialogo es estupendo, no te aburriras.

October 12, 2008
Loved every part of it.....left me with a strange's fantastic
½ October 11, 2008
good movie...a little innapropriate, but all in all, good!
September 20, 2008
I read the book about a year ago, and it's my favorite book. This movie is not bad, but, since the book unfolds several little stories, the movie is just the main story, so the movie is missing like half the book. Now that I've finished my review, just to bragg, I know Daniel Giménez Cacho's niece, she's my age.
½ October 6, 2008
Stop the hate! Feel the love! :)

*Review coming soon*
October 5, 2008
The opposite thing happened with Mamma Mia!, I didn't like the book so I saw this film with low expectations that were overpassed. The characters are entertaining and is one of the few times we can see the Mexico of old times on film. Like most of the stories about someone's life (and specially when its inspired on a book) it might seem a little bit long but not boring. It's Ok but not great.
Me encanta la Talancón pero la verdad no le creí el personaje. Nunca veo la diferencia y el proceso de madurez, me pareció que siempre se quedò en los 18. El resto del elenco me pareció bueno (hay muchos actores famosos haciendo muy pequeños papeles) y la historia me pareció entretenida pero no lo suficientemente fuerte como para la manga producción que implicó (pero valió la pena ver un Mexico de antaño representado con calidad)
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September 21, 2008
Lately, there haven't been a lot of Mexican films worthy of bragging about, but thankfully, ARRANCAME LA VIDA is here to fix that. The most expensive film in the history of Mexican cinema, and one of the best of the last decade, this amazing period piece is very close to becoming a classic. The music, costumes and visual elements are exquisite. The script is sharp, and it's also very funny when it has to. Which brings me to the highlight of the film, one of my favorite actors, Daniel Gimenez Cacho. His performance is great, successfully blending General Ascencio's charismatic exterior with his shady, mean personality. Ana Claudia Talancón is stunningly beautiful and also gives a strong performance. Her transition from naive teenager to a powerful woman is very convincing. The style of the film reminded me a little of another favorite film of mine, Atonement.
October 3, 2008
De la historia, ni hablar. La película, bien dirigida, excelentes actuaciones (bueno de Tavira no me acaba de convencer). Tiene su crítica política, sus partes romantica, partes chistosas, muy buena.
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