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½ November 24, 2009
Brace yourself for Melvin.

Great Film! Everything is good and warm in this movie, everything is fresh and vivacious, understandable and well performed. Jack Nicholson brings one of the best performances of his career, that terrific Helen Hunt finally got a chance to show how skilfully an actor can connect naturalism with the laws of the camera performance, and Greg Kinnear shows the most convincing emotions coming from a gay character I've ever seen. The relationships between the characters are created in the way that you can't predict anything that's going to happen, eventhough you know in advance what could come out of their mouth and what kind of attitude they'll have in a certain situation. You can simply feel the progressive collaboration that occurred between Brooks and the actors and the mutual understanding they developed, and it's not often that you see that kind of artistic superstructure shining on the screen so much as it does here. Overall this is a sentimental romantic comedy that is typical for the genre. The story wanders to it's point but the good cast, led by a great Nicholson, hold the whole thing together. A superior piece of sentimentality. Go see it!

New York City. Melvin Udall, a cranky, bigoted, obsessive-compulsive writer, finds his life turned upside down when neighboring gay artist Simon is hospitalized and his dog is entrusted to Melvin. In addition, Carol, the only waitress who will tolerate him, must leave work to care for her sick son, making it impossible for Melvin to eat breakfast.
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½ June 9, 2006
Great characters, excellent acting, and lots of humor and pathos highlight this charming and heartwarming human dramedy/romance story about damaged people struggling for hope, help, and love. While not everyone can relate to the specifics of the characters, the general issues they deal with are realistically portrayed, believable, and understandable.

This is great stuff. Jack and Helen definitely deserved their Oscars for their work here, but I think Kinnear got robbed. He's also terrific. Even the little dog is very cute and memorable.

All in all, the film is a very touching and well done piece, but, because it does hit a lot of uncomfortable moments, it can be one that's tough to get through at times. However, there's a fair amount of humor, and, while some of it is mean-spirited, it's definitely memorable, and there's plenty of lines, funny and otherwise, that are quite quotable.
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½ December 26, 2012
The plot is forced, but Nicholson as Melvin is so sharp and captivating. The film creates an original Ebeneezer Scrooge with a piercing wit aimed to tear down whoever he crosses. Perhaps he is maintaining social walls to ensure that his severe obsessive-compulsive disorder is well stroked, securing his meticulously-set routine from interruptions. They say a way to get over your bad habits is to find better habits that you enjoy even more... Well hello, Helen Hunt!
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January 10, 2009
Jack Nicholson aces as an OCD asshole in this romantic comedy that could have been better had it been shorter by at least 20 minutes. And it was easily possible in this case without losing its effectiveness (IMO, of course). Unfortunately, owing to this factor alone, its appeal gets a bit limited and I guess that those who aren't hardcore fans of the genre can afford to sleep on it. If at all, it could have been better used for some more character development (this excuse would still would leave us with some time in hand). Anyways, it's as good as it gets. Yet I can't look other way if asked whether or not it's impressive. After all, it's quite a high time I came across a movie that was so full of witty lines (including some memorable ones). If you're ready to sit through a few drags, it ought to pay off considerably well. Enjoy and have fun.
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December 21, 2007
A true feel-good-movie
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½ April 24, 2007
I'm not sure why I like this movie. Perhaps the hope that the three lost souls can improve their lot in life. The movie is full of steps forward and steps backward - sort of like life. Anyway, all three leads play their roles well - Jack is an actor I love to hate, and sure enough, his role in this movie is like many of his other roles.
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½ June 22, 2011
As Good As It Gets is the greatest romantic comedy ever, mostly because its actually funny. Dysfunctional, rude, romance writer Melvin (Jack Nicholson). Respecting and beautiful Carol (Helen Hunt) is the only one who can stand his insults and weirdness, which makes Melvin like her very much. Homosexual neighbor to Melvin is Simon (Greg Kinnear), a kind hearted artist who has trouble dealing with Melvin. After Simon gets assaulted, Melvin must watch his annoying dog, but the dog teaches him to love something. This accident brings Melvin, Carol, and Simon together for a trip to get Simon money from his distant and very heartless parents. This trip will create friendships, relationships, and self peace. Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt are the show stealers, their relationship never felt weird or wrong, more of we want them together. The story has so many sub plots you never feel like its boring, even if the ending became kinda slow. As Good As It Gets is one of those rare comedies where you feel a slight joy and sweetness when you laugh.
michael e.
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½ May 29, 2011
Nicholson is a jackass in this film, he's a douche-bag, and I wanted to punch him in the face throughout the whole film. But he pulled this douche-bag off perfectly. Its not the most entertaining film I've seen, and the only thing I didn't like in this film, its incredibly long, and incredibly slow, plus there is nothing eye popping or cool keeping you watching the film. So it was kind of hard to watch for me because of how there is nearly nothing entertaining keeping you watching. Not saying its not a bad movie its very good
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½ September 23, 2007
This film is very clever. Helen Hunts shines as a single mother and Jack Nicholson who is an obnoxious middle aged writer delivers as a man with compulsive obssesive disorder.Definitely a recipe for can always conquer the hardest of hearts....
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½ November 20, 2010
There is so much good in this film, it simply can't be ignored. Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear turn in some career best work (Nicholson and Hunt won Oscars) and James L. Brooks delivers plenty of lovely dialogue and some tender, personal, human situations for the characters to experience. While the romantic aspect never seems to truly work (thankfully the film ends before too much of it can be explored), the connections between the trio of characters is much stronger and resonant that the film ultimately works exceptionally well. "As Good As It Gets" is a solid film, full of heart, pathos and exceptional performances.
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½ August 7, 2010
this is a good all around film.
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½ December 5, 2008
"Brace yourself for Melvin."

A single mother/waitress, a misanthropic author, and a gay artist form an unlikely friendship

Another sitcom-style comedy for adults from James L. Brooks. Like all of Brooks' films, this one is well acted and written and it's always entertaining, but it's also unchallenging and cinematically uninteresting, and always feels slightly sanitized, even when it's dealing with rough topics.

Jack Nicholson plays yet another version of crazy in the kind of role that his later career has been full of. Helen Hunt was hot at the moment because of "Mad About You," and while it's inconceivable all these years later that she actually won an Oscar for this film, her experience in sitcom acting suits Brooks and his material well (though there's quite an ick factor in seeing her paired with someone so much older and lecherous). Greg Kinnear rounds out the principal cast as a gay artist, while Shirley Knight and Cuba Gooding Jr. appear in smaller roles.
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½ February 5, 2007
This is, by far, one of the best performances by Jack Nicholson and a very well-deserved Oscar he got. It's as though the role had been written especially for him, he had it perfectly, and this is probably my favourite role of his.

Helen Hunt was great, too, and I also loved the screenplay.

Overall, one of the most enjoyable comedy I've seen, a romantic film that manages to be heartwarming and never sound fake.
I loved it.
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December 19, 2009
A comedy from the heart that goes for the throat.
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January 27, 2007
Melvin is a romantic novelist who is a selfish manic compulsive who is rude and insulting to all he meets. When Melvin's gay neighbour is beaten up and robbed, Melvin agrees to look after his dog. The dog gives Melvin something to care about other than himself and his life is approaching normal until his regular waitress has to leave work to look after her asthmatic son and his neighbour wants his dog back. Melvin starts to realise that his life needs others for more than just selfish reasons.

The big Oscar winner for Jack is recent years is enjoyable if you come to it knowing what to expect. The film is very sentimental but in a good way. The film is gently comic and amusing and the characters (although exaggerated) are winning and involving. The telling is a little long winded at times and the film could have been shorter but it is still enjoyable. It does tip over into sickly sentimentality at times and can be a bit syrupy but it comes with the territory.

Nicholson is excellent and is the main reason it all works well. His un-PC Melvin is funny but also a character that you can hate and pity on several occasions. Kinnear is good because he is a solid understated character and not hammy or OTT like he can be. Hunt is good but is left with the majority of the syrup and sentiment where the other characters get more share of the laughs. Gooding Jr continues his trend of being good in over the top roles and is funny and happily avoids becoming a flaming gay stereotype.

Overall this is a sentimental romantic comedy that is typical for the genre. The story wanders to it's point but the good cast, led by a great Nicholson, hold the whole thing together. A superior piece of sentimentality.
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April 29, 2009
Absolutely my number one movie from Jack Nicholson. I really enjoyed the story of this movie. Very sad, heart warming, and tragic. I thought Helen Hunt was amazing. She was just so good. Jack was amazing as he is in all his films. It was just a powerful movie with a great cast of people. Jacks character was very funny but very judge mental. But he was just the kind of character that didn't think before he spoke and didn't understand why people got so upset with what he was saying. My favorite quote from Jacks character has be this line, "Go sell crazy someplace else, cause we are all stocked up here." Just really funny. The whole cast gave great performances. Really enjoyed Greg Kinnear in this movie as well. His character really pulls at your heart strings. Just really great all around movie.
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½ August 2, 2009
beautiful story of an obsessive compulsive man. a really different take on an otherwise boring narrative
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June 25, 2007
A mostly well-balanced romantic comedy that features a Jack Nicholson I haven't seen before. It's uneven at times, and you do question the chemistry between Nicholson and Hunt occasionally, but overall it's ability to produce laughs, generate sympathy for Nicholson's insecure character, as well as how it ends will win you over.
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February 21, 2008
Jack Nicholson proves he has great acting in this movie.
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