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Assassin Next Door Reviews

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December 28, 2013
An Israeli thriller utilizing in three languages (Hebrew, Russian and English). The story is fairly run of the mill, however it is solidly told and does create a decent amount of tension. The score goes a long way towards accomplishing that. The ladies, Olga Kurylenko and Ninette Tayeb, were wonderful. Situations were not always believable but always plausible. A fine piece of entertainment again proving foreign films have much to offer.
May 8, 2013
Much better than one would think. Sex slave in Israel becomes hit women with false promise of $ and passport. Twists become predictable at the end but the movie works. Olga Kurylenko ++++
December 3, 2011
More like "Assassin Next BORE" AMIRITE? No? Whatever. Some of the shots just didn't look quite right. It gets OK when she meets her neighbor, but even then, not great.
May 29, 2012
Olga Kurylenko and those eyes. Oh, those eyes!
May 17, 2012
Not bad. Reminiscent of Le Femme Nikita / Point of No Return, though still reasonably original. Good action-thriller with a decent human-drama aspect too.

Good performances from Olga Kurylenko and Ninette Tayeb.
Fascade F

Super Reviewer

January 24, 2012
Galia (Olga Kerylenko) seriously has quite a few problems to tackle with...reuniting with her daughter and husband that she ran away from in search of their forgiveness. Getting out of the employment of her current employers that gives her few options of opting out unless she finishes the assignments that she is continuously being assigned for. Enter her consistently abused neighbor Eleanor (Ninette Tayeb) who finds out that she is expecting from her spousal abuser. Thinking that Eleanor will change her husband in his abusive ways just as Galia will get out of her employers grasp...the two of them make the attempt to embark on a journey to escape the clutches of their own personal demands...whether they succeed or not depends on what the clock can do for both of them or one of them. Truly an edge of your seat suspenseful movie as the climax holds you to the end of this film. Truly worth the effort in seeing this. Try it!
January 10, 2012
You're boss is dead. You're out of work.

Two young ladies with troubled pasts live in the same rundown apartment in the wrong side of town. One woman is pregnant by her abusive husband and has little hope for a better life. The other woman is a reluctant assassin and has a daughter in another country that her ex-husband is raising. Both ladies need a new lease on life and may be able to combine their strength to accomplish their goals.

"It looks like a horse I had in the Ukraine."
"You mean your mother?"

Danny Lerner, director of Frozen Days, delivers The Assassin Next Door. The storyline for this picture is fairly interesting but a bit slow and methodical. This picture has a similar plot to Danny the Dog, La Feme Nikita, and Leon: The Professional. The action scenes are okay and the cast delivers better than average performances. The cast includes Olga Kurylenko, Zohar Shtrauss, and Liron Levo.

"I thought we'd celebrate properly with humus and vodka."

I found this picture on Amazon Prime and decided to give it a shot. I thought this would have fascinating action sequences and a worthwhile female bonding plot. Unfortunately, this plot takes a while to unfold and most of the action scenes are toward the end. The picture is definitely above average but not on par with the above referenced gems.

"I told her you are dead."

Grade: C+/B- (6.5)
December 4, 2011
Variable but ultimately good film noir. The good women meet the bad men and kill them. Some collateral damage. It was very good in the middle bits; don't be put off by the start.
July 1, 2011
I for one thoroughly enjoyed it. I wouldn't recommend it as something that you watch in a group huddled on the couch munching popcorn, because that creates expectations for something big and exciting, which Assassin isn't. This movie is more for a solo or duo viewing. I'll admit it at least feels kinda slow, but it's worth every minute.

Super Reviewer

June 19, 2011
A far more interesting movie keeps trying to blast its way out of this stodgy shot at La Femme Nikita. Israeli writer-director Danny Lerner hobbles aspirations with cheap digital imagery and melodrama, as broody Bond girl Olga Kurylenko is forced to professionally kill in Tel Aviv. Ponderous heart-to-hearts dominate as inexplicable import Galia (Kurylenko) befriends abused Elinor (Ninette Tayeb). When the action finally turns up, it's often in the icky form of guys hitting chicks.
April 24, 2011
It was a really good movie. really suprised at how well done it was. Olga Kurylenko is simply gorgeous. Really gritty stuff too. Great action set pieces and very beautiful visuals. def netflix this. its on instant stream!!!! :)
scott g

Super Reviewer

March 11, 2011
Olga kurylenko is good enough in her role and certainly makes it more enjoyable, showing both emotion and a action side which shes done before, the film about a female assassin making friendship with a checkout girl who lives next door, doesent fully take me in, and at times a bit dull, but it does get vback on track and its a enjoyable enough film to watch
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

March 9, 2011
I expected a rip off of La Femme Nikita, or to find just another b-movie, but I got something else. Something very good. Really good drama/thriller, with some great action and solid dialogue. A female assassin takes on the mob in this edge of your seat, engaging, action-packed, Israeli Crime/Adventure. Very well done..
December 4, 2010
This Bond Bombshell is a force to be reckoned with. Olga was great in a better than expected blood-fest, Centurion-where I last saw her. Here, she plays a woman who is guilt ridden and trying to mend the mistakes of her past. She left her child and husband and moved to Russia, got caught up in some bad stuff and is being held as a sex slave. Her only way out of this bad life is to perform a few hits on a couple of lowlifes, but its never that easy, right?

She refuses to put a bullet through the head of another woman, and upon failing to complete an assignment, she voids the deal, and is a target for her "boss." All the while she befriends her neighbor who like her character, Galia, She, Eleanor, also gets smacked around. Galia essentially sees Eleanor as a reflection of herself and wants to save Eleanor from ending up like her, and vicariously protects her and trains her to defend herself from her husband's daily wrath.

This is a very good drama that plays like an action movie. It's only imperfections lie in the most important and persuasive parts in the movie and that is the dialogue between the girls. Some of the scenes tend to overstay their welcome, but on the plus side, the director prevents the two female characters from overstepping stereotypical boundaries and falling into an unbelievable lesbian hook-up situation. The subtle tone of their parallel troubles destroy any built up undertones of a secret attraction and that was smart to keep the focus.

Good Movie...
November 15, 2010
Excelente pelicula ruso israeli, en la cual una mujer para salir de la prostitucion a la que es obligada se convierte en asesina a sueldo. En el edificio donde vive se hace amiga de la vecina que es golpeada por su marido. La pelicula enseņa el valor de la amistad frente a las adversidades de la vida.
November 12, 2010
Do not let the poster fool you! This is not an action movie, its a very good drama. Galia played by Olga Kurlenko, is a woman with a troubled past, and trying to run away from it. She is than forced to be an assassin in Tal Aviv, because she is trying to get home to her daughter. As she becomes better at what she does, she finds out her neighbor Elinor is also running way from an abusive husband. The two neighbors start to have a strong bond, when Galia's career catches up with her, it puts both of them in the crosshairs. This movie started out strong, it really showed the darkness of being an assassin, but most of the time the movie is very slow, but it picks back up at the end when it keeps you on the edge of your seat.
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